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A B O U T  W E B M I S T R E S S

Humm..we must be a little bored if interested in little old me eh?  Facts:

Name: Chrystal

Age: 20 somethings

State: Tx ( yes..more cows than people  ::pokes a random cow::)

Other info: Graduated in May 2004 from highschool.  I currently have a Certificate of Website Graphic Design (May 2006). Currently I'm attending a university to receive a B.A. in Communication Design (Graphic Design).

Why did I create this site?:   In 2003 I watched the InuYasha anime series, which I say is awesome.  I loved the storyline and style of it. I like to have a project to do in the summer such as making a website.  Somehow or another this site is growing into a massive beast (thousands of files). My favorite part of it is to make graphics-- of course. =) 

Through the years I've progessed a little bit in HTML and graphic knowledge. Certainly isn't anything that happens overnight. I've came a long way so far.

Sites put to rest:

Carmen Sandiego Site
Digimon Euphoria

My best one was Chun Li Street fighter one (Chun Li's Gateway)...but geocities deleted it...bastards. That was truely one of my best works back in the days. Oh well. I hope you like what I have for this current site so far.

Check out my main domain,, to find out my other current sites.