1. You are visiting InuYasha based websites

2.  You " make " a InuYasha based website heh.. ::webmaster of this site looks around innocently::

3.  You always have your alarm clock set, sharp when InuYasha comes on. Missing it would be a sin* 0_o

4. Red is your new fav. color

5.  You blame computer difficulties on Kikyo and her random band of elves... (don't ask)

6. You swear someone is always following you..

7.  Your collecting as many InuYasha pictures your computer can handle...and your
bookmarks are a different story*

8.  You are determined to win a kimono off Ebay (darn high bidders)

9.  You name your new cat Shippou

10.  Your starting to make your own random drawings of the InuYasha characters.

11.  You think about how you wish you could "Sit" someone who is annoying you.

12.  (directed towards guys) You blame your hand for doing any "mysterious" things... such as gropeing.   :: glares:: Hey! not that kind *>_<  Hentai!!

13.  You start to make your own boomerang weapon out of cardboard and
random duct tape...but sadly falls apart when thrown.

14.  You throw leaves in people's faces hopeing they will become confused...which..I'm sure they are anyways =)

15.  People are nicknameing you by your fav. character.  <-- you should worry there*

16.  You attach a fake tail to your poor kitty to look like Kirara

17.  You ponder if there's such a thing as 3-eyed cows* (and a certain old psycho who rides it)

18.  Sometimes you find a dancing monkey spinning plates on your head at the most ackward moments

19.  You hear someone's voice like Jaken's and immediately bop the person on the head*
"Bad jaken...no cookie.

contributed by:  webmistress of this site u_u

20.  You train your self to act more like InuYasha:
a. Try to make your feet tough so you can run barefoot
b. Walk on your toes
(like dogs do)
c. Try to run like he does
d. Growing claws
(very pointy!)

contributed by: Elizabeth

21.  If you like to play with your dogs ears all day.

contributed by:  anonymous

22.  You try to survive the day without moving your left arm, pretending it's not there.

23.  You get obessively jealous when someone says they love Sesshomaru.

24.  You marry Sesshomaru on a website then read a 28 chapter long fanfic for no reason.

25.  you dream all day about InuYasha without his shirt on.

26.  You have a voodoo doll of Kikyou and another Sango filled with pins under your bed...

27.  You fill your binder, which has a clear front, with InuYasha pictures galore.

28.  You practically yell, "Hah!" at the screen everytime Kikyou gets hurt.

29.  You are outraged everytime Sesshomaru gets defeated, and you express it by throwing things at your TV screen every time it shows the person who defeated him forthe next five episodes unil you get over it.

30.  You tape InuYasha every night and watch it while you tape it.

31.  You blow a raspberry at InuYasha when Sesshomaru hits him, then go lone and look for pictures of it.

32.  You arent' confused by the InuYasha Love Triangle.

33.  Your friends are afraid of you and your fabled Toxic Flower attack.

34.  You and your friends create an unofficial club which involves calling each other every day to discuss InuYasha's love life.

35.  You kidnap a toad at the local pond and claim it to be your servant, taping a crude drawing of a Staff of Head to it's foreleg and telling it to "watch Rin" every time your mom asks you to babysit your little sister.

contributed by: Hannah

36.  You walk around wearing fake cat ears
(which Inuyasha's ears do look cat like) ^_^

37.  You grow your fingernails long and then file them into "claws"

contributed by: Jared

38.  Your little sister calls you "My Lord"

39.  After doing something really bad, you claim you were being controlled by Naraku.

40.  You try to talk to your little sister out of hating Kikyou, since you figure she's had a lot of misery already.

41.  But then you yell at her whenever you see a picture, because she's such a psycho...

contributed by: Michelle789

42.  When you invite your friends over to have a giant InuYasha marathon.

43.  When you and your friend get in trouble in study hall for making snort like giggles, due to holding in too much laughter and humorous fanart you drew on the bus.

44.  When the teacher says:  "Alright class sit down".  You immediately fall to the ground.

45.  When your friends flock to your locker after the last bell, to discuss last nights InuYasha episode on the way to the bus.

46.  When you miss the bus, because someone almost died, because the corner of her picture of Sesshomaru was the slightest bit bent.

47.  When you have a folder 2 inches thick full of InuYasha related pictures with no doubles what so ever.

48.  When you say: 
"Hey that sounds like me" to every sentence on this huge list  =)

contributed by:  LeeA

49.  You start looking for red kimonos and sailor uniforms for girls in the mall.

50.  You start trying to figure out questions such as:  How much blood can InuYasha lose before dieing and how can a guy, such as good looking as Miroku, cannot find a girl to bare his child.

51.  When your grades start to slip and your mother asks why you yes back to her:  "Yeah well Kagome doesn't make straight A's and she's saving feudal Japan"

contributed by:  Julia

52.  All you talk about is InuYasha until it drives your friends insane so they chase you down with a high-heeled shoe while you high tail it yelling some phrase you heard a character say.

contributed by:  Natsuno

53.  You start contributing to every site that you can find...

54.  Name your new cute lil pet after your fav. character or at least a character
(looks around  *_* here lil Kouga..)

55.  You cuss at your TV because it has broke right in the middle of an episode, IT HAS NO RIGHT TO DO THAT!

56.  You buy a white dog, name him Sesshoumaru, and then paint a crescent moon, red/purpley stripes on his arma/face.

57.  You buy a lil' cat and name it Rin.

58.  You buy a toad and tell it to watch "Rin." 
(and hope they don't eat each other)

59.  You join EVERY InuYasha club you can find.

contributed by:  Dark Yami Marik

60.  You have a shrine of Inuyasha in your closet, including a doll of him
you made yourself 
(who knew you could sew) ^_^

contributed by: Breann

61.  When you dress your little sister up as Inuyasha, dye her hair silver,
make her walk baerefoot, and make her wear little cat ears.

contributed by: anonymous

62.  Wish that you could sit in a tree like Inuyasha, but you sadly fall.

63.  Call your friends the characters from the show.

64.  When ever your friends make fun of you and get annoyed when you sit w/your
arms crossed and say "Feh!"

65.  You make a sword out of a huge paper towel roll and call it the tetsusaiga.

66.  Name someone you really dislike, Naraku

67.  Call the girl or boy who acts a little on the insane side, Kikyou

68.  You constandly eat ramen noodles.

69.  You get red contacts, grow your fingers out and put red nail polish on them claiming
you are youkai Inuyasha.

70.  You dig a hole in your backyard saying it goes to the feudal era.

71.  When the new moon comes out you put black hair spray in your hair w/violet contacts.

contributed by:  Snow

72.  You wish Kikyou was dead from jealously because you wish InuYash was yours.

contributed by: Crystal

73.  When you know all the songs that play in the series in English and Japanese

contributed by: Janine

74.  When you make a necklace of pretty, purpley and white bead and put it around your neck and fall flat to the flor when someone says:  "Oswari!"

75.  When you are learning Japanese.  It comes in handy when your friends or teacher may you mad and you can say "ja ne kisama baka!"

contributed by: Breann

76.  You jump into every well that you see, just like Kagome
(but there's a slight chance you'ill end up in the hospital)

contributed by:  Alex

78.  When you start writing "Inuyasha" as an answer for you  homework.

contributed by:  Sylvie

79.  When you accidently stumble upon an Inuyasha and Kikyou picture and begin to curse
and back at the computer.

80.  When you walk into a Chinese/Japaneses buffet and you spot some ramen
and the first thing you do is cut everyone that's in line and say "My ramen!" just because
it's Inuyasha's favorite and growl at them the best you can all before your even seated.

contributed by:  Brazillian Gata

81.  When you create a Inuyasha fanfic and stick yourself in the storyline.

contributed by:  Sesshomaru's Firefly

82.  You get yourself a Inuyasha costume and your girlfriend a Kikyou costume.

contributed by:  Joe

83.  You cry at the "touching episodes"

84.  You attempt to attack your friends the same way with your favorite characters attacks their enemies.
(EX: Sango and her Hiraikotsu, Inuyasha and kaze no kizu, Miroku and kazanna dealy)

contributed by:  dancinginu

85.  You try to get back at the school bully by hitting them with the Iron Reaper Soul Stealer only to realize how small your locker is.  (hense...not working...then shoved in locker) ^_^

contrubuted by:  Wolf King of the Spirits

86.  You have seen the 11:00 PM showing of InuYasha but stay up till 2:00 AM to watch it again!
(and you have to wake up for school at 6:00 AM)

87.  You find yourself muttering insanly about how Kikyo should stay dead.

88.  When you keep your right hand covered for fear of sucking people in to your wind tunnel.

contributed by: Ann

89.  If you use markers, makeup etc to draw demonic looking markings on your face, arms etc. (like Sesshy)

contributed by:  Jared

90.  You can actually think of more items that have not been added to this list yet.

91.  You think there is no such things as having too much Inuyasha.  There isn't right?

92.  You feel proud of being 100% obsessed with Inuyasha.

93.  You ask every gril to bear your childe, and hire two othe rpeople to come with you:  one girl to hit you every time you as, and a child to call you an idiot afterwards.

contributed by: Sara

94.  You actually read this list to see if you are obsessed.

95.  You contribute to this list.

96.  You and your friend fight constantly over who Inu-Yasha and Sesshomaru belong to.

97.  You yell "Sit!" when someone is making you  mad.

98.  You have Inu-Yasha quotes as your online away messages and mail signatures.

contributed by:  Super Shippo

99.  You smile and nod while reading this list.

contributed by: Super Shippo 2

100.  When you have added Inuyahsa to spell check.

101.  When you don't care that you broke off your whole thumb nail while ripping
open the package that has the Inuyasha DVDs you ordered from e-bay.

( damn box .... seperating me from my beloved ...)

102.  When you get the box open and cling to the Inuyasha DVD's claiming them as
you children.

contributed by:  Ann

103.  If you find out that you've been day dreaming about your favorite character a whole lot,
then you must love that character so dearly.

contributed by: Lisa

104.  If you draw pictures of Inuyasha and yourself instead of with kikyo and kagome.
-which by the way, i do both these things.DIE YOU INUYASHA STEALERS! HE'S MINE!!!!!!

contriubted by:  anonymous

105.  When your online screen name has an inuyasha character in it.

contriubted by:  Jessica

106.  When you use various fabrics to make an outfit suspiciously like sesshoumaru's then steal your moms faux fur coat and scissors (hmmmm......) then use "venom whip" when she accuses you of stealing her "priceless" faux fur coat.

    contributed  by: issyoukai&sesshy_is_mine

107.  You cut your arm and try to us Blades of Blood on people you dislike.

108. You climb a tall tree with you sister on your back then trying to jump to the next tree twelve feet away.

109. You try to throw a spinning top on someone's head hopping to smash them down to the ground.

110. You redecorate your room to look like you live in the feudal era.

111. If you wait by a well waiting for a girl in a sailor uniform to pop out.

112.  If you try shooting a crow with an arrow thinking it is a demon with the Sacred Jewel Shard in it.

113.  If you cut yourself thinking you will heal in a matter of hours. 
(Please don't try now)

114. If you start talking like you live in the Feudal era.
(expů Ye Shall not be safe.)

115. If you make a lifelike dummy of Inuyasha then put him in a tree by an arrow through his right arm.

contributed by: Brandon

116.  If you call your friend at 10:45 so you both can talk on the phone during InuYasha.

117.  If the only time the two of you talk is during the commercial break and when someone does something uncalled for.

118.  If you and your friend giggle madly when InuYasha and/or Miroku get hurt by Kagome and/or Sango.

119.  If you find yourself wondering which form of InuYasha is cuter, human, hanyou, or youkai.

120.  If you get mad at your computer when it erases all of your files, but you complain about the fan fics and pix from InuYasha and not your speeches that you worked hard on for your midterm....

122.  You're mad at your boyfriend because the first time he called you was during InuYasha and you missed that episode.

(I now forgive him since I finally got to see that episode.)

123.  You swear that if Adult Swim puts InuYasha on hiatus you will flood their inboxes with so much hate mail that they'll put one of your e-mails on the lil break that they have during the show.

124.  You have a list of people that you would 'sit' if you had Kagome's powers.

(The people that run adult swim is on the top of my list and then my boyfriend would be next since he made me miss that one episode.....)

contributed by: LaShae

125. When you see a person you don't like  instantly you think of Naraku.

contributed by:  Krista

126.  If you run down the halls of your school with a shirt,pants,plus-hie and everything with inuyasha saying: "I love inuyasha!" with a  sign.

contributed by: anonymous

127.  You buy a thing of orange fur stuff, stick it on your little brother's butt,
and call him Shippo.

128.  Your computer's wallpaper is anything InuYasha, along with your Winamp

129.  Most of the stuff on your Winamp's playlist is InuYasha songs, either mp3s
or midis.

contributed by:  Amanda

130.  When you look at pictures and say you can draw Inuyasha much better than them.

131.  When you get a stick or a fake sword
(starwars saver,etc.) and pretend it is too heavy like the tetsaiga.

132.  When you pull out your tooth and take it to a sword maker and tell him to make a gigantic sword.

contributed by:  inuyasha_fan7878

133.  If you write Inuyashas name all over your school stuff and furniture in your room.
(people think I'm phsyco because of this)

134.  Your friends tell you to shutup about Inuyasha

135.  You cry when Inuyasha gets a tiny scratch.
(my little brother makes fun of me for doing this on episodes)

136.  You think of Inuyasha all night after watching him on tv and then dream about him.

137.  You write Inuyasha Fanfictions.

138. You buy the Inuyasha mangas and dvds.

139.  You are saving up $40.00 for an Inuyasha hoodie that you must have.
(I will starve for it!)

140.  You dream of having an all Inuyasha room someday.
(even the bedsheets!)

141.  You won't let anyone have Inuyasha but you.

142.  You fight with your friends over who's better Inuyasha or Sesshomaru.

143.  Your little brother says he doesn't like the show that much anymore because you are obsessing majorly over it!
(baka brother)

144.  You say when you get a boyfriend you are making him grow his hair out long die it silver and get plastic surgery for DOG ears.

145.  You get VERY angery when people say Inuyasha has cat ears!

146.  You all of a sudden like short green skirts and buy a Limited too cheerleading skirt because it reminds you of Kagome's skirt.

147.  You say you are in love with Inuyasha.

148.  You call people you don't like a son of a Kikyo!
(one of my personal favorites)

contributed by:  bjeveryday

149.  You refuse to watch the dubs cause that ain't their real voices (YES!!)

150.  You learn japanese
(Yep, i did it!)

151.  You learn to READ Japanese so you can read the original manga

152.  You dream of yourself in Inuyasha
(3 times already)

153.  You pause a lot when watching Inuyasha
(CD) so you can see Miroku's and Inuyasha's and Sesshie's cute expressions (MIROKU!!!!)

154.  You and your friends take Inuyasha quizzes and the person you get will be your nickname forever and ever.
(I'm Inuyasha)

155.  Your avatar in every forum is something to do wit inuyasha
(yep, mine are all Miroku!!!! MIROKU!!! *drools*)

156.  You drool when you think of Miroku

157.  You learn to draw manga so you can add extra characters in Inuyasha

158.  Every MP3 file you got is from Inuyasha
(Miroku and Sango's theme ROCKS!!!)

contributed by:  Khriss

159.  You think of the simalarity between those stupid pervs in your class and Miroku

160.  You tape every episode of Inuyasha possible, then share it with your friends turning them into Inuyasha-holics

(along with yourself)

161.  You tape all the Inuyasha episodes but then your VCR breaks and you go completely mad yelling and screaming, crying your eyes out throwing any reachable items then sue the VCR company for too short of a lifetime warrenty
(damn them I went through 3!)

contributed by:  Akkikariudo

162.  You get irritated when someone forgets to add a 'u' to character's names. (i.e. Shippou, Kikyou)

163.  You research Inu Yasha episodes you haven't seen. 
(I do this all the time)

164.  You watch every episode so many times you memorize the whole thing in both English and Japanese.

165.  All the AMVs you make are of Inu Yasha, and if you run out of songs, you resort to making one to a Powerpuff Girls song.
(I did that the other day.  o.o;)

166.  Whenever anything goes wrong in your life, you wonder what Inu Yasha would do in the situation.

167.  You talk to the characters in public, and answer back as them.

168.  You go to court to have your name legally changed to that of your favorite character.  (I tried to get my parents to allow me to get mine changed to Sango.. o.-)

169.  You write a report on the Shikon no Tama for your world history class.

170.  You look in the phone book for Kagome's number.

171.  You watch old episodes and make fun of the characters when they do something incredibly stupid.
(One of my favorite hobbies.  ^^)

172.  You spend endless hours thinking of an unanswered question. 

173.  You build a machine that can place anime characters in the real world and vice versa.

174.  When you grow up, you name your kids after your favorite characters. 

175.  You're obsessed with doujinshi and attempt to make some of your own.

176.  You and your boyfriend are referred to as Sango and Miroku, Inu Yasha and Kagome, etc.

177.  Your Kirara plushie is the only friend you have who doesn't think you're psycho.

178.  You're too busy drawing Inu Yasha comics instead of listening to your teacher lecture during class.

179.  You make up a list of things you'd do/say if you were your favorite character. 
(I freaked my friends out with this one.)

180.  Your wall is so covered with Inu Yasha pics you can't even tell there's a wall there.

contributed by:  tsunarii-chan

181.  You and your friends make a drama skit using InuYasha characters but have to rename InuYasha because everyone in your class knows about your obsession with InuYasha.

182.  You countdown until the next InuYasha
(only 3 days, 1 hour and 45 mins!)

183.  You read manga in homeroom, even though you have been caught over 20 times.

184.  When your teacher said 'sit down boys' you started to break out with laughter and everyone stared at you but you don't care.

185.  You kiss the screen when human InuYasha comes on.

contributed by: sayo-chan

186.  You know when your obsesses because you mark all of the days that Inuyasha will turn human on your calendar.

contributed by:  Koga Freak

187.  You take the stuffing out of your pillow and walk around the house until your parents yell at you.

(won't go into that...not smart...)

188.  You've read the manga's at least twice, in the the same day.

(it was my birthday a few days ago, I got them, it was before I got DDR, so I read them about 5 times)

189.  You act like Rin and Shippo are your siblings and act like they walk around with you, even at school, and talk to them.
(*whistles innocently*)

190.  Even worse, you're friends either see them or pretend they do to shut you up.

(I'm pathetic, I know)

191.  When your parents know half the characters and understand at least part of the plot of the anime/manga.

contributed by:  Shayna

192.  You stole your mom's pearl jewelry necklace, break it into tiny pieces and call it the Sacred Jewel Shards and then try to put it back together or your mom takes away your driving privileges

(nooooooooooooooo 0.0)

193.   You kidnapped a girl and call her your woman then the next day you get attacked by birds
(it's going to get my jewels, where is my wolves?)

contributed by:  Sesshie Lover

194.  Your license plate says "WWIYD?"
(what would InuYasha do?).

195.  Your little sister will not stop ranting about how much she loves Shippou.

196.  Your best friend has a cat that looks identical to Kirara and you both hot-glue another tail to her.

197.  You and your friend argue about who you get
(I get Inuyasha, she gets Kouga).

198.  When your teacher says "Feh" is not a real word, you sue her(I tried).

199.  Every time you're trying to tell someone something that happened on Inuyasha last night, they ignore you and tempt you to "Sankon Tessu
(Iron Reaver Soul Stealer) " them.

200.  You tie 20-pound bags of rice onto your back and run barefoot on you toes in a baggy red kimono in a field.

(It's not that hard o.o)

201.  You have Inuyasha sites everywhere and have pictures on every corner of your house.

202.  You see your dad blaming himself for giving you access to watching Inuyasha and getting you into it. 
(too bad, dad!)

203.  You've been watching Inuyasha since it debuted.

204.  You believe you're just like the person you love.
(I'm hanyou, deal with it! O.O)

205.  You sleep in Inuyasha's strange positions, or find yourself in one when you wake up.

contributed by:  InuYume -The Insane Fan

206.  You hug the screen everytime sesshomaru appears
(now where is the lipstick?)

207.  For guys only . . You grope girls then get yourself knock out cold from a big boomerang,  leaving a huge bumb on your head. 
(mennnnnnnnn when will they grow up ^_^)

208.  You think that all mirrors will suck your soul out
(stupid Kanna grrrrrr.........)

contributed by:  Sesshie Lover

209.  When you draw your own character based off of Inuyasha and place her in the show.
(Hehe, I creeped my friends out, but they wanted a character too.) 

contributed by:  -Emerald-chan

210.  You are going about your usual, normal everyday activities and you suddenly stop to ask yourself, "What Would Inuyasha Do?"

211.  When you watch the music video to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and you SWEAR to KAMI that you can see Sesshoumaru dancing in the background.

212.  You think, and the voice of thought in your head sounds suspiciously a lot like Kagome's.

213.  You hiss that one word outloud, while crossing your arms over your chest. . .all without even realizing it. "Feh!"

214.  When you see an Instant-Ramen cup, and the first thing you think of
(or squeal outloud in the store V_V;;) is "INUYASHA!!!!  AIII!!!!"

215.  When Inuyasha has replaced John Travolta or Mel Gibbson in your late night whimsical fantasies.

216.  You have nickednamed YOURSELF, an Inuyasha FanGirl or FanBoy.

217.  When your 12 year old little brother makes fun of Inuyasha and you take a very passionate  stance that Inuyasha could kick Gokuo's ass any day of the week...you know, even though you're 18 years old, and you shouldn't be bothering with arguing. . .things like that. . .O . O;;

218.  When you can relate every single one your friends' life situations to something that happened on Inuyasha, and you VERBALIZE this to them, as well!  "Ohh I know what you mean, Inuyasha went through the SAME THING!  We Feel for you!"

219.  You start refering to yourself and Inuyasha as one entity, lol.
(noted in last contribution ^.^)

contributed by:  Jessica

220.  You are positive you are a kitsune hanyou
(my sisters say I'm crazy)

221.  You draw yourself as a hanyou and with inuyasha instead of doing your book report
(results:  a 30 minute detension with my L.A. teacher)

222.  You spend the 30 minute detension daydreaming about inuyasha

223.  You spend all night on inuyasha sites so you have to quickly do your report at 10:00
(it turned out terrible)

224.  Your friends say inuyasha is dumb and you look at them in shock and the same time simpathy
(oh well one of my friends are sane enough to like it)

225.  Your math class is spent daydreaming about Inuyasha instead of paying attension
(duh that explains my mark)

226.  When your told to pay attension you reply with "feh"

227.  You do a song for the school talent show because it had a good amv for Inuyasha
(everything you do by M2M)

228.  Your favorite song is crawling in the dark by hoobastank because it has an awsome AMV

229.  When people insult You you shrug and say its their opinion and you don't care,but when the insult Inuyasha...lets not get into that

230.  When chosen to be grammarian
(you pick words,define them and share them with the class) for school you choose kitsune

contributed by: ~Kawaii_Kitsune~

231.  When you convert to Buddisim and redecorate your room to look Japanese or just like Kagome's room.

232.  Suddenly you take an interest in medieval Japan and the Japanese culture and try to claim it should be a legitimate course at school.

233.  You sew your own kimono/hakama or sailor uniform and buy a katana/large boomerang/bow and arrows at a speciality store.

contributed by:  Yuki and friends

234.  You take a tooth off of a dog and try and get a swordsmith to make a sword out of it.

235.  You grab a stick and pretend its the tetsaiga and concentrate really hard to try and see the wind scar but only end up passing out.

236.  You fantasize about you and Inuyasha/Sesshomaro/Miroku
(for those obsessed girls).

237.  When someone miss pronounces Inuyasha's name your friends have to hold you down, all five of them.

238.  You attack your enemies with a fan and then try to escape on a feather.

contributed by:   Kietaro

239.  When you swear on your life that your a hanyou and start acting like Inuyasha.
(...This time my friends think I'm officially crazy...)  

contributed by:   Emerald-chan

240.  You cry whenever someone asks you too pick your favourite between Sesshomaru, Inuyasha and Miroku.

241.  You learn how to write your favourite characters name in Kanji, then write it on your ankle in permanent marker, not even caring that you have swimming class tomorrow and your whole class will see it.

242.  You repearedly try to tell people how inuyasha is supposed to be pronounced, then get pissed off when they say it wrong the next time you talk to them.

contributed by: Lai

243.  When you wont admit your really not a hanyou
(of course i am i really am a hanyou what am I even saying!)

244.   When all your friends get together and each have the name of a different Inu-Yasha charactar and you act out their life.

245.  When you and your friends spend the whole day at the book store so you can read all the Inu-Yasha manga's even though
you've seen the episodes countless times when you all are broke and can't buy them.

246.   When you and your friend go to wal-mart to buy fabric so you can make a kimono so you and your friends can cosplay
Inu-Yasha and the group for Halloween.

247.  When you throw something in somebody's eye for saying Inu-Yasha sux and a month later you still don't forgive them.....
(grrrr I'm STILL mad at her for doing the that she does have the right to respect my opinion for liking Inu-Yasha!)

248.  When your knew word is Inu-Yashatize and you seem to have done that to your bedroom and every possesion you own
(and don't own)

249.  When you stab your friend with a stick pretending it's the sacred arrow because she said her name was Kagura and say your sorry yet the next day she complained of back problems from your "arrow"

250.  When you yell at your mom when she doesn't buy you ramen at the store and you have to go *shivers* a day without eating ramen *screams*

251.  When the fist time you cried during a movie/show was when Inu-Yasha chose Kikyou instead of Kagome and decided he could never see her again.

252.  And then you throw random items at the t.v. because Inu-Yasha made such a stupid desision.

253.  When the show goes for a commercial break you scream and yell how could you! Someday I'll get you adult swim! stupid commercials! and don't even care if your parents wake up.

254.  When your friend comes to your house and goes ooohh your dog has ears like Inu-Yasha I think I wanna.....touch em.

255.  When your convinced that on your 15th birthday you will fall through a well and meet Inu-Yasha

(still waiting....only 6 months and 28 days....)

contributed by:  Kayasho

256. When you actually PAINT Inuyasha characters on your bedroom wall with the
(still in the planning stages)

257.    When you have all the episodes taped off the TV and decide you still need
the DVDs and Mangas.

258.   When you see or hear anything that is related to Inuyasha, you quote a
scene or go into major "must watch mode".

contributed by:  Sango-chan

259.  When you're searching the internet for Inuyasha stuff and find a cheap deck of Inuyasha playing cards, make your friend look at the website and tell them that you absolutely MUST have those cards.

260.  Before you even know what the character is like/ looks like your friends convince you to dress up like that character for Halloween, and you get excited about it.
(true story)

contributed by:  Mandy-chan

261.  You take up archery.

262.  You try to suck people's souls out using your hand mirror.

263.  You try to "sit" your friend when she says InuYasha sucks.

264.  You have a DDR tournament with said friend.

265.  You count down the days 'til the next new episode
(seven days...)

266.  You name your friend Kikyo and tell ehr she has no soul(I did NOT do this!)

267.  Your friend believes she IS Kikyo and tries to help you steal souls.

268.  You turn your best friend into a rabid InuYasha fan.

269.  You make your own InuYasha bedsheets,blanket,pillows,etc.
(must learn to sew...)

270.  You yell at your friends when they call you during InuYasha

271.  You make a big boomerang out of cardboard,take it to school,and throw it at your algebra teacher.

272.  When you get sent to the principal's office,you tell them Naraku made you do it.

273.  You wear you hair exactly like your favorite character. 
(looks around innocently)

274.  You throw you friend in the trash can when they say Sesshomaru looks like a girl.

275.  You stay up three days straight watching InuYasha

276.  You have said yes to every single thing on this list.

contributed by:  Sakura

277.  You buy a Inuyasha game and every time you lose, you start to yell at the t.v.
(Someone I knew called Kikyo a '[censor]' because she lost to her)

278.  When you see your boyfriend with another girl, You go back home.  Then when your boyfriend comes to follow you, you call him a jerk, say sit, then pound him into the dirt like he had just been 'sat'.

(My friend almost did that to her 'boyfriend')

279.  You use a black permenent marker to draw a hole in your hand then cover it.  When ever some one makes you mad, you threaten to use your Wind Tunnle.

280. You start to call your younger brother/sister Shippo because they really anoy you.

281.  All you read is Inuyasha Fan Fics.
(This is the only thing I read now)

282.  Every time you get on the Internet, the first thing you look for is anything Inuyasha related.

283.  You dress up as the Inuyasha character you like the best.

284.  You start to call anyone who looks like any character from Inuyasha, that name.
(I call my friend Kikyo because she looks a lot like her.  Maybe she really is Kikyo's rencarnation.)

contributed by:  anonymous

285. In an assembly at school you and ur friends are sitting down watching, all of a sudden a guy in a monkey suit comes in to entertain, you jump up, yell "NARAKU!" and beat him to the ground while being assisted by your obsessed friends.
(not suggested, I did this once and got suspended for three days. lol)

286.  You are convinced that you can stand on the back fender of your frinds bike while he/she is riding.

287.  You then get rushed to the hospital for a concussion and start claiming that it will heal in a few hours.

288.  Your parents lock you in your room so you can't go to the local book store to buy InuYasha manga, so you jump out your window and proceed to limp all the way there.

289.  You tape pictures all over you desk and get in trouble for threatening the janitor not to touch them, or you'll sic your minions on him.

290.  You swear at people in japaneese, then tell them to burn in hell when they ask what your saying.
(been there, done that. lol)

291.  On your camping trip you try to
'Iron reavor soul stealer' on all the mosquitos.

291.  You later claim that you can fish without a rod, and swim to the middle of the lake doggy paddle style and stay
there for hours trying to catch a fish.

292.  When your traveling, you always check if any of the cows in the pastures have three eyes, and if your parents
won't stop the vehicle, you jump out the window.

293.  Then you once again claim that you broken leg will heal in a few hours.

294.  You wonder what would happen if InuYasha met a defective microwave when he was trying to cook Ramen.
(IF he figured out how to use a microwave)

295.  You then imitate it for you friends, with a NON defective microwave.

contributed by: anonymous

296. When your little sister wants you to play a make-believe-game and you instintly shout out Inuyasha, and cry-out that you get Sesshomaru though!!!

contributed by: anonymous

297. When you have a bumper sticker that says: "I love InuYasha" or when you buy a notebook just for fanfics & fanart of InuYasha.

contributed by:  Lindsay

298.  When you grow your hair out, die it black, put it in a low ponytail (like sango's when she'a in her normal yukata) , make/buy a yukata/catsuit, and make/buy hiritgoes for halloween.

299.  When you know what a yukata/hiritgoes is.

300.  when you use the words yukata/hiritgoes correctly in a sentence.

301.  when you get cat that resembles kilala, you tape/glue another tail to it!

302.  when you plan on getting a tatoo related t oinu-yahsa in any way.
(not that i would do that!!   0^_l^ll  )

contributed by: hentai houshie's rule

303.  You tell your friends "I don't eat human food" and the next day they offer you cat food then you chase them around school yelling
"You pathetic humans!!"

304.  You try to make a Kagome and a Sesshomaru outfit together pretending you are their daughter
(for all of those people who like sess/kag pairings)

305.  You and your friends make a list about:
"If i were in the same room with Kikyo and have a large supply of sharp deadly weapons/objects what would i do?" (am at #50 ^_^)

306.  You pray that one day its possible that your fan fiction will make it on adult swim and you become famous in Japan
(God why you won't answer me *got struck by lighting* OUCH X0 )

307.  You made your friends into Inuyasha fans then their parents talk to about why are they always yelling
"WIND SCAR" AT 12:00 a.m.

contributed by:  Sesshie Lover

308.  You get mad at a person that you would kill, just because they forgot to tape Inuyasha for you.
(I got over it and forgave my Grammy later).

309.  You talk about Inuyasha to your family even though they told you they don't care and/or they haven't heard of it.

310.  You are shocked when you hear that someone has not even heard of Inuyasha.

contributed by: Elizabeth Marie S.

311.   You draw pictures of anyone, who says inuyasha is stupid, with their head cut off.

312.   You can relate inuyasha to anything and everyhting you do! 
(hee hee)

313.  Your  brothers big plastic sword mysteriously shows up in your room...
(well, u can't play inuyasha without a sword!)

314.  You would secretly rather have your prom picture taken with sesshomaru...
(well what can i say?)

315.   In every fanfic you have involving sesshoumaru his arm somehow regenerates.

316.   You insult people using the word's baka, ningen, hentai etc.

317.  You attack anyone and everyone who calls inuyasha a half breed
(excluding sesshoumaru!)

318.   You actaully read all of the things in this list!

contributed by: Rachael

319.  You are no longer nodding/smileing at this list, you are scared.

contributed by:  DragonGirl

320.  You stopped talking to your friends when they started to insult Inu Yasha
(do you think i've exaggerated? noooooooooo!)

321. You have every Inu yasha song, inclusive the movie Ost!  ^_^

322.  You just watch tv to see Inu Yasha.

323. You have more than 2000 Inu Yasha pictures in your computer...and you always want more!

324.  You think that you've lost the memory and start to kill every person that annoys you... of course you are blameless since Naraku is handling you.

325.  You broke your girlfriend's bike & try to fix it... without any result.

326.  You name your cat Kirara & try to ride it. XD

327.  You shoot an arrow to your boyfriend and then commit suicide by catching fire, saying that is the only one way to be together...in the hell
(please, don't do it!)

328.  You are listening Inu Yasha songs while you are reading this list!

329.  You say you feel an evil presence when your chemestry professor is near to you.

330.  You yell
"flea bag!" to the boys that want to be with  your girl!

331.  You are mad because you have to wait until December to see the 4th I.Y. movie !!!!
(grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! i'm gonna cry!)

332.  Your friend's parents think you are ill
'cause every time you visit them, say that there is an evil spirit in the house, and try to purify it with ofudas'.

333. You demand to your boyfriend to cut his arm off and to use an old armor, with a fluffy thing on it.

334.  You think you have a pearl in your right eye that carry you to your father's grave...of course that the father that lives with you is not your true father!

335.  Every time you are in a fight & you haven't a sword with you, you get into a very dangerous beast and start to kill every ningen & or youkai you can find...before you hear your girlfriend's voice!

336. Your life mission is searching a little jewel that can make you real a wish...
(oh, yeah! to be with Inu Yasha!!!!)

337.  When you learn japanese & english just for read InuYasha information in the internet...
(i speak spanish. :) )

contributed by: Okura

338.  You start an exercise program so you can be as athletic as your fav characters.
(really would like to be able to hop from tree to tree, save on gas $)

339.  You have your hair dresser you've known forever cut your hair like Sango
(most original) and ask for tips to style the
bangs like Kagome and she didn't look at you weird when you explained it.

(Yup did that two days ago and love it!)

340.  You swore never, EVER to like any anime...then you found you had joined your college's anime club just for INU YASHA!

341.  You started watching the show with your boyfriend and missed the 1st ep. Then bought the DVDs off EBay and checked the mail every day for four weeks to get them and when you did you grabbed and held them to your heart.
Then realized that you had to wait about three days to watch any because
*Gasp!* it would be a sin to watch the 1st one without him! Grrr...Damn Inu--erk I mean um...John...yeah that's my boyfriend's name.

342.   When a younger sibling of yours asks you to tell them about the birds and the bees and you refer them to an Inu Yasha fansite to read
(reputable) NC-17 fanfics. Then they ask you what sex position Inu would like the best in front of Mommy. (Oh, God! True story.) And all you can think of while blushing is: 'I wonder if I blush like Kagome...'

343.  To break the ice with an acquatance, you start telling them little known facts and tib-bits about Inu Yasha.
(i.e. meanings of names, the belief system the Jewl of Four Souls is based on. Oy)

344.  You have an e-mail specifically for you and your boyfriend to correspond with, and make him one too.

(i.e. kagome_1010 and inu_yasha_1985).

345.  When your boyfriend calls you Kagome as a pet name, and you don't get uncomfortable...wait didn't I use it too?

346.  You learned new things about yourself from reading this list.
(A whole HECK of a lot of new things!)

contirbuted by: Kagome_1010

347.  When the only things you want for christmas are a red haori, a sword, a white dog, and permission to dye your hair silver every day and black on a new moon.
(this does apply to me) 

contributed by: Nicole IY Cramer

348.  When you stay up to whatch Inuyasha, and then set your alarm clock so you can get up and whatch it again!
(I do this every night).

349.  When you draw pictures of the Inuyasha charecters, and then sell them to your friends!
(That's how I get all my money)
Especialy since my friend can't draw.
(gets attacked by an angry mob a friends,*who can't draw,yikes*)

350.  You are about to miss an episode of inuyasha because you don't have access to a TV, so you call your mom and have her put the phone next to the TV!
(I have done this before)

contributed by:  Shae

351.  If you try to kill a charachter and TAKE THEIR  place
(did it still have kagome's place)

352.  You are reading down this far.

contributed by:  Karlee

353. You and your friend spend months making yourselves a Hiraikotsu and a Tetsusaiga for an anime convention you haven't even gotten approval to go to yet.

354.  Your best friend wants to cosplay as Kikyou, and since you're going as Sango, you avoid her the whole time.

355.  You bike up to a deserted graveyard-type thing on the road by said best friend's house and fight with Hiraikotsu and a bow and arrow.

356.  You bid on E-bay for a Sango cosplay that costs $175 for your birthday AND Christmas present.

357.  The only presents you ask for for Christmas and your birthday
(other than said cosplay...heh heh) are the InuYasha manga (translated and non) , InuYasha DVDs, InuYasha tee shirts, InuYasha wall scrolls, InuYasha movies, and basically anything else in the free universe that has to do with your beloved InuYasha.

358.  You and your friend argue over who's cuter...Sesshoumaru, shirtless InuYasha or shirtless Miroku. 

359.  You've stayed up from six am to the new InuYasha episode on Saturdays roleplaying or elsewise talking about the series, pause for the half an hour it's on, continue roleplaying, and then pause for the second showing of the same episode, then go to bed at five AM, having to wake up for church at six.

360.  You insist you are your favourite character
(Sango!  Hehe.) , act like that character, wear the colours they wear, wear your cosplay to school, etc.

361.  When your dad is telling you off, you realize how much like your favourite character you really are

(for example, my dad was telling me off about being so closed off towards people and I thought "Wow, I really AM Sango!")

362.  You are really getting quite scared by the number of suggestions you are contributing to this list, don't care and keep doing so.

363.  You've been watching the series ever since its debut and will wait for the English last episode just so you don't spoil it for yourself and, if possible, lose interest in the series for watching the last episode and already knowing what happens.

364.  You download every episode possible, and the movies.

365.  If you can't do the aforementioned, you read countless summaries and look at countless screencaps from about 39785 different sites.

366.  You have contributed fourteen items to this list...AND CAN KEEP GOING.

367.  Everyone on your buddy list is obsessed with InuYasha, or at least watches it religiously.

368.  You search on Yahoo! for the most detailed screencaps and summaries possible.

369.  You read as many possible fanfics on the pairings you adore
(MiroxSan!) and you curse at the screen and threaten to hurt it with a large mallet when either A) it's a really bad fanfic, B) one of the two got killed in any way, 3) one of them got betrayed, or D) All of the above and more.

370.  You try to draw fanarts, fail dismally, and continue doing so anyway.

371.  You learn how to use photoshop just so you can colour your fanarts more accurately.

372.  Your locker, textbook covers, binders, and bookbag is packed to bursting and/or completely covered with InuYasha pictures/merchandise.

373.  You realize that you're nuts by contributing to this list as much as I have.

374.  And you don't care.

375.  You have totally memorized and made AMVs for all of the InuYasha songs, and then some!

376.  You can still contribute to this list.

377.  When you're playing manhunt at your birthday sleepover, it absolutely has to be InuYasha themed and up front you claim your favourite character, and the person looking for everyone else has been deemed "Naraku", and you almost ruin the game for yourself by jumping out of your hiding place and attacking, but resist the temptation
(which is VERY difficult, might I add).

378.  You counted the stuff you do on this list and you came out to over 300 of them that you actually participate in.

379.  Your friends eventually dub you insane and try to send you to a psychiatrist.  Unfortunately, your mother is one, and tries to get you to stop watching InuYasha

380.  You start a petition on petitiononline.com to send to Rumiko Takahashi to never end InuYasha and continue the anime because you would just die when it ends.

381.  You soooo like the Japanese voices better.

382.  You worship Kappei.

383.  You go onto various clip sites just to listen to the precious' voices if you can't download the episode because your baka father set your computer so you can't download anything

contributed by: Sango the Tai-jiya

384.  If you constantly growl and attack when you see a guy in a monkey suit.
(poor bobo the chimp^-^ lol"die bobo the chimp" *bites bobos left leg*)

contributed by: Sango-The-Demon-Exterminator

385.  When you buy a silver wig, glue fake dog ears to it, and INSIST it's
inuyasha's hair.

386.  You actually think about buying above said wig.

387.  You look up an inuyasha-clone on ebay, and cry when you can't find one.
(i tried!! *sob*)

388.  Kill every bee you see yelling "you'll never kill miroku!!"
(i've done that)

389.  Acidentally call your dog inuyasha.
( yes, accidentally...)

390.  Try to learn how to play the leaf
(as done in "affections touching across time")

391.  Ask your parents to install surround sound on your t.v.
(so its like your right there with inuyasha...^_^)

392.   Save up for a laptop, so you can look at inuyasha anywhere, ANYTIME!!
(only 700 dollars to go)

393.  Blame everything on naraku.
(ex. i didn't eat any sweets before dinner...naraku did!)

394.  Blame everything on kikyou.

395.  Everytime someone says anything about Inuyasha and kikyou being a good
couple you try to kill them.

396.  Suddenly find monks attractive.
(i swear that's not me...hehe...)

contributed by:  Angie

397. If you ask for a steak when your in the pizza line in the school lunch room
(steak plz no pizza with cheese)

398.  If you have every inuyasha episode ever made on tape

(*looks around innocently* who would ever be that crazy*tip toes away slowly*)

contributed by: Sango-The-Demon-Exterminator

399. You pretend you have a rosary on and beg your parents to get it for you off of Ebay.

400.  When your best friends say "sit" you promptly find something to bang your head onto,or just fall to the ground.
(and i must say,it hurts)

contributed by:  Brianna

401. If you make up your own Inuyasha story with yourself in it, with Inuyasha. And you think you are Kagome.

contributed by:  anonymous

402.  When you have been caught in math class grinning at Saturday's episode

403.  When your best friend threaten's to kill you because you continuously sing the opening/ending themes in Japanese.

contributed by: Brenda

404. You make up demon swears such as "Son of a Human!"
(My mom looks at me funny all the time)

405. You settle arguements by: " Eeny minny miny moe Catch a HUMAN by his toe. If
he hollars toss him to and fro. Eeny minny miny moe"

( I do this and I got it from a fanfic)

406. You read so many fanfics you start confusing them with reality, then realize
it will never happen because Sessho-maru hates humans and Kagome loves Inuyasha!!!!!

(I've said too much)

407. You call your best friends mom whose too nice to cuss Keada or Keada-baba.
( Did that in front of alot people)

408. You call you mom wench when she makes you mad
(yes ........ Oi wench quite looking over my shoulder)

409. You've downloaded songs because the AMV was cool .

410. You're listening to them now .

411. You only planned to write two of these and ended up writing 9 or 10 of them .

412. Everyone you're writeing about applies to you. >_<

413. You read evey list you come by and they all apply to you.

414. You're IMER is a quote of your favorite character.
( You can Im me at ISesshomaru)

415. You have done you favorite character signature move so much you do it with at realizing it.
(Pushes hair behind ears)

416. You try to steal all of the fuzzy boas out of Hobby Lobby claiming they were
your tail and demand to be unhanded.
(>_<* I've said too much again)

contributed by: Forsaken Angel

417.  When yor friend has to restrain you from attacking the TV because one of your least favorite characters is on the screen. (It's hard to...)

418.  When you must have a leash to keep you from attacking people when you are mad.

419.  When you buy pants that look like InuYasha's, you dye them red, and run around barefoot on your tiptoes.

420.  You claim you have sensitive dog ears on the top of your head and hold them when a fire alarm goes off. Even in public.

contributed by: Brianna

421. When you and you friend have a huge fight about who's better inuyasha or fluffy,but then you come to a
agreement that there equal, so you say your family because of them!

422. When you hear some one talk bad about inuyasha or any part of his group you get mad and get into a huge fight which gets you spended from school for the maxium 5 days.

(trust me it happens!)

contributed by: Inugurr

423. You have four pads of paper full of Inu Yasha fanfictions. 
(Well, technically I have about 3 1/2.  I have one Sailor Moon fanfiction in there somewhere.)

424.  The stories are only about 2 pages long and they still fill up four pads. 
(*looks away and whistles innocently*)

425.  You cry when you miss an episode, even if you've seen it before.

426.  Your school binder is covered with InuYasha pictures. 
(I'm gonna do that.  My printer won't print out color right so I still have old Sailor Moon pictures on it.  As soon as I get my printer fixed, though...)

427. You're going to stay up for the long-awaited new InuYasha episode on 1/5/05,
even though the next day's a school day. 

(I'm ready to kill the adult swim people for making everybody wait like 3 months since Only You, Sango premiered...I gotta be quiet, though, when I watch the episode...I'm only allowed to stay up until 11:00 on school nights...)

428.  You're ready to kill the Adult Swim people for having Inu Yasha on so late at night and only on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  (Dang those 'Premiere Repeat Nights'...taking Inu Yasha's Thursday spot...making me wait longer to see my favorite episode 'Only You, Sango'...)

429.  You tape the whole night of Adult Swim just to see the commercial for Inu Yasha that features Miroku. 
(I never did that.  Lucky me, I caught the commercial in my first ever Inu Yasha episode that I taped...^-^)

430.  You want to hurt your babysitter because when she tried to play a tape, she screwed up something on an InuYasha tape that you have.  (I almost cried because I hadn't seen the episode yet.)

431.  You're not speaking to your friend because she's holding hostage 2 tapes full of Inu Yasha episodes, Gate Keepers 1, and Tokyo Mew Mew 4, and she won't give them back until you let her borrow Tokyo Mew Mew 5, which you can't give to her until your other friend gives it back to you.  (Darn you, Emily!)

432.  You don't invite one of your best friends to your birthday sleepover party because she hates anime.  (I invited her anyway.  Although I had to do it on a Friday night because there isn't any good anime on TV.  She said she'd leave if it turned into an anime party.)

433.  You watch Barbie in the Nutcracker just because Kelly Sheridan (the voice of Sango) and Kirby Morrow (the voice of Miroku) are the main characters in it. 
(Kelly Sheridan does Barbie and Kirby Morrow does the Nutcracker.  ^-^)

434.  You've memorized the lyrics to all the Inu Yasha opening and ending songs. 
(I've memorized Change the World and I'm working on I Am and Every Heart.)

435.  Your assignment notebook has InuYasha quotes at the bottom of the pages. 
(I take quotes that have 5 lines and put a line at the bottom of each day)

436.  Your grade goes down because you're not paying attention in class and are writing fanfiction. 

437.  You carry around a pad of paper so you can write fanfiction.  (My friends think I'm crazy)

438.  School assignments turn out to be Inu Yasha-themed. 
(We had to write a few paragraphs telling about a can's life.  The can is somehow talking and telling everything to a psychiatrist.  The psychiatrist turned out to be Miroku.  ^-^  Thankfully my teacher doesn't care.)

439.  You dream about you and Kouga/Inu Yasha/Sesshomaru/Miroku together.  (Miroku...)

440.  You swear at AOL because it doesn't have celebrity welcome sounds for InuYasha characters.

441.  You swear at AOL because it doesn't have InuYasha buddy icons, and you can't use AIM icons on AOL.

442.  You can think of 20 things for this list.

443.  You drool during class because you're thinking about a main male character shirtless. 
(*drools*  Miroku...)

444.  You buy the first movie even though you've seen it 4 times already via the library.

445.  Everything on your Christmas list is InuYasha-related. 
(I have one Ranma 1/2 thing on there.  Everything else is Inu Yasha.)

contributed by: Lita

446. When you go up to every girl you see and ask her to bear your children.

447. When your friends rub your imaginary dog ears. (happens to me everyday...)

contributed by: Himeno

448. When you insist that your friends call you Kagome. When you imagine friends as characters.  (he he)

449. When you attempt to kill someone by using your claws. (Didn't work:))

450. When you tend to mutter a certain one of Inuyasha's fave phrases. (Damn it all to hell!)

451. When you claim you're slugishness is due to the moon's phases. (Yeah, that's me.O_o)

452. When you're fave thing to do is to attempt to spend the whole day walking on your toes...Me too.

453. When you almost kill your best friend because she grabs your Inuyasha pix and yells "MINE!"

(My guy friend claims we're both insane.  Inu's MINE!)

contributed by: Kagome II

454. When you teach your 2 year old daughter to say Inuyasha, every time she sees his picture, so you have a reason to buy the item for yourself.

455. When you begin rewarding you kids for saying the charaters names right.

456. When you get aggravated by your kids and wish that you had a rosary necklass to put on them that made them sit when you tell them to.

457. When you begin talking like Inuyasha,and people begin to wonder where you learned to growl so well.

458. You have a secret stash of Inuyasha stuff, that no one knows about. You keep it well hidden and when people ask you about it, you act like you don't know what there talking about.

459. You tell your boyfriend/Hubby/girlfriend/wife, whatever, that your studying the art, so you can draw better.
( In which, I use all of the time.)

460. If they don't let you watch it, you wait for them to leave or go to bed, and get back up and watch the second showing.

461. You threaten the cable company, because the cable went out, 10 hrs before the show was to air.

contributed by: cherena_83

462. You pretend that your friend's name is Kagome.

463. You think that your older brother is Inuyasha.

464. You talk to random pictures of Inuyasha characters.
465. You place curses and repeatedly yell die at images if Kikyo.

contributed by: anonymous

466. You have a little a little wallet in the shape of a dog and says "i love my dog" with picture of inuyasha on it.
(i got one for my friend and she put a picture of sessy on it)

467. You talk the characters in your head and they talk back ^.^'''

468. Trying to make a rosary for your boyfriend, put it around his neck and say "oswari!"
(that didn't work to well -.-''')

469. Make 'oswari' spells. (that one didn't work that well either, lol)

contributed by: weirdo13child

470. When you make cardbord ears and a kimono and wear them to a school dance
(looks around innocently "i did nothing...yeah right")

471. When you have a voodoo doll of kikyo and you have 10 or more pins in her body.

contributed by: Kaylin

472. You quote the characters so much that your cat deems you worthy of the title ' Psycho '.
(Darn you Kirara!!)

473. When you named your cat Kirara even though she had a name before. (^.^)

474. You begin to fail math class because you dream of a certain Inuyasha... (*walks away slowly*)

475. When you twitch nervously awaiting the arrival of the second movie on DVD.
(Any day now...I ordered it on Friday.)

contributed by: Arantome

476. You bang your head on the computer keyboard, being unable to think of a
suitable entry.

478. You tell yourself after searching on IY for the first time: "I've hit
jackpot", only to find that it's because of the legions of IY fans that you
think that way.

479. You rub your forehead to think of what to mail the list creator
with. (migraine o.O)

480. You try your best to continue, but are incapable of producing an original

481. You try your best to convince yourself that you're the only IY lover in the
universe so that Inuyasha/Miroku/Fluffy/Kouga/Some other man (choose one) can
be all yours.

482. Your grades (much like mine) slip"inexplicably"........

483. You beg world telly to show more, and More, and MORE, and mORe, and MorE, and
mOrE, and MoRe Inuyasha episodes to share your joy with the planet.

484. You and your little sister (whom you renamed Rin) protect Fluffy with all your
heart and...well...boot Jaken out. You refuse to have anything to do with
that toad with a staff unless he says nice things about Fluffy.

contributed by: Shippo

485. "If you look out the window and see InuYasha sitting in your tree."

(It's happened about once or twice...*cough, cough* twenty *Cough* times...)

contributed by: inusgirlfriend

486. You and your friends trade and buy/deal fanfics like they're drugs (ex. me(Sango) and my friend Samantha (Kagome) print out fanfics and give them to our friends(the rest of the inu-gang.)

487. You and your friends have given each other the Inuyasha names, based on your personality.
(they say I'm most like Sango.That and my obsession with Miroku ~drools~)

488. You actually answer to your Inuyasha name

489. You're grounded for reading fanfics cause your mom thinks they're bad.

(some of the stuff I was reading was NC-17 ~sweatdrop~ heh...heh)

490. You get grounded longer for getting caught reading them while you were still on punishment.
(damn wench, should have been asleep)

491. Your mom ends up putting on a computer lock and changes the password to your desktop.

(I couldn't get past the lock....DAMMIT!!)

492. Due to the lack of fanfics and Inuyasha episodes (wasn't allowed to watch TV either) your grades slip and you start acting weird. (I told you they're like drugs)

493. You finally hack into the computer, break through the computer lock and get to your beloved fanfics.
(HA! And my mom thinks she can stop me from getting to my beloved Inuyasha)

494. Since you can't use your tivo without your mom noticing you start getting up in the middle of the night to watch it.

495. You can't always get to the your fanfics like you want to so you have your friend Samantha
(Kagome) print out fanfics for you.

496. You laugh your head off every time you see Miroku get slapped by Sango.
(~lol~ I love those scenes) 

497. You nearly cry when Kagome says her computer broke and she can't print out anymore fanfics.
( she cried too.)

498. You start sneaking on the computer every night to read fanfics even though you're still grounded and taking a big risk. (nearly got caught one time...had to crawl to my room on hands and knees so my mom wouldn't see me.~lol~)

499. You totally freak when you wake up seven minutes late after the show starts.
( can't use alarm clock have to wake up on my own-that was the only time I woke up late for the show...never missed one either)

500. You get so excited when you realize adult swims starting some new episodes instead of starting the series over.|(And then they did start it over...DAMN BASTARDS! I'LL KILL YOU!!)

501. You're so happy when Kagome says she can print out more fanfics(she goes to the library) BUT you have to wait until SHE finishes reading them...and she's a slow reader.

502. You,sadly,must now go because Inuyasha is on. BYE BYE BOOOOO!!!!!

contributed by: Sango Tajiya

503. If you've told you parents all about Inuyasha, and throw fits when they ask why you're watching cartoons.

(Mua ha ha ha, they don't do that anymore!)

504. If you're excited to go to school on Monday because you can talk to your friends about the awesome episode you saw on Inuyasha.

505. If you actually research Inuyasha, and tease your friends with information you know and they don't.
(By the way, it's hilarious when they come up and ask me when the Seven fighters are going to come, or if someone's going to die)

506. If you think that Inuyasha and Kikyo, Kagome and Kouga, Sesshomaru and Kagura, (little albino dogs! i.e. white dog with red eyes) Sango and Mirkou, and Shippou and Kiara should get together.

507. If you've made a site and dedicated it to Kouga. (just a little obsessed ^_^' )

508. If you're begging your mother to get you a program to make AMV's because you bet you could do a much better job with them than most people.

509. If you have virtually every AMV out there. (*sweatdrop* what, some are cool...)

510. If the hot guy in your class calls you the obbsessed chick.

511. If you have a party, and everyone invited loves Inuyasha.

512. If you have turned your sisters into Inuyasha-aholics.

contributed by: Sarah

513. If you get a dog that has same exact ears and fur color as Inu-Yasha.

514. If you run away from home to Barns & Nobles to read Inuyasha * looks around innocenly*
(what!? It happens)

contributed by: anonymous

515. When you start to hyperventilate when you read #31

(off of 130) When you look at pictures and say your favorite artist can draw Inuyasha much better than them.

517. You find nothing wrong with any of these except the ones that indicate your favorite character getting hurt.

contributed by: iylver4evr

518. You and your three other friends sit at Mac Donalds and discuss about your
love life -they even agree to call you Kagome, and agree for you to call
them Yuka, Eri and Ayumi.-well some of them allow you to ....*true story*

519. There is a boy at School who has a major crush on you and will do anything
for you. He will even buy you fruit drinks because he feels you are
unhealthy- you secretly call him Hojo and giggle with your friends when this
pops up.

520. When your boyfriend hears about this, he begins to get a little jealous and
wants to kill him with his katana.

521. You cut and dye your hair to look like Kagome

522. You find the name Hojo in your World history text book in the Japanese
chapter and laugh out loud with your friend until the teacher flips on you.

523. You officially converted your boyfriend to a InuYasha fan, and now you two
are nicknamed InuYasha and Kagome.

524. Your Boyfriend's ex girlfriend still loves him and he is crushed between you
and her. You get angry and yell " sit!" and then call his ex, Kikyou.

525. You make your own haori, hakkama and japanese school uniform just so you can
wear around the house.

526. Your backyard gate reminds you of a torri from a shrine, so you pin up gohei
(folded paper) and resist the urge to paint it red (your parents would kill

527. Your grandparents don't have a water tank, there fore they have a well and
every time you visit them, you try to resist to jump in
if you dont, you scream down the well " INUYASHA!! SAVE ME!!" or " INUYASHA

528. There is a boy in your class who you're close with, he is a ladies man, so
when ever you see him with a bunch of girls, you will slap him in the face.

529. After just talking about Miroku, you and your friends walk out into the hall
where you see a close guy friend who is a ladies man, with at least 20 girls
around him. you and your friends laugh and say " speaking of the devil!"

contributed by: Alex

530. When you some how gather up $100 to buy the first season box set of inuyasha that you just saw 5 minutes
ago at BestBuy
[i did that ^_^]

531. When you own every single DVD of Inuyasha that you can

532. When your grandmother starts to understand it

contributed by: Stephie

531. You write in big bold letters, on the board in Band class, "FLUFFY IS MINE!!! MINE I TELL YOU!! ALL MINE!!!"

contributed by: Kagome Ariana Flame

532. You argue with your older brother constantly over AIM that anime is NOT a children's cartoon grrrrrrr

533. You repeatedly tell said brother that he reminds you of fluffy and he still has no clue what you're talking about

534. You stay up until 3 am reading a particularly fascinating fanfic.... I only started it at 8!!!

535. You are coming up with ideas after 12am whistles

536. You finally got tired of waiting for Adult Swim ( curse them!!) , and found...other...methods of watching the episodes until the end, and waited impatiently as the third movie constantly came up as corrupted
( stupid software, I mean what....)

537. Most, if not all the media on your computer stems from becoming obsessed with Inuyasha, and so becoming intrigued with others

538. You constantly think about how all your friends could be the different characters in the Inu-goya(yay Sango!)

contributed by: ThrawnDew

539. You listen to almost every inuyahsa song on your mp3 or cd player.

540. You are determend to buy every inuyasha item.

541. You would die to run through a forest in japan.

542. You never walk outside without your inuyasha plushie.

543. You never wear sandles no matter how much dirt is on your feat.

544. You have all the video's and games in english and japanese.

545. You take pictures of yourself with fangs on.

546. You walk around telling people to "sit" and if they dont, you use your cardboard tetsaiga on them
which keeps falling apart.

contributed by: anonymous

547. You suddenly realize that your ancient Spuds McKenzie stuffed animal has Inuyasha's ears and proceed to hack off his ears so you can paste them onto a headband and wear them for Halloween. (I have the plushie... but I like to tweak the ears. ._.)
You start wearing the ears long before Halloween. You wear the ears for your Science presentation on Shiba Inu's. (<_< I did NOTHING!)

548. And you wear the ears in public.
(Whoops... ^_^;)

549. You won't let anyone touch your Spuds McKenzie mug due to the Yasha ears-ness.
(RAWR!  It's mine!)

550. You nickname all of your Pokémon in your games after Inuyasha characters.
(I choose you, Shippou! XDD)

551. You beg your mom to buy you a program to teach you Japanese just so you can read the untranslated Manga and watch the undubbed Anime.
(Got the software! X33;;;;)

552. You cus out thunderstorms just because your mom makes you turn your computer, TV, and any other electronics off and you are separated from your beloved Yasha.

553. You die when the power goes out because you can't do ANYTHING that has to do with Inuyasha except read the same, poorly translated book of Manga until the power comes back on.

554. You get in a fit when you see Kilala, Sesshomaru, Shippo, Kikyo, InuYasha, Inu-Yasha, Sessho-Maru, Tetsusaiga or any other spellings of the characters' names that are not spelled how it 'should' be spelled.
(i.e. Sesshoumaru, Kikyou, Inuyasha, Tessaiga, Shippou, etc.)

555. You get together with your friends and make a garage band called the 'Shikon Jewel Shards' or the 'Inu-tachi' or anything that has a word of Japanese that deals with Inuyasha and you can't even sing or play an instrument
. (The Shards of Chaos!  MUWAHAHA!)

556. You desperately learn to play the guitar so you can keep the band name and learn to play the Inuyasha songs.
(Let's see.... G... A... D... A7th...)

557. You make up your own language so you can do YOUR own dub of Inuyasha in that language.
(Kaystrain.  Now, to actually DUB the thing! >< Need more peoples!)

558. You name the language after an Inuyasha character
(Sesshian, Yashakon, Fluffian, etc. XD)

559. You and your friends
(who have learned the language) fight over who gets to do Sesshoumaru's voice (or any other character) (._. I wanted Sesshuramafuuuuu....)

560. You make whoever does you favourite character's
(of the opposite gender) voice in that language your boy/girlfriend.

561. You try to kill whoever does your least favourite character's voice.

562. You learn HTML just so you can make a list like this and post it on a giant chain of Inuyasha websites and have it look really cool.

563. You refuse to write with anything else except for your Inuyasha pen which you ordered directly from Japan. You can instantly relate any song you've listened to to Inuyasha or any of the other characters. You WORSHIP your "new best friend" because she goes to an Anime store every week and you tag along just so you can cuddles that Sesshoumaru plushie you don't have the money for.
(Went broke buying the Manga. ^_^*)

contributed by: Keira-chan

564. When you became totally obsessed about anything Japanese.

565. When you refuse to eat anything until you have permision to eat the food with chopsticks!
( I have about 100 pairs of chopsticks in my room)

566. When you spend all of your money to buy any DVD of Inuyasha you can get your hands on.

567. When you disagree with someone you sit on the floor with your legs and arms crossed and mutter the word: Feh!

568. When all the quizes you took about Inuyasha turned out you were completly obsessed.
(happened to me every time)

569. When you've memorized all the english and Japanese words to all the Inuyasha songs.

570. When you close your eyes and all you see is a pic. of Inuyasha.

571. When you consantly draw pics. of Inuyasha.

572. When you have over 10 websites all about Inuyasha.
( I'm planing to make another one)

573. When you went through this entire list smiling and nodding your head.
( I did it)

574. When you make up your own costume that you would wear if you were in the show and wear it every time Inuyasha comes on.
( I'm still designing mine)

575. When you get really excited and dance around your room when Inuyasha comes on.

576. When you try and make your feet really tough and you try and make your self run really fast just like Inuyasha.

577. When you find a part in ann Inuyasha movie you like and keep on rewinding that perticular part.

578. When you cry every time that really sad part comes on in the first movie were Kagome thinks she can't go back in time to see Inuyasha ever again.

579. When you stay on the computer for 8 hours straight just looking at  Inuyasha pics. and searching up Inuyasha stuff.

580. When you go to every store in the mall in hopes of finding something Inuyasha related.

contributed by: Tory

581. You've saved Inuyasha opening/ending lyrics on your computer, even though you've never heard them
( I have numerous songs without a known tune )

582. You've become obsessed after seeing only 5 episodes of Inuyasha
( yup that's me )

583. The 5 episodes that got you addicted were somewhere in the middle of the series

584. You're so poor that you're mom needed to buy your toothpaste from another store so she could save 75 cents and yet you plead with her every day to get you the dvd with the first episodes on it
( yep, every single day )

585. You are able to call half of your friends 'baka', then laugh and point as they just stare at you.
( hahaha...it's super )

586. You are able to call half of your friends 'baka', then watch them laugh and point with you.
( hahaha...it's super duper )

587. Your laugh went from a 'hahaha' to a 'kukuku'

588. You convinced your mom that you had food poisoning so you could stay home and look at Inuyasha sites

( the reason I'm online today..... :P)

589. You suddenly became interested in Japenese culture after watching Inuyasha
( hehehe )

590. You learned over 300 Japenese words in 1 day or under

contributed by: poopiekins666

591. When every saturday you go over to to your friends house (or they come over)
you watch the new episode, then after words procide in burning a picture of
Naraku you found on the internet.

contributed by: aidan

592. You randomly say Inuyasha quotes "This is all your fault!" for that sappy, "you fought the good fight" line!

contributed by: Lorelie

593. If you're trying to let your hair grow long and white.

594. If you're getting plastic surgery so you can have furry dog ears.

contributed by: GangstaBabi43557

595. You have the song 'Baby Got Back' on your computer because it reminds you of
(I haven't gotten around to actually getting the song yet, but...I will!)

596. You have every single song that's ever been in Inu Yasha.
(I only have the songs that actually have vocals. I don't have any background music or
anything, except the strings version of Ayu's 'Dearest' which I believe is
used. ^_^)

597. And most of your 4000+ songs on your computer are by artists that also do
opening and ending songs for Inu Yasha.
(I only have a few artists that
don't do songs for IY. Heartsdales, Koda Kumi, Morning Musume, Ai Otsuka,
The Brilliant Green...but I have the entire discography for some artists
like Ayumi Hamasaki ['Dearest', 'No More Words'] and Do As Infinity ['Fukai
Mori', 'Shinjitsu no Uta', 'Rakuen'].)

598. You have mostly Inu Yasha songs in your top 25.
(Amuro Namie's 'Four Seasons', the live version of Do As Infinity's 'Shinjitsu no Uta', the TV
size of 'Shinjitsu no Uta', the Korean version of BoA's 'Every Heart',

599. You've memorized the opening/ending songs.

(I've memorized most of the TV sizes, and a few full versions.)

600. You've marked up your Inu Yasha calendar with dates such as August 25th-the
day the new video game comes out, August 27th-the second movie is being
shown on Adult Swim, September 7th-the third movie comes out, and September
10th-when episode 118 should be on if Adult Swim keeps going with the
premieres like they are now.
(Episode 118 is one of the best episodes
ever...yay for Miroku/Sango episodes!)

601. You make a thread on a forum, which started out just as a thread to say one
thing about Inu Yasha and turned into a huge ranting thread where you post a
huge message about each episode a few minutes after the episode ends.

(http://tame-no-ongaku.net/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=134 ^_^ And yeah, in one of
the posts I used screencaps from this website, but I gave credit, so I hope
it's alright? And I didn't hotlink either, I saved and then hosted it again
on my photobucket account.)

602. Your e-mail is related to an Inu Yasha character.
(My old e-mail was Houshisama001 (@) aol.com ...and I still use Houshisama001 as a username on some

603. You buy every single manga/DVD/whatever that has your favorite character on the front cover.

(I don't have enough money...but I will save up enough to buy everything that has to do with Miroku!)

604. You put pictures of your favorite character up on your wall.
(How come I haven't found any Miroku posters yet??)

605. Your avatar on many forums is a picture of your favorite character.
(I have a GIF of that scene with Miroku and those girls...I forget which episode
it's from, but it's also in that commercial that features Miroku. ^_^;;;; )

606. You're really mad at Adult Swim because lately, partway through an episode,
it will just turn to static for a few minutes. Only Adult Swim; all the
other channels work perfectly. ><
(And it only happens with episodes I
haven't seen yet!)

607. You've downloaded the 5th and 6th season subtitled, and watched them all, so
now you know what happens in the end.

(*ninja* But I still watch the dub because it's interesting to see how they dub things.)

608. You beat the Inu Yasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask within a week of you first
getting it.
(And the time played was only 46 hours.)

609. Your four pads of paper have now quickly turned into at least 18.
(Yeah...heh heh...^_^;;;;;)

610. Plus a few fanfics on the computer.

611. You hate your brand new computer because it gives you an error when you try
to watch any videos. ><
(It was working fine when I just got it two weeks
ago...but now it won't work.)

612. You sing karaoke to an Inu Yasha song at an anime convention.
(I sang
'Grip!' at Anime Boston last year. ^^)

613. And you plan to do it again this year.
(I'd like to do 'Four Seasons'...but
I don't think Amuro Namie ever released a karaoke version of that, so I'm
planning on doing 'Rakuen' instead.)

614. For the anime convention you plan on going as an Inu Yasha character.

(I wanted to go as Sango...but it would be too much work. So I went out and
bought a school-girl uniform...except the collar and skirt were blue, not
green. And I can't do it this year because my hair's too short now. ><)

615. You wait in line for over an hour to meet your favorite voice actor at the
anime convention.
(I wanted to meet the dude who does Kouga's voice...but we
were busy, and when we finally got over there, the line was closed. ><
Although if Kirby Morrow ever comes, I'm waiting in line for however long it
takes to meet him, no matter what my friend says. <3)

616. Your whole desktop theme is of your favorite character.
(*needs to find a
good wallpaper of Miroku...for now it's Ayumi Hamasaki.*)

617. You dream about you and your favorite character together.

618. You start swearing a ton because you're influenced by Inu Yasha.
(I'm only
12, and one day when my sister messed up my room, I found myself saying
'What the fuck?!' O_o;;;; Sure, Inu Yasha doesn't use that particular swear,

619. You start putting your hair up just like your favorite character.
(... ...
OMG. I just realized that my hair is the perfect length for Miroku's
hairstyle. O_o *goes to put her hair up like that* Except I don't have
bangs. Oh well. Close enough. XD)

620. You keep the Inu Yasha calendar on one particular month for the whole year,
just because you like the picture.
(The August one...Miroku's like 'wtf am I
supposed to do with this thing?' with the popsicle. XD)

621. You start talking like your favorite character.
(My mom was yelling at me
for something, and I found myself saying 'I was merely trying to help!' O_o;;;;)

622. You think Miroku/Inu Yasha/Sesshy/Kouga/whoever looks cuter when he's hurt.

(I don't know where I got that idea. But I think Miroku's cuter when he's
poisoned or hurt, and Kouga looks a bit cuter.)

623. You got a new computer just so you could fit more Inu Yasha stuff on it.
(That and Hello! Project .vob files. <3)

624. You spend so much time obsessing about Inu Yasha that you only have two
weeks until school starts and you haven't even started doing your summer
(Uh-oh...*gets to work*)

625. You try to play an Inu Yasha song on the piano.
(I can kinda-sorta play Every Heart...)

626. You spend the last of your money on Inu Yasha stuff.
(I have a $40 Target
gift card which I'm gonna use to buy the new game...and then I have to
somehow find enough money to buy the third movie.)

627. You start typing up a few contributions to this list, and without even
meaning to you list over 30. O_o

contributed by: Lita

628. When you now have a completet bed set of Inuyasha!

629. When you yell at the T.V. for puting on commercials in the middle of an
Inuyasha episode!

630. When you evily stare or chase anyone who says Inuyasha is a cat or
Inuyasha is a girl!
( damit why cant they get it strait!!!!!!)

631. When you call everyone you hate a baka behind their backs!

632. When you join karate because you want to learn how to fight!

633. When you put a poster that says " Narakou is the enimy he must be
KILLED!" on your wall.

634. When you set your alarm to the times Inuyasha comes on.
(even the reruns!)

635. When all the quizes you take you end up as Inuyasha!
(todya I took about 50 quizes and every one ended up as Inuyasha!)

636. When you start imaging random people as charatcers.

637. when you make a club with your friends at school about Inuyasha and you
nominate your self to be Inuyasha.

638. when u yell at ur cat kylala! and jump on it thinking its huge

639. when you draw a blak hole on right hand and keep it closed for fear of
sucking in your closest friends

640. when u buy a boomarang and tape cardboard to it to make it bigger and throw
it at things yelling out "hiraiko"

641. when u shoot an arrow at someones jewlery thinking its a jewl shard

642. When you geta very large stick and run around yelling Tetsusaiga.

643. when u grab ur chihuahua put fox ears on it and run around yelling shippo
use ur foxfire

644. When you see a guy wearing a monkey suit on the street you yell "NARAKU!"
and beta him with your large stick.

645. When you pin someone to a tree with an arrow...

646. When you jump into a well expecting to end up in Fuedal Japan.

647. when u find a well and jump into it...then get stuck there and rot away for
years to come

648. when you drop to the ground every time someone says sit

649. when u see a person with white hair and yell out "inyahsa ur real!*

650. when u dress in sheets acting like they're a kimono and try to hit ur dog
with a plastic sword....true story

651. when u dye ur hair black and say" drats now im only human" on a full moon

652. when you set ur alarm clock to certain hours in the night so you can see

653. When you think day and night about how much you love Inuyasha...

654. when u c a flea smile and say, where were u when i had to go to school? u
always run away from trouble ay?

655. When you see somebody with one arm and say sessomuru got u too eh?

656. when go to school with a red Kimono on, thinking the reason why people are
staring at you is because they are jelious!

contributed by: hot_hanyou

357. When you have over 100 home-made and/or store boughten CDs that are all InuYasha
(^_^ heh)

358. If someone comments badly about InuYasha you want to yell at them to 'sit' or you
try using one of the attacks off of the show.

(^_^ I personally like 'sit' and Iron Reaver)

359. You've seen every episode but insist on watching them again and again and again.

360. If one of your family members wants to tape something and the pick up one of the
tapes you recorded InuYasha on you grab it and tell them to 'sit' or you growl at
(my poor dad looked very freaked when I growled then told him to 'sit')

361. You make your friends memorize all the info about all the InuYasha characters so you
don't have to explain it to them all the time.

contributed by: Kai-Cat

662. You start to talk to your InuYasha plushies.
(All 47 of 'em *_*)

663. You start to draw fanart of you and Kouga in a liplock!

664. You go into your backyard and act like it's feudal Japan.

(Directed at the guys) When you're at a party, you start to
ask all of the beautiful girls there to bear your children.

666. You grab a large marble, shatter it into dozens of shards,
scatter them in you backyard, and "search" for them.
(refer to #630)

667. You start to think what your life would be like if you and
Kagome switched lives.

668. You research witchcraft and try to make the switch happen*_*

669. You get yourself into "fatal" danger and yell for InuYasha to
come and save you.

670. You start to make up your own InuYasha episodes.

contributed by: Lola

671. You can remember the name of an Inuyasha character after one hearing but
you still can’t remember the name of the hot girl in psych class even
though you have asked her, her name three times and talked to her for
(I know her name… its... Jena, Jeanne, Janelle….I think it begins
with a J???)

672. You get to school two hours early and you are still late for your first
class because you were looking up Inuyasha on the school computers.
(this is a long list)

673. You spent your sociology class thinking up things to add to this list
and your computer science class typing them out.
(So I fail my first year of University big deal)

674. You can never watch Inuyasha because too many people want to watch
something else during the time it is on so you get a Japanese exchange
student to tip the scale in your favour.
(It worked)

675. You have the Inuyasha songs memorized even though you don’t speak a word
of Japanese.
(I have a translator now..hee..hee…love exchange students)

contributed by: Dirk

676. You know you've had to much Inuyasha when you get very defensive when someone calls Sesshoumaru's fluff his tail.

677. When you've linked a bunch of furry towels together and fling them over your shoulder.
Then, when you see your sister, you hit her with them and yell, "Jaken, stop hitting Rin!"
(My friend did this, and his parents took his towels away. It took him a while to get over it too! ^_^)

contributed by: Fluffy's Rin

678. You draw a picture of your least favorite character, tape it to your TV, and fling rubber bands at it,
yelling 'crap!' really loud when you miss.

679. You get mad when you go to a store and can't find Ramen.

contributed by: Alexis

680. When you are too poor to buy dog ears, clothes etc... and you actually make them on
your own and where them in public/around the house.

(not that I do that *walks away*)

681. You can run/walk around on sharp rocks/or where ever barefoot on you're toes without it hurting
(I'll admit to that)

682. You do Inuyasha role plays with your friends (heh ^_^;)

683. You get mad when people pronounce names wrong and insist they say it right even if
it takes you all night
(took my dad like fifteen minutes to say Inuyasha right)

684. You believe there should be a woman in the Band of Seven and create your own
character and look up Japanese translations to make it right and go along with the
(not that I've done that... who am I kidding, and I know Jakotsu's problem with
girls and stuff but in my little unwritten story there is an exception ^_^)

685. You are getting mad because the fourth movie is not coming out fast enough

686. When you dream about being in the Band of Seven or eight in my case and being in a
relationship with Inuyasha at the same time
(what can I say I like those guys)

687. You have read this whole list and have said yes to over 85 percent (like me XD)

688. When you can think up more things for this list even though there are over 650 there already

contributed by: Madamwolf

689. In school when you are doing work you stop and Inuyasha picture pop up in your mind.

contributed by: anonymous

690. If you wish you had kirara as a pet

691. Wake up at 3:30 in the morning to watch InuYasha

692. You have every InuYasha episode on your computer

693. You pretend a stick is the tetsaigua and try to do windscar

contributed by: Robert

694. You dress in your best nitegown and fix your hair before InuYasha comes on. Even on reruns.

contributed by: anonymous

695. Have over 30 InuYasha tapes (:D)

696. Play InuYasha songs that you figured out the notes to by yourself in the talent show
(lol i did tha!!!:D)

697. After being at the talent show performing the InuYasha song, you run as fast as
possible to catch the last 7 minutes left...then watch the tape of the episode 5
times to feel worthy
(lol It was the kagura fighting Koga episode how could i NOT

698. Start memorising episode numbers

699. Have over 50 InuYasha Music videos, songs, picures...anything :)

700. Have only InuYasha and helping to learn Japanese for InuYasha purpose based things
in your favorites list

701. Bug the crap out of your friend to put all her pictures on a floppy because you
didn't have internet
(lol that was too fun to do)

702. Get into fights and hate people because of InuYasha related things

703. When the person who showed your first episode regrets it

704. When you dont let your parent(s) watch *MINE!!!*

705. You explain to people why the fanfiction is incorrect

706. You influenced an older relative to open an anime/InuYasha store

707. Have a list of InuYasha names and make games out of them (lol me and my friends
would have lists of like 200 people, chose 2 numbers and pair the two people...once
it was Kaede and InuYasha X0)

708. Yell when the subtitles on the movies are in-correct (I HATE IT!!!)

709. Think you are being stalked my Miroku, Naraku, and Myoga
(Myoga is a pervert i tell you!!!)

710. When you hate something, your parents/anyone you know just assumes its got something
to do with InuYasha someone hating it as well

711. You talk in a code so your parents/someone you dont want to hear can't understand
(lol its so confusing and easy!)

712. You ask the choir teacher to let you sing the song wth the choir
(well, it was worth a try...she is Japanese!!! lol)

713. Your debate team teacher calls you and your friends group the 'Inu-Gumi' :)

714. While reading this, make a checklist of the things you don't do and start doing them right away

715. Watch even though your not allowed (religious or violence reasons)

716. Keep the InuYasha music video's even if you hate the song

717. Listen to only InuYasha music *yay*

718. You keep track of timings in the episodes and movies (example: in movie two at
1:21:29 *hour minute second* ............ew im not saying what.......lol check for

719. You actually check what is at 1:21:29 in the 2nd movie

720. When there is an akward silence you think Naraku has put everyone into their
nightmares and you are too pure to fall into his trap

721. List the things wrong with the graphics in the movies (what...they look funny!!! lol)

722. You fake illness to do InuYasha related things (done that)

723. Your friends are afraid to talk about InuYasha...they think you will go insane (too late..l.ol)

724. You have theories as to why these things happen :P

725. You grow your toenails and fingernails because they can't possibley cut them!!! (genious, isn't it:P)

726. Even if you've seen the episode, you scream when something bad happens

727. 5-10 Minutes before InuYasha is on, you take your plushie of any character and rock
back and forth saying
'its coming its coming' (lol...ive done this so many times)

728. Make quizzes amongst your InuYasha fan friends to see who knows more

729. Record episodes you already have

730. Wait outside the store 10 minutes before it opens waiting for the movie to come out
(bwahahaha it was COMPLETELY worth it!!!)

contributed by: OrangeInuYasha

731. You laugh out loud because you just remerbered a fanfiction you read last night.

732. You are mad at your mom because she made you miss Inuyasha one night (she let me fall asleep and didn't wake me up i'm still upset)

contributed by: DSDavis7792

733. You actually read this far down the list You go on a chat box and call yourself Inuyasha and act like him

contributed by: Lithoniel

734. If you see a picture of sesshomaru as a baby being held by his father and you cry. (it was so touching)

735. If you own all the plushies.
(working on it, Damn child labor laws)

736. Iif you sleep with and carry around your favorite of said plushies.

contributed by: anonymous

737. You wish you could get sucked into your television, become Kagome, and be with Inuyasha.
(...who are u looking at?)

738. You are watching the second Inuyasha movie for the first time on adult-swim and the public emergency test comes on for five minutes and you curse because now you have to stay up to watch that five minutes you missed in the second showing.

( this is a true story:)

contributed by: Jenna

739. If you have a picture in your wallet/purse/ect.. of your favorite character

740. Actually thinking of putting a pic in

741. If you yell at yourself for weeks, because you missed one episode last week.. *looks around.. wasn't me..* heh.

contributed by: Inu/Kagome-Fan

742. When you can't decide who is your fav guy out of InuYasha, Miroku, Sesshomaru or Kouga.

743. When you wished this list was over but you want to read more.

744. When you know you've spent too much money on merchandise but can't stop ^_^

745. After reading this loooong list you want to go find a kimono.

746. You wished your dog had Inuyasha ears so you could tweak them.

(though i do it with the plushie all the time)

747. Got your friends hooked on everything about it (and darn proud of it!)

748. Was highly interested after only one episode
(true story)

749. Tell your friend to sit and she does cuz it makes both of you laugh

750. You tell EVERYBODY about InuYasha and they know what it is just from you talkin about it
(yay people!)

751. You wish you could find a sword IDENTICAL to Tetsuiaga

752. Snuck out of your room to watch the second showing of InuYasha cuz you got
grounded from it.
(its callin to me)

753. Wants to meet the cast just to hear InuYasha and Miroku's voice.
(Richard Cox and Kirby Morrow)

754. Wishes to buy a fox to name it Shippou

755. Swears on everything anime that InuYasha is the BEST IN THE WORLD!

756. Quotes lines and people look at you strange
(i dont care!)

757. Accidentally says something in Japanese to a boy at school then he keeps asking
you what you said and wont leave you alone. Then you wish you could sit him till
he was mute.
(true again)

758. Your parents tease you about it and what you do about it. then think about nicknaming your mom Kikyo.

759. Your friend teases you by saying "Inu washa".
(i want to kill her)

contributed by: Sango Sakurai

760. When you call your big bro Naraku for weeks 'cause he said that your
home-made InuYasha ears looks like cat ears'.
(He shall die!)

761. When you paint a half-moon with eyeliner on your forehead every day,
and growls "OSUWARI!" to that super hot guy in the other class because he
called you Sailor Moon.
(Sesshy is comin' for ya, I tell you ><..)

762. When you later on ask him if it's OK for you to wear a green mini
skirt when you "are" said Sailor Moon.

763. When you get scared because you thought your lamp was Naraku.
(..I just looked behind me for a second, and fell off the chair when I
saw that baboon-faced lamp!)

764. When you search for Inu and Yasha in the Swedish dictionary. (..Ahem..)

765. When you yell "Kagome!" just because you saw the letter "K" in said Swedish dictionary. (Why not?..)

766. When your 3 year old brother runs around yelling "Tetsusaiga!" and
actually falls to the ground when you tell him to "Sit".

(*is busy searching for "Tetsusaiga" in said dictionary..*)

contributed by: NightWolf (Nattvarg)

767. You actually try to [bite] your boyfriend of girlfriend to claim them as [yours]

768. You write a 400 page FanFic
(college rule) with your friends and you also add
yourselves with that character
( . . heh . . guilty . . and the story is still going! I'm with Inu-Yasha. . hehe . . )

769. You draw the characters in "modern clothing"

(guilty . . but I would rather prefere a kimono . . . )

770. In your free time you go on the Internet and visit Inu-Yasha sites and read
FanFics all day!
(I'm doing that now . . )

771. You've actually concocted your own Ramen recipies

772. You cry when you miss an episode for HOURS then you just go on youtube and watch
it . . ^-^

773. You already know what's gonna happen on Inuyasha cause you've watched all the
episodes on youtube

774. Refer to everyone alse as "you humans" when you talk to them

( . . . You humans. . so weak and usless . . . Foolish mortals . . . )

775. You think Americans are a load of selfish and lazy idiots cause it takes them 3
freakin years to translate one movie! GOODNESS!

776. You get your little brother to the point where he knows all of the shows by heart
and he actually proclaims himself as a powerful demon
( . . . but still I can kick his ass!!)

777. Learned archery . . .
(I'm actually pretty good at it too!)

778. You drape a white blanket over yourself and then you hope around the house saying
the you are Naraku and that all shall PERISHE!!!
( . . heh heh . . . guilty . .)

779. You forgot the answers for your tests so you put in the characters and other
affiliates to the show for them . . .
( . . . cause they always are in history!! .
. . I actually got ONE right in science . . .fo rizzle!)

780. You go up randomly to your friends and say . . . "MISTER MASTER MUSTARD!! MEOW MEOW!!"

781. Then you also go up to random people and telling them that their arms are gone

782. You tuck your left arm in your shirt sleeve and pretend it isn't there . . .
(but what if it really isn't . . ? *looks around suspiciously*)

783. You run through the forest in your backyard
(I have one! ^-^ Haha foosas!)

784. You plan to inheirit your father's swords . . .
(cause my dad DOES have three swords . . . [weird huh?])

785. Since your such a great artist! People PAY you to draw them Inu-Yasha pics!
(Well at least I do! I got like $10 a couple of days ago!)

786. You wanna go all the way to Japan to HUG Rumiko Takahashi!

(Man I swear i would KISS that woman if I wasn't a girl . . .)

787. Meet the actors who protray them and hug them and get them to say stuff that you
will NEVER hear the actual character say . . .
(like I want Paul Dobson to ask
"Inu-Yasha" What he does to keep his nails so nice and Scot McNeil . . . Hey
McNeil is IRISH SWEET! I'm part IRISH! Actuall I'm many things . . . Youkai,
Japanese, Filipino, Spainard, Polish, British, Cherokee Indian . . . a lot o' stuffs . . . )

Well, I want him to ask "Sessho-Maru what he uses to keep his hair
so shiny and manageable! I don't want to meet Kappei Yamaguchi though . . . cause
he sounds like a frog when he says the attacks and just whenever he yells in shock
. . . The rest is alright . . .

contributed by: anonymous

788. If you send so many messages to put in 'Too much inu?' that you have to put it in two different e-mails.

789. If you make a sheathed tetsusiga out of wood and sleep siting up all the time.

790. If you remember every thing that was posted on 'Too much inu?' by heart and
know which number it is.
(Umm i think i need mental help!)

791. If you cause a half demon that LIVES in feudal japan when you live in modern
North America to take a restraining order out on you.

792. When you take a clear marble and dip it in a pearl and opal color mixed
paint and then break some of the peices off and say you've found the real
shikon jewel, then hide the shards in styrafoam life size dummy of Naraku's
incarnation's, forget you made it, and when you see it again you think its real
and throw your wooden tetsusiga at it, then claim that the sacred shikon jewel
still exists.
( I-I-I- I was sleep walking!! yeah will stick with that.!)

793. If you have read every comment on this page in less than a day. (*looks
around innocently* i didn't do that if thats what your thinking. how do you come
up with this crazy stuff? *Tries to look as innocent as possible*)

794. If you have every Inuyasha song burned on multiple CD's for every CD player you own.

795. If you've missed your own birthday party from staying up to late to watch
the 11:00 o'clock episode and the two o'clock episode plus your 100 favorite
episodes you've watched a thousand times already.

796. If you have down loaded every Inuyasha episode on your laptop so you can watch
them on the bus coming to and from school.

797. If you have changed the title of the e-mail multiple times to the webmisstress due to how
many comments you put in.

798. If you have came up with more than one jokes to add to 'Too much inu?' all by your self as you go.

799. If it takes the webmisstress more than an hour to read your comments.

800. If you cause the webmisstress to block you or higher an e-mail reading
service to read your one particular e-mail.
(Oh yeah that prrreeeeeeee-t-y bad.)

801. You SO pissed off when people add a 'u' to a charters name that you get this feeling of forever
hatred in the pit of you stomach, that you make sure they know you hate there guts out, and you threaten them
by telling them your going to possess Naraku to Possess them into jumping off a the edge of a volcano into the molting pit of it,
and you get PISSED at the fact that you loved Inuyasha so much you were drewling when you saw and you didn't know
what you where watching, the fact wen you did figure it out you wrote down every charters name and memorized
in your diary that's so secret you forget where you put it every time you hide it! and you life long rule is well in the title of
the episode, if what you see is not  the way they spell it on the show its not rite.

802. If you cause the webmisstress to block you because your WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY
WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to obsessed with Inuyasha.

contributed by: Sachicka

803. If you actually get ideas from this. ( I know I did ^_^" silly me)

contributed by: anonymous

804. If when you are listening to Barry Manilow's Copa Cabana, you happen to imagine
yourself as Lola and Inuyasha/Koga/Miroku/Sesshomaru as Tony and Bankotsu or some
evil dude as Riko
(uh...NOOOO, NO KILLING MY TONY...he has long white hair and amoon on his forehead)

805. You happen to scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and your family looks at you oddly.

806. Your mom regrets lending you the ultimate Manilow CD.

807. When watching beauty and the beast you realize Sesshomaru is the beast and you
are beauty
(sorta why I watch shows, to imagine Inuyasha characters as the main ones)

808. Your grandmother tells you you can see fine from the seats up in the balcony

809. Your grandmother tells you to stop obbsessing over that inuyasha.

810. Your friend and yourself argue over whos cuter, Miroku or Sesshomaru.

811. While playing with said friend, you play a game of house role play and suddenly
find yourself kissing a giant white dog.
(Sesshomaru, you are my hero)

812. You find yourself playing as Miroku for her sake.

813. While playing soccer with the only person you haven't converted into an
Inuyasha fan, you start saying "did Miroku kiss you good luck" and her replying
"no, he wanted you more!" and finally deciding that the Katie girl is dating him
and think of what thier children may lkook like and then ending up with your
teacher saying "your not old and gray!"
(long story, to long to tell)

814. You insist you can't sleep without your shippo plushie.

815. When your little pomeranian steals and hides your shippo plushie, you cry and
then go for your inuyasha doll.
(I didn't want shippo to be alone, so I bought
Inuyasha,Shippo and Kagome for them, dang, no more money for Sesshomaru!)

816. You find yourself praying to god for someone who loves you like Miroku loves
(Why haven't I found anyone yet???)

817. You start crying when Miroku asks Sango to live with him.
(oh, how could this happen, I am so sorry Katie, no Miroku for you!)

818. Your mother wakes up because you laugh when Inuyasha says, "Miroku posed a what?!?"

819. You laugh even more harder when Sango gets drunk off the mist on the mountain
and starts cuddling with Inuyasha.
(Oh my gosh...I would have woken you up if
master musheen didn't want a special wine!!!!BLAME HIM!)

820. You decide you are insane for naming your own anime character Kokora and later
find out Kokoro means love and all that junk and then say,
"boy...is this a sign..."

821. Your nightmare of a giant storm sept a fenced in area stops when you cuddle
with Sessh.
(SIS, Thank you for pushing the button to lead us to our doom, now, where were we Sesshomaru...)

822. You figure out Jucotsu is gay after he dies (Sis, I just realized,JUCOTSU IS GAY!)

823. You go to suta-raito.com and send in a blooper.

824. Your only reason for getting an Ipod is so you can listen to inuyasha songs.
(only like 300 something days before christmas!)

825. You try to double task--listen to Copa Cabana (daydreaming bout me and Sessh
losing eachother cause of a gangster) and sending in things to this list.

826. You read the inuyasha books and send in a book report and when you have told
your teacher many times about it, and she is thankful her children are not into
anime, you get an A on it and a comment that says "this sounds very interesting!"
I can't believe I could avoid writing one about the one with Sesshomaru losing his
(I hated that but he took his top off...*drools*thtas why hes my fave)

827. When you insist your grandparents to watch Inuyasha because you have told them
about it and then they say they wanted to know what it was about and it happened
to be the episode Bankotsu died so you try to say like "KILL EM!" to cover Inuyasha's curses.

(Sorry, I couldn't say "kill him!" the whole time, guess they knew it was an older show...)

828. Your dad actually says "Mr.Peabodys got your inuyasha doll" and takes time to pronounce it right.

829. You call all your friends 'yashas' when they pronounce it wrong (yasha means
rascal or demon because my great grandmother is from japan and she said "this
means Yasha!"when I showed her the back of my Sesshomaru trading card.) ((or was it shippo))

830. You yell at someone who was sitting at your desk during a class where you learn
about certain subjects about male and female body parts...boys in one room...girls
in the other...hey...I'm not to old, and I am just now learning that in
school...don't take me lightly though...I'LL CUT YOUR HEAD OFF! Anyway...for
touching your inuyasha comic book that was in manga format so it was 'backwards'
and someone said "he said "what a wierd book..."cause it was backwards"

831. You try your darndest to draw Kagome from your inuyasha calender to lose it
because your sister needed a tack so she stole the one holding up Kagome.

832. You yell at Koga's wolves for hurting Rin.

833. You went through a stage for each male character where you thought they were
(inuyasha,then Miroku, how could I forget my koga stage, um, Naraku, then it
was,uh,Hojo, and last but not least Sesshomaru....thanks to a play)

834. You yell at Yahoo for: 1) not having Inuyasha stationary and 2) not letting you use stationary at all!

835. While daydreaming about Sesshomaru, you get called on to awnser something in
class, you immediatly yell out the first thing to mind..."YES..." and under your
breathe say "my lord" and find out you got the answer right.
(never again,never,
well maybe one more time....Sesshomaru,what is it....*teacher calls out
name*WOLF!*teacher congratulates her*um...it was...uh...nothing*under breathe*"no more wolves Rin!)

836. Do anything to get your friends to get them to watch Inuyasha just once. (I
tried telling you, telling you their story of Mrioku,Sango and Mrioku singing I like
big butts, I tried an example of Inuyasha cheating on Kagome with stuffed
plushies....now it is time for...SOCK PUPPETS!)

837. You feel acomplished when You make someone an Inuyasha fan (um...how
many...ok...so...my sis...my bud Liz...um...My grandparents....uh...only 4...DANG!)

838. You play tons of games of ski ball to get enough tikcets to get a 200 ticket
crown at the arcade so you can be queen Kokoro
(changed anime name) and find
Sesshomaru and trick him into liking humans.

(only took me 4 games of ski ball, 2 games of chance, and a DDR tournament to mischevios kiss to get 200 tickets, IN
YOU FACE JACKIE!She had to give me 50 tickets...practicing my dance steps to Inuyasha music payed off!)

837. While listening to 'come' you imagine yourself singing it as a lullaby to
(now Sesshomaru will believe I am sweet and then I will rule the world!)

838. Everyday, a boy who you told about Inuyasha when he asked "whats that thing"
about your Inuyasha doll, calls you Inuyasha and then say "NOOOO,I AM KOKORO...NOT INUYASAH!

839. You think when you have submitted 38 things that are all related to you, you
get scared.
(applys to me...sept I am not scared...I fell acomplished and though of another one!)

840. At lunch time, you insist on your bud to look at a piccy of Naraku and she says
"thats James..." and I show Jamesa and he goes "YOUR A STUPID MONKEY!" and I
go"no, it is you Naraku, who is the stupid monkey!" and all his buds say, "can i
borrow this and show Naraku to thier buds and say "LOOK,THIS IS JAMES!" and then
when you get your comic back, your friend says "thats Brandon!" and points to that
Wolfy guy who protects the forest where the well is and you both laugh!(true
story...I am suprised when James screamed in class "Melora and Josephine were
talkin bout people!"he was the one who got in trouble.

841. When talking to someone who is mean,you say "grrr..." and then run off!

(sorry dremices, I wasn't gonna bite you.)

842. When you take off your shoes whenever you are outside and run around.Then you
change into a red dress if you are a female and run around some more. Then some
boys pass and say "look at that crazy red dress girl!" you grab a stick and start
hitting them or say "IRON REAVER!" and scratch them!

(all happened...sept I wasn't wearing red!)

843. When over 500 things apply to you on this list!

contributed by: Kokoro

844. You are now able to converse with your equally InuYasha obsessed friend in Japanese.

845. When you write yourself into fanfictions and post them on fanfiction.net.

846. When you search YouTube and spend hours watching InuYasha parodies. (there are a ton of good one's out there!)

847. When you assign everyone in your class an InuYasha nickname and then give them
strange looks when they don't respond or ask you what it was you called them.

848. You are supposed to do a project for school and you desperately find a way to
make it related to InuYasha.

849. When you have dreams starring yourself and InuYasha characters.

850. When you have the sudden addiction to ramen.

851. When your friends think that you have gone insane (more so then you already
were) because you run around saying that you are a demon or hanyou and that if they
don't shut up, that you will Kongousouha the hell out of them.

852. If you know all of the attacks for each of the characters in both Japanese and
your native language.

853. When you know the names of the voice acters for the characters in both Japanese
and English.
(or other native language)

854. When you run around yelling "Mister! Master! Mustard! Meow! Meow!" because some
kitsune's said it as a greeting.

855. When you call across the quad at school to your friend using their InuYasha
name, and they respond.

856. When you teach everyone- friends, parents, relatives -the correct way to say

857. When you teach your parents the backstory of the series- and they are starting
to understand it.

858. When your mom starts making random jokes about InuYasha characters (Kikyo) and
is actually funny- but doesn't watch the series.
(That was both disturbing and cool

859. When you get in heated arguements over wheather InuYasha has "cat ears" or "dog ears".

860. When you call your guy friends house whom you met at school and his brother
answers, but even though you've never met him, he knows who you are because of the
fanart you drew.

861. When your dog understands commands in Japanese. (Osuwari, Sadie! I love it!)

862. When you and your friends spend the day thinking of what would happen if... the
InuYasha characters all had to live together... met us... lived in our city... went
to our school... etc.

863. When you and your friends are able to cuss people out at school in Japanese
because of your dedication to the series.

864. When you get a new pet and your parents say you can name it anything you
want... unless it is a name from InuYasha.

865. You dress up as an InuYasha character for character day at school, and argue
that your character is from a book... but get sent home anyways.

866. You parade around wearing "inu ears", and give people wierd looks how give you
wierd looks for wearing said "inu ears", then threaten them in Japanese.

867. When you accidently forget to take off said "inu ears" before going to school.

868. When you and your friends make a parody of InuYasha at a birthday party.

869. When you play with a Ouija board and try to contact the spirits of characters
that have passed away in the show.
(Bonkotsu, I know you're out there!)

870. When you know when the New Moon and Full Moon will appear.

871. When you say you can't go anywhere tonight because it is the New Moon and you're at your weakest.

872. When you train yourself to use a sword. (katana).

873. When you are told to go outside and play with your dog which your parents would
not allow you to name "Sesshoumaru", and you pretend that you are InuYasha and that
your dog is Sesshoumaru
(transformed), and your mom has to come outside to see why
you are yelling "Kaze no Kizu" at your dog.

874. When you try to last the whole day pretending to be Sesshoumaru and try really
really really hard not to laugh when someone asks what is wrong with you.

875. When you are with your friend and you are both so bored, you decide to find
clothes around the house suitable enough for cosplaying InuYasha in.

876. When you know how to properly spell each character's name in both the English
and Japanese versions and know what their names mean.
(i.e. Sesshoumaru, Sesshomaru,
Killing Perfection or Shippo, Shippou, Seven Jewels)

877. When you sign your friend's yearbook with your character's name... and the next
year they don't know who or what signed it.

878. You draw pictures of your least favorite character (Kikyo) so you can burn it
and say that you have killed off a character.

879. You get a Kikyo action figure just so you can push it off of things and say
that she fell off another cliff.

880. When you no longer care that you've missed an episode even if it's new, because
you can go to your friend's house and watch it, because she has the entire series
(even though the last seasons are in Japanese and subtitled, because they haven't
been made in the U.S. yet).

881. When people come to you asking you to explain some part of the show that they
don't understand.

882. You get suspended from the school computers because you were surfing your
favorite InuYasha fansites.
(Still haven't caught me yet!)

883. You nearly have a complex because you discovered that "InuYasha" is on
Wikipedia with all the information you could ever want about the series!
found out while at school. My friend must of thought I was having a seisure! ^_^)

884. You can write a list longer then this one. (I got 40, baby! Yah! ^_^)

contributed by: Junsui~chan

885. You call your best friend Rin.

886. Kill one lizard to give your other lizard a second head.

887. Call you brother stupid mixed breed.

888. Say the reason your leaving every night is to find the Tetsaiga.

889. Call you ranting freind jaken and mistreat him because he rants.

890. Try to shoot a crow.

891. Actually shatter a round diamond and collect all the peices.

892. Wear short skirts and high socks o.O

893. Wear red all day every day.

894. Sleep sitting indian style with your fake sword in your arms.
(mentioned byinuyasha_fan7878)

contributed by: Katara Yoshimura

895. You look at the t.v during the whole episode and stare at inuyasha. (and if you have a dvr you pause the t.v and stare)

contributed by: Makayla

896. You know your obsessed when you use the vaccum cleaner as a Wind Tunnel.

contributed by: Crystal

897. You claim that you saw a bee somewere around your brother's Lego-castle, and refuse to vacuum. (btw, I found Naraku's hiding-place!)

898. You make red Inu-pants in Needlework in school and forces your little half-brother to wear them..
(He looks SOO cute in 'em! :''3)

899. Then you give him a wood-sword, learn him to call it Tetsusaiga, and makes him confused by trying to steal it.
("But, sis, why you take sword you gave me?")

900. You're reminded of InuYasha's DAMN obsession
(or what you can call it) with Kikyou when you listen at Bowling for Soup's "The B***h Song". ("..You're a b***h, but don't ever go away.." *cough cough* STUPID INU!!)

901. You growls "WATCH IT you mere mortals!!" to the neighbour boys who's playing outside with their home made swords, because they were going to STEAL Tetsusaiga!!
(which you already.. err... borrowed, from your little half-bro) (Keh, humans..)

902. You get your cousin to play the "demon-game" with you, and she wanna be a half-dog-demon, because she heard you say something like "dog-hanyou's rocks my socks". But, however, when she asks you if you're gonna be a wolf demon
(I have this obsession with wolfs..), you say "Okay, BUT, we're FRIENDS, got that? Cuz Inu's and Kouga's fights REALLY pisses me off.." (Man, that made her confused.)

903. You keep arguing with your lil half-bro about that you just HAVE to do your homework!! ..even though he isn't arguing back..
(..But hey, he DID ask me if I could play with him instead of doing my Math-homework.. ..Right..?)

904. You can't write any more to this list, cause your FAVORITE InuYasha-fanfic has just been UPDATED!!
(HELL YEAH!!) Thank you, Lord Miroku!! (I don't belive in God, I belive in Miroku :3..))

contributed by: NightWolf

905. You plan on getting a husky dog with ice blue eyes and white fur. Tthen name it sesshomaru. (i'm getting one! ^_^)

906. You get amber colored contacts and claim to be a full demon

907. You try to learn how to use a sword.

908. You try to make up your own demon symbol, and try to get someone to make a necklace of it
(i did it!)

909. Try to keep a straight face and blank voice at all times. (impossible!)

910. You claim to be a demon of your favorite animal ... whether it exists or not. (i'm a scrab demon)

911. You try to make yourself a reputation everywhere you go, and everyone starts believeing you are an actual demon. (making progress)

contributed by: Delilon: the scrab queen of western mudos

912. You read this whole thing and answered yes to more then 90% of the questions.

913. You plan to grow you hair really long and dye it silver calling yourself your fav. japanese name, and saying your Sesshoumaru's twin sister.

914. Tou say your dating Naraku/Miroku/Inuyasha/Sesshoumaru/Shippou/Koga, the worlds most eligible bachelor.

915. You cried when you lost cable/satellite/whatever else there is, and you couldn't watch inuyasha anymore.

916. When you saw an Inuyasha movie you immediately grabbed it and told your mom you couldn't live if you didn't get it.

917. After losing cable
(or whatever) you go over your friends house for the weekend and make her let you watch it, and she does even though she hates it. (i love her for that)

918. You can still think of more for this list even though it's pushing into the thousands.

contributed by: Reiko

919. You start writeing 50 chapter long inuyasha fan-fics (I'm up to 13) 

contributed by: Kyubia

920. When you are being chased down the street by your friend while you are screaming "Catilyn has the hots for Hoshi-sama!"

921. When you watch "My Little Pony Tails" just to hear Richard Ian Cox.

922. When you have a dream where you are riding on Inu-Yasha's shoulders.

923. When you read this entire list in an hour.

924. When you must refer to Inuyasha as "The I-word" or you will be grounded.

925. When you have a ten minute fight over Inu-Yasha's gender.

926. When you and your friend argue over the better couple
(InuxKag or MirxSan) for two hours so loud the entire street hears.

927. When you cry over episode 118.

928. When you cry after reading the manga "Light".

929. When you curse at people in Japanese.

930. When your near illiterate friends hate watching dub with you because whenever Sango says "Miroku" you scream "IT"S HOUSHI-SAMA!"

931. When your friend that thinks Inuyasha is "weird and demented" buys the InuYasha video game and Manga after you force her to watch it.

932. When your friend that got you into Inuyasha repeatly aplogizes to your mother.

934. When you listen to J-pop for hours.

contributed by: Roseland

935. You know you're obsessed if you spend every day of the six week long summer
holiday watching InuYasha and making InuYasha stuff, and doing the 6 page
long history essay you were meant to over that time the day before you hand
it in.
(Hehe, that's true unfortunately ^_^'''')

936. You get really upset when you're brother watches the third movie without
(Yah that's true too v.v'')

937. You almost cry because you can't find any IY pencil cases on eBay and you
almost cry again cause there are no school bags that have Miroku on, and all
the good ones with just InuYasha on are really expensive. o.o

938. Because of the above, you spend ages just lying on your bed staring at the
ceiling imaging the perferct bag/pencil case.
(XD I have a lot of spare time on my hands it seems)

939. When you're driving along on a long car journey, whenever you pass under a
bridge you imagine cool InuYasha graffiti art on it.
(It's fun!)

940. After watchign ep 135 you really want InuYasha and Miroku to come around
your house and clean it up.

941. You talk to your big chubby cat saying, 'Don't worry, I'll never let
InuYasha turn you upside down' and sometimes call him Buyo because of the
strong resemblence.

942. You really want to kill someone when they say one of the names wrong, like
(Seriously X.x)

943. You really want to kill someone if they diss the show or one of the
(I'm not even joking,On msn me and one of my friends were talking about it
and she called Sesshi-sama a bastard and I actually blocked her x.x''')

944. You really,really,really want to kill somone if they diss Miroku.
(-huggles Miroku-)

945. If you imagine you are your fav character, or your fav character's love
. (Hehe, come on every fangirl's imagined being Kagome or Sango!)

946. If you hug a pillow and imagine you hugging the character you like.
(I've lost count of how many times I've done that v.v---)

947. If you have a special pillow for each charrie you want to hug,like you have a blue one for Miroku. -looks innocent-

948. If you get tears in your eyes everytime it's a really sweet InuxKag or Mirxsan moment.

949. If you spent the whole afternoon reading this list. (Guilty as charged XD)

950. If you annoy anyone else you talk to about InuYasha by correcting them all
the time on how to say the name exactly right and how to spell the name.

951. If you know loads of useless info on every bit of the show and you still
keep trying to out more, and anyone who you know who is an InuYasha fan
comes and asks you stuff like, 'what do the Shichinintai face markings
mean?' and other stuff.
(Again,guilty as charged XD I have to be a nerd about everything)

952. When you are in an literacy lesson studying The strange case of Dr Jekyll
and Mr Hyde, all you can think about is Suikotsu and you actually write down
Suikotsu when doing a test by mistake.
(Yeah again, I'm guilty)

953. You print of images and hide them in the back of your homework diary
(That's basically just like a planner that we write our homework in) and you
guard them with your life,and if anyone sees them and wants to know what
it's about,they usually die of boredom when you spend like an hour telling
them all about the characters.
(Like my friend was looking at it, and he pointed at one of the pics of
Sango and said, 'oh she's cool' and like half an hour later I was still
telling him all about her XDD)

954. You refer to the characters with nicknames like Inu-kun and Sesshi-sama as
if they were actually you're real friends.
(Hehe I do that all the time. I'm so sad I know XD)

955. You actually get jealous when you see other people who love Miroku and you
just want to repeatedly hit them with a mop.
(-looks around innocently)

956. You and a friend on msn start talking about the characters you like, and then
spend the next hour seperating characters to come and live with you, and
then you start drawing a fantasy castle with all the characters you have.

(I drew Inu-kun on teh roof and Miroku meditating under a tree XD)

957. Then your friend steals Bankotsu from you and you argue for ages until she
agrees to let you get Bankotsu and Rin at the weekends, and then you both
start talking about how if Kouga came around to your castle where InuYasha
lived they'd start having a food fight and then Miroku would have to open up
the wind tunnel to suck all the food in and then he'd accidentally suck in
Shippo or something o.O

958. When your friend gives you her necklace to hold unto while she plays
twister, you wrap it around your right arm the way Miroku does with those
beads, and you pull it off and open up your hand like Miroku does when he
open up the wind tunnel, and you run around doing that shouting out,
'WIIIIIINDDD TUNNNNNNEEEEEL!' and you crack yourself up laughing but no one
else has a clue what you're on about and thinks you're utterly mad.
(true story XDDDD)

959. If you're having a bad day at school and the only thought that cheers you
up is going home and watching some InuYasha on youtube and seeing Miroku and
InuYasha and all teh other cuties.
(Koga excluded, sorry Koga fangirls)

960. You start laughing histerically in a boring science test because you just
imagined Miroku riding one of those tiny little clown bicycles and almost
get sent out because of it.
(Yes I have a very strange mind)

961. You think about InuYasha nearly all day,thinking up episodes and thinking
of the really funny clips and the really cute clips that you know off by heart.

962. Your msn name and avatar always, always, always have something to do with InuYasha.

963. Whenever you listen to a song, you always listen to the words really
carefully and you debate whether it would suit a character from InuYasha, and
if it does you imagine all the clips in it because, like I said earlier, you
know all the clips off by heart.
(I do that allll the time XD)

964. You still think Sesshi-sama is absoloutley purtiful, even though you know his english dub voice
is the same guy who did the voice of Megatron in Transformers:Beast wars.

965. Everytime you hear the Barbie girl song you imagine Jakotsu and Akitoki Houjo singing it.

967. You print off an image of Naraku and put it on a dart board. (It's very tempting)

968. You sneak into your brother's room when no one is around and starts weidling one of his katanas
and saying 'wind scar!' or 'kaze-no-kizu' to yourself, and sometimes using it like Sango uses her katana.

(My brother has two katanas, one of which does look alot like Sango's one, and he also has one of
those really little ones and the mdeium sized one which I can't remember the name of x.x I want my own one so baaaaad)

969. You just want everything you own to be InuYasha themed.

970. You hum or sing quietly, 'Who wears short shorts' when ever Kouga is on screen.
(You can blame my oldest brother for that! (Not the one with the swords)

971. And last but not least, you blush when the character you like is smiling right at the screen and it's like they're smiling straight at you.
(Oh come on, you must have! You aren't a proper fangirl if you haven't XD)

contributed by: Zoop

972. When you dress a huge stuffed dog plushie up in a white wig your older brother
used for a cosplay, your little brother's red kimono, and your white inu ears, and
slow dance with it when a love song comes on the radio.

973. When you do the above at the school dance
(And I got a picture in the yearbook
for it..xD)

974. When you stat to kiss the dog...in public

975. When you take a toy sword and pretend its the Tessiaga

976. When you can talk more japanese than a person who has lived in Japan for a
long time

977. When you can actually play the Inuyasha music on 2 instuments..
(clarinet, and

978. When you saved up $50 for a cord for you cellphone so you can put your
favorite Inuyasha mid files on your phone as ringtones...
(mine is the mid file for
Ayumi Hamasaki's Dearest..xD)

979. When you deliberatly whip out your phone in the middle of class, and play the
Inuyasha ringtones you downladed to your phone..
(I got in sooo much trouble for

980. When you can compare yourself to Inuyasha with the love triangle
(Inuyasha or Sesshy, Inu or Sesshy...)

981. When you actuaally have about 15 Inuyasha-related websites that you can still
manage all of them
(and I'm going on 16!..^^)

982. When you fist saw Inuyasha when you were 5, and became overly obsessed with
(7 years of sweet joy..=D)

983.When oyu got your little 4-year old ocusin to actaully like Inuyasha, and
teach her how to read so she can watch the japanese versions with you....
(now she
is six!)

984. When you can mimic all the character, perfectly, in the japanese voices and
the english voices....
(You should see the look on my friends faces..xD)

985. When you have to have a 80 gig computer just to hold all of your Inuyasha
(Thank god for media center computers...)

986. When you have to have extra USB drives to store more stuff! ( I have 2 other
512mb USB drives filled to the capacity with Inuyasha things!)

987. When you tape Inuyasha pictures to your band instument...(my clarinet is
covered in them...)

988. When you take off the pictures, and actually dress you instument up as the
(I got detention by my band teacher for this..xD)

989. When you actually create more 'episodes' of Inuyasha. (I took my drawings,
scanned them over, colored them, and created more 'episodes' My friends craked

990. When you and you little cousin play a long-running roleplay game of
(been running for 2 years!..>>)

991. When you glue pictures of Inuyasha characters to your shoes..(I have a chibi
Inuyasha I drew on the top of my shoe! Kawaii!)

992. When you have a japanese history project, and you have to create a mini
version of a shrine, you create the Higurashi shrine.
(And I got a 100 on the
project too!..=D)

993. When you actually create little mini characters to go with the said shrine

994. When you and your boyfriend/girlfriend dress up as Inuyasha and Kagome, or
Miroku and Sango and go trick or treating together
(I was kag, my bf was Inu, and
my friend and her bf was Miroku and Sango! It was hilarious, because we actually
acted like the characters, and people where like, what the heckf?!)

995. When you call you Social studies teacher a wench, because you had to draw a
picture of a japanese person the best you can, and you draw the Inuyasha
(I got a 43 on the assignment for drawing Kikyou!)

996. When you spent every penny you have buying Inuyasha wallpaper and screensavers
for your cellphone
( I have too many to count..)

997. When you learn how to write your name in Kanji, and start writing your name in
Kanji on all your schoolwork, besides Inuyasha's(or any other character's) name in
(My teacher thinks I am trying to cover up my work, but I'm the only one
who write me name in japanese!)

998. When you know the japanese, and english lyrics to every Inuyasha song

999. When you dress up your dog like Inuyasha, and take it with you to show and
.(I did this in the 3rd grade..xD)

1000. When you start writing the dates in japnese on your school papers

1001. When you actually own every single episode in japanese, along with all 4

1002. When you start nicknaming your teachers after characters you hate..(My P.E
teacher is
"That b**** Kikyou")

1003. When you watch a bunch of Inuyasha parodies and memorize them...(Kik
you..Don't you mean Kikyou...no, shut up!..I did this in school, and one of my
friends had a white jacket, so she tied it around me like a straight jacket..xD)

1004. When your blood sugar drops, because you see a smexy picture of yourfavorite
chracter, and you have to drink pure sugar water...
(being diabetic sucks, but come
on, it's Inuyasha we're talking about here...)

1005. When you have a bible, and you tape a picture of Inuyasha to the front of
(I did that, and got in major troouble by me pastor..oO I'm a pretty odd 12
year old..)

1006. When you are only 12, and you have done every single thing I have mentoined,
plus others like one I saw that said when you write on the board in band class:
Sesshy is mine, Mine, ALL MINE!....only I put Inuyasha...
(Pretty obsessed, eh?)

1007. When you don't have any money to buy Inuyasha plushies with, so you make your
(And my homemade plushies are pretty damn good!)

1008. When you actually sewed one of the plushies onto your jacket...(And I loved
every single minute of it...untill i was forced to take it off...TT-TT)

1009. When you have to make copies of a DVD to give to your Inuyasha obssessed
friends, that you made them obssessed with Inuyasha...
( I had to make 4 copies!)

1010. When you have the nerve to literally strap your mom to a chair, and make her
watch the Inuyasha videos she got you for your birthday, and make her regret
getting them, but she still doesn't understand the damn plot

1011. When you do the same to your dad.

1012. When you have gone to Tokyo, took your Kagome outfit, and go to school in
that outfit..
(My friend did this when she moved to Tokyo for some project her
parents had to do about japanese people...when she returned my outfit and told me
about it, I almost died)

1013. When you play a practical joke on your brother, and have an Inuyahsa picture
silk-screened onto his underwear.
.(When he came out holding them, I laughed so
hard, I fell out of my chair, got back in it, and fell out again..xD)

1014. When you are 12, and have a 43+ list of Inuyasha obsession signs....

1015. When you have one of those color-a-mugs, and you put pictures of inuyasha in
there instead...
(I took it to school as a cup for lunch, and my friends deemed my
as psychotic)

1016. When your dog actually responds to the name, Inuyasha...
(It's hilarious!)

1017. When you are me....oO

contributed by: anonymous

1018. When you have an irrational fear of monkeys and baboons, even when they are on TV or at the zoo.

contributed by: V.

1019. When you start to dream of sesshoumaru.

1020. When those dreams start getting a little nasty.

1021. When you giggle at an image of him.

1022. When those giggles turn into purrs and growls.

1023. Whenever your cousin does it, you end up in a fight to the death over him, only to find out that Kagura seems to have a crush on him, and you end up joining forces in almost breaking the tv screen whenever she pops up...arrogant baka.

1024. When you call yourself a demon of whatever animal suits you best i'm a dragon.

1025. When you rethink calling your dog sesshoumaru because: A. you have too much respect for him to name a mere domestic mutt after him, and B. If the dog actually looked like sesshoumaru's fluffy form, you just might fall in love with it.

1026.: When you just settle on getting a brown fur dog and calling him Koga, but his nickname will be fluffy!

1027. When you miss out on halloween because you are still working on that demon costume to make you look like your "true" form.

1028. When you make a totally unrelated story that involves your demon character and sesshoumaru. not to mention all the lemon! i swear! it was my cousin that did that! :::looks around innocently::: -_^

1029. When you're obsessed with this one fan fic that happens to be soo friggen' plausible to happen in the inuyasha seiries, that you wait for almost three months for an update and still never give up on it.

1030. When you start to talk in this eeerie flat voice that seems to scare the crap out of your parents...yet they still don't take you seirously.

contributed by: Lady Syren formerly Delilon

1031. When you actually give lectures on Kouga's allies Ginta the one with the fluffball hair and Hakkaku the one with the mohawk and how their names are NOT Fluff and Spike and which is which--and WHY they are important not just to Kouga but the entire show I get SO mad at my friend for calling them that ... -_-

1031. When you actually notice that in the episode "The Panther Demon Tribe and the Two Swords of the Fang" that when Hakkaku says "They got Royakan, he has Ginta's voice and when Ginta says"What is that? Is it lightning" he has Hakkaku's I point it out to EVERYONE, HEHEHEWhen Ginta's stupid laugh from "Trapped In A Duel To the Death" STILL makes you laugh so hard you cry even though there are times you rewind just for that part.

1032. You buy the third season with the Shikon shard necklace and go around telling your friends that you found the Shikon Jewel but broke it and now you have to run around with Kouga-kun and find the pieces Inuyasha makes guest appearances, hehehe.

1033. You think Sesshoumaru's girly but you still think you'd cry if you met him cuz he's still so GOD-FEBLIPPIN' PRETTY!!

1034. You get Naraku in the IQ test and instead of flipping, you think "Well, at least he's pretty" I did that .

1035. You force your friend to therefore call you Naraku and refuse to answer if he doesn't.

1036. You write a Fanfiction about yourself in Inuyasha and ALL your friends demand is "When do I come in?!" and "Do I get Sesshoumaru, Miroku?!" You scream "NO!! NOT KOUGA!! SAVE THE FOOOL, INUYASHA!!" every time the wolf gets into a situation of his own stupid making and then you cry when he gets hurt *Sniffles*...

1037. You write a Fanfic about being Naraku's reincarnation, slaying him, and then run around in over-alls singing "I am the monarch of the sea.."

1038. In all your Inuyasha fanfictions you plan to have several cat-fights with Ayame and/or Kagome Grr... back off, girl, Kouga's MINE!

1039. When you and your friend make plans to bring Kagowaki the Lord that Naraku's impersonating back to life because he's so PREEEETTY!!

1040. When you run around in all white with a mirror and pretend to not have emotions and say you're Kanna. I'm pale enough to get away with it... -_-

1041. When you threaten your friends who call Inuyasha stupid to sick one of your incarnations on them.

1042. When you then ask them which incarnation they'd prefer most say Kagura, but most are boys...

1043. When you read this list, you are beyond the point of frightened--just dull, happy blissful acceptance.

contributed by: Kouga-Obsessor

1044. When your so obssesed that you count down the hours, minutes and even seconds until the next
showing of Inuyasha and you hate math but, Inuyasha's worth it.
(1 hour,57 min. ,and 44 seconds!)

1045. When you stay up long enough to watch the second showing of Inuyasha and
it ends at 5:30 a.m. and you have to wake up for school at 6:30 a.m. and you have to
take your state test the very same day and you don't care as long as you can watch
(.O.o. guilty, hehehehe)

1046. When you get mad because while your flipping through the channels on your tv you stop and see
some girl on the show kappa mikey wearing Kagomes outfit and you shout a variety of curses inuyasha style and throw
random objects at your television screen.
(0.o also guilty hehehehe)

1047. When in the future when this list will be twice as long and you have said yes to every single
little thing on it and say\they call that obsessed please, i have way more obsession in my pinky finger than this whole list.
. Now that is true obsession. i'll probably will be guilty of doing this in the future. hehehehe.

Contributed by: Miley

1048. You have Inu pics all over your room.

1049. Make a Inu club and your the president.

1050. Your mouthy like InuYasha.

1051. You watch the movies over and over.

1052. Make an Inu list from memory.

Contributed by: InuKagLuver

1053. If you watch alot of inuyasha at night and you are still not satisfied, whichmakes you go on the computer up till 5:00am in the morning, you are obsessed.

Contributed by: Daisy

1054. InuYasha Movie 1: Affections Touching Across Time was only showing in 9 cities. The closest one to me was Dallas. My friend and I made plans to drive CLEAR across Texas to go see it! In short, You're willing to travel across a whole state or two to see the first InuYasha movie.

1055. You watch "Castle Beyond The Looking Glass" with your friend and squeal and clap in delight when InuYasha and Kagome kiss.

1056. You're willing to share Miroku...ONLY with Sango.

1057. You write fanfictions and put yourself being seduced by Miroku.

1058. Seeing Miroku is one of the pleasures you get from watching the show.

1059. You marked your calendar for the premier of "Farewell Kikyo, My Beloved" ONLY to see Kikyo die..and you popped some popcorn too.

1060. You make a schedule as to what episodes will come on and they haven't aired yet did that for Sailor Moon and it worked here too!

1061. You write an AWESOME fanfiction about your fav couple, and think because it was a "\blockbuster" you pray to God Takahashi Rumiko-sama can read
English so she can read it.

1062. You are willing to go "\Backlash Wave" on ANYONE who disses Rumiko Takahashi.

1063. You address Rumiko Takahashi as Takahashi-sama, for InuYasha ALONE.

1064. You've read Takahashi-sama'ss older works, and think some of the characters were the Inu-tachi's past lives.

1065. You have DREAMS about Inuyasha. And if it was your fav character seducing you, you're pissed off if you wake up early.

Contributed by: LuClipse85

1066. You yell "osuwari" at your dog and are genuinely surprised that he just sits.

1067. You trained your dog in japanese. You glued fake ears to your head, and subsequently shaved your head to get them off when your mom yelled at you.

1068. You get the jitters waiting for the next manga comes out. Your homepage is an Inuyasha site, or worse, your OWN Inuyasha site.

Contributed by: Jen

1069. You start complaining that how you wished you would be in the inuyasha world.

1070. Tou'd stare at the wall/ceiling hoping that maybe you'\ll get into the inuyasha world.

1071. You tell your parents to buy you an inuyasha costume for your birthday or xmas4.

1072. You've read a 60 chapter long inuyasha fic took me 2 days ^^

Contributed by: Bijili

1073. Waiting for minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or even years for an Inuyasha Movie 5 to come out.
I know there has to be one more movie somehow!

1074. Have an Inuyasha laptop skin on your computer.

1075. having an Inuyasha skin on your XBOX 3604.

1076. Constantly writing the fanfictions.

1077. Knowing that no matter how you are get, you'll always remember the show by heart!

Contributed by: Tiona

1078. When you start writing:
1. A biography of InuYasha's daughter.
2. Your autobiography as InuYasha's daughter. I'm just writing a biography. It's easier!!!!

Contributed by: Julia Tanaka, InuYasha's daughter

1079. You actually turn your brother off of inuyasha because you obsess over it too much.

1080. You make your own kirara stuffed animal with purminate marker.

1081. You attack your brother for saying they stoped making inuyasha episode even though its true.

1082. The one week you wait for ebay to ship every inuyasha movie and episode it the longest week of your life.

1083. Then you get mad at your mom because you have to wait till cristmas before you can actually open it!

1084.Your MSN is covered in inuyasha pics

1085. You just about kill your cousin because she bothered you while you were watching inuyasha on youtube. sarah shut up.

Contributed by: unigirl2489

1086. You shout at your locke: I'll use Iron Reverse Soul Stealer on you! When your locker doesn't open the first time.
I do that everyday...

1087. You buy an InuYasha DVD Box Set and you wait until school the next morning so that you and your
InuYasha loving friend can open it with you but, every secound you have it in your bag is hell so you turn on you iPOD and after a few
songs you remeber that 90% of it is InuYasha music but, you know the hell will be over soon and the wait will be worth it because you
paid $35 for it$7 per movie....wait...there is only four soo...$8.75 per movie.

1088. You say calling someone "Kikyou" is the best insult ever!hellz ya xD

1089. You blame every bad thing that happens on Naraku.

1090. You can't choose if InuYasha or Naruto is you fav Anime.its a very hard thing for me..

1091. You can't have something InuYasha and something Naruto in the same place so your bedroom is split in twoheehee..

Contributed by: Yasu-Chan

1092. When you say i am going to read this list instead of going to a million dollar give-away in you front yard!!!

Contributed by: LAdys iN rED

1093. If you put more obsessions with Inuyasha on the list you can\t prove i put this!

Contributed by: CRaZy KiDDieS

1094. You take a pop-up internet love quiz using inuyasha/sesshomaru/kouga asyour boyfriend,
and the results say your in love. XD that happened 2 me!!!

Contributed by: Rairi :P

1095. You have a photo album you take on vacation with you filled with pics of your favorite character's eyes. i did that. you look at said album before bed every nightsweet dreams....okay that sounds wrong.

1096. You scream when you see anything japanese or inu realated. Yep you scream confusing things at people in japanese now i'm
teaching my friends!

1097. You cry during every battle scene when youf favorite characters get stabbed. i was screaming during movie 1 when kagome shoots inu.

1098. You start working on your inu album if you already don't have one.

Contributed by: kaede

1099. If your friend tears up your InuYasha book mark and you go insane and NEVER EVER talk to her again. grrr still really mad at Alex.

1100. Your Friend begs for forgivness and you ignore her and say "Feh, I don't need you I have my InuYasha plushies to comfort me!"

Contributed by: Saria

1101. When you call your friends up to discuss how hot inuyasha and sesshomaru are, then you finally agree that their dad is the hottest out of all of them.

Contributed by: Sierra H.

1102. You know you have had too much IY when you purchase anything and everything related to Inuyasha.

1103.  When IY starts at 11:00 pm you demand complete silence till it's over and tell anyone in the room to "sit"!!

1104. You know you have had too much IY when you own all 7 boxset seasons, and all 4 movies and have a Inu marathon more times than you would like to say!

1105. When you download The Final Act (all 26 episodes, Japanese version)and watch them every single day and cry during the sad parts every time!

Contributed by: Marie R W.

1106. You get a chihuahua for christmas and name it kirara because you think it's funny

1107. You hope and pray that richard cox, kirby morrow, and scott mcneil will be at the next kamicon

1108. You have daydreams of inuyasha in class and when your teacher asks u a question you almost fall out of your chair because it was almost "oh, inuyasha is sexy....and he belongs with kagome" in stead of what is a noun

1109. You can recall any thing off this list that has happend to you

Contributed by: kagome-gurl

1110. If u see wolves on tv and the first thing you think of is kouga

Contributed by: Karu

1111. You cried because certain characters died X3

1112. You think there should be a day of the dog

1113. You think Naraku is just misunderstood and you find ways to compensate for his evilness

1114. You have a wall dedicated to your favorite Character
(Ummmm I do...REALLY I do!!)

1115. You think there should be a whole channel dedicated to Inuyasha!

1116. You think the Band of Seven should get more recognition in the anime!
( I love them! ^^)

Contributed by: Bobbi

(aimed at the girls) Every morning you wake up for school, you pretend your Kagome (hehe ^^")

1118. When you actually start SEEING any Inuyasha character outside
(happened to me once while my family were driving home and i saw Inuyasha running through the woods all the sudden O.o)

1119. Each time something happens, you play an Inuyasha background song in your head
(like i do alot when things get awkward lol)

1120. When you drag your friends into your obsessed world

1121. You refuse to leave the house without anything Inuyasha related

1122. You take your laptop with you on roadtrips and watch with your sister/brother/friend some Inuyasha episodes you downloaded
(lol me and my sister do!)

1123. If a close friend or family member got you obsessed in the first place
( thank you Michelle!!!!!!!!! ^_^)

1124. When your hanging all your Inuyasha drawings on your walls and displaying your Inuyasha things all around your room!
(done that already! XD)

1125. When your making your own Inuyasha t-shirts with old shirts you never wear anymore
(did that with like two of my shirts and my mom nearly killed me! XD)

1126. Even after all these years, you are still obsessed as ever and get angry when you leanr of people who have long ago abandoned the show

1127. When you have read the list this far and you know for sure your totally an Inuyasha-aholic!
(lol i am XD)

Contributed by: Inuyashalovergirl4ever

If you said yes to any of these...You're insane.

If it's more than 10....You're really insane.

If it's more than.....100...You're just doomed.

If it's more than....200...You're insanely doomed.

If it's more than...300...You're bloody hell scary.

If it's more than...400...You. Are. Damned.

If it's more than...500... You are simply obsessed. ^_^

Have anything to add? E-mail me with your contributions along with your name (first name or alias).