Chapter 5 : Four Decades of the Past

Sesshoumaru awakened in the dead of night to find his mate asleep beside him. Her naked body, concealed beneath the satin sheets, gleamed as the moon light splashed its bright sheen on her skin. His own bare self was also covered by the antique comforter, only revealing his upper body. He gazed upon her with warmth and affection in his eyes. Forty years had passed since their first night together. His beloved Jade had belonged to him for so long now, and he belonged to her. She acted as his wife, his confidant, his mate. She also acted as co-ruler over their lands. He saw her not as a woman of benefits, nor one of long term loveless relationship, he saw her as his equal, and she was. She matched him in nearly every aspect of himself. She was quite intelligent, fierce, strong, and not at all candid. But what amazed him most, was her respect and love she had for him. He never thought it possible for he to love, truly love, another. He'd had many women in the past, and he was not her first either, but the past lovers had been only for physical release. But this was real, she was real. He was desperately in love with her, and he would continue to love her for eternity. He knew all there was to know about her, and she knew everything of him.

He looked her over as she slumbered. She was not facing him; the only skin that was not masked was her neck and back. He leaned over her slightly, just far enough to where her scar was in sight. The bite was given to her by him the first night he shared his bed with her, he'd given her his love mark, located in the center of her chest, just above her breasts. The blemish was now forty years old, and still gave perfect imprint of Sesshoumaru's mouth and fangs. He felt at his own bite. It was given to him on his neck, just above his collar bone, the same night Jade had received hers.

His thoughts of love and comfort were interrupted when he realized that she had not come to bed with him that night. She had been searching for Naraku, yet again. Four decades had passed and she still did not know his whereabouts. She also did not know that Sesshoumaru himself was the reason why she had not found him. He feared that if she did find him, kill him, and thus completing her task of yearning for the jewel, she would leave her mate, and return to her own time, to America . He could not bare the thought of her withdrawing from him. He would no be able to carry on. But he could not reveal the truth to her, he knew this, and he would not put himself in that position. A sigh escaped his lips as he laid in his previous area on his side of the bed. He looked to his armoire, their weapons were concealed safely, but his sword had been destroyed. Earlier that day, he and Jade had battled each other, as was their daily training to keep up their strength and speed. She had sliced through his blade quite harshly after he attempted to perform the same attack on her weapon. These regular antics never resulted in injury or meme, just further physical power.

'I shall need to have it mended tomorrow.' As he laid there, thoughts churning, Jade whimpered slightly in her sleep, as she often did. Dreams often plagued her slumber. Nightmares she called them, although she never recalled the incidents she saw in her sleep, only that they were horrific, and realistic, as if they had happened, or were going to happen. Sesshoumaru closed his eyes, fatigue began to take over, and he soon fell into a soft, dreamless sleep.

Jade walked into her chambers, the room her and her husband shared. Sesshoumaru had gone to see Totosai to mend his weapon. He'd been absent all day, it was near sunset, and she knew he would return soon. The day seemed to stretch forever. Jade had again gone to search for Naraku, but once more had no clues to his location. She had just came from the hot springs that habited her and her husband's lands. She was sore and quite tired from interrogating and slaying demons who she thought might have some knowledge of her enemy. Suddenly Sesshoumaru entered the room with Jaken yelling behind him, questioning him as to where he'd been. He slid the door shut, cutting off the toad, and approached his fresh clothed mate.

"I have some interesting news." Jade looked her husband over as he spoke, he was excited, though he tried to keep the emotion hidden, it was quite obvious to her.

"What have you found?" Sesshoumaru grinned slightly at his mate before replying. "As I was coming back from Totosai I noticed an unfamiliar odor." Jade was listening intently, nagging Sesshoumaru to continue. "I followed the scent to a tree in a forest near a village. On the front of the tree, pinned against the bark, was my half brother, Inuyasha."

Jade gasped at her mate's reply. She knew that Sesshoumaru had a half brother who was hanyou, but he never spoke of him much. "Your brother, was suspended on a tree?"

Sesshoumaru nodded before continuing, "He is dead, a arrow had pierced his heart. I traveled back to Totosai , to see what he could make of my findings; he had much to tell me." Jade's eyes were wide as she listened to her husband. "It seems forty years ago, Inuyasha was in love with a mortal priestess named Kikyo. She was guard of the Sacred Jewel. Unfortunately, their enemy, Naraku, was in search of the jewel. Once he discovered that the two were in love, he turned them against each other by a trick of decievance , thus resulting in both their deaths, giving Naraku possession of the jewel." As Sesshoumaru finished his statement, he gazed at his wife, she was intrigued by this news, just as he was.

"What is it you are planning to do?" Sesshoumaru grinned at her question. "I will return there tomorrow, to fetch my brother." Jade smiled at her husband's reply.

"You are going to give him a proper resting place?" Sesshoumaru laughed slightly at Jade's remark. "No, I am going to retrieve his head." After Sesshoumaru spoke Jade's expression changed dramatically.

"What?! He is dead Sesshoumaru, why would you disgrace him like that?" Sesshoumaru placed his left hand on his lover's neck before he replied, " Totosai informed me that there is a slight possibility that Inuyasha could awaken from death, and continue to live before he died. I cannot allow this Jade, I will not." Jade took a step back, relieving her face from her husband's hand.

"I have never seen this in you before, what sin has this brother of yours committed which deserves such a horrific punishment?"

Sesshoumaru again grinned before speaking, "He has stained my heritage. My father consummated a relationship with a mortal woman, therefore bringing into this world a half human child. He is a disgrace to my breed and family." Jade growled at her husband's words, infuriated.

"Hanyou blood disgraces nothing! It is not your breed to be stained, it is ours! It is your father's, your mother's, it is all who have canine blood coursing through their veins! I have never supported the death of an innocent and I will not support the death of your brother!"

Sesshoumaru closed his eyes at his wife's rantings , refusing to see her accurate judgment. "You do not see my position, my father died protecting that mortal! Someone shall pay for his spilt blood!" Jade glared in fury at Sesshoumaru, before walking over to the armoire where he stored their weapons, retrieving her sword. "Let it be me then, let it be me instead of an innocent boy!" As she spoke she held the sword to her throat, ready to slice. Sesshoumaru, took a step forward to his mate, slowly, trying to calm her.

"Jade, do not be mislead. I have no feelings of hate and vengeance directed at you for the part of you which is human. I have overlooked your own side of humanity, for that was the only way I could truly give myself to you." Jade's eyes began to glow black, her claws grew rapidly, a roar escaped her lips...her demonic side was beginning to birth. Sesshoumaru had taught Jade many characteristics, including how to control the side of herself that was pure youkai , so that she would be nearly unstoppable in combat.

With great speed she slammed her husband against the floor with her sword, leaving a large open gash across his chest. He growled at his wife's actions, but did not allow himself to endure his own, for if he and Jade did begin a battle to the death, it would be anyone's victory. Jade's breathing was hard and fast, her eyes began to gradually reverse to their natural color, her claws went to back to their original length. She lowered her sword, and stepped away from her mate. She gathered her weapon along with instrument, and walked haughtily out of the room.

Sesshoumaru knew what was taking place, she was leaving him, she was destroying their union. He rushed to her; she was in the lobby of their home, preparing to exit. He ran in front of her, blocking her passage. "Jade, do not be foolish. You are not understanding my notions rationally, this would have ended my father's suffering, it will end mine." Jade searched Sesshoumaru's eyes for some sort of remorse for the words he just spoke, there were none.

"Your father, would not have approved of your notions, nor will I." Sesshoumaru's anger seeped into his expression, "If you abandon me, I will not allow you to return, I leave my word on that." Jade took a step closer to Sesshoumaru after he spoke, "I will see to it that you keep your word." After she finished replying, Jade walked past Sesshoumaru, leaving him to his heartless, cruel thoughts.

Jade walked on in the dead of night, she had been journeying from her previous home for hours now. She was traveling on the same path Sesshoumaru had described to her when he searched for Totosai . She had to find his brother. She knew, whether or not she was present at Sesshoumaru's side, he would complete his desires and forever prohibit Inuyasha from living once again. Suddenly she caught an unfamiliar scent. She followed the aroma through the forest, reaching a tall oak tree. She was facing the back of the tree; slowly she walked to the front, unsure of what she would truly find.

Once she stood in front, facing the element she had searched for, she sighed. It was just as Sesshoumaru said. A boy, who looked no older than 15, hung on the bark from a wooden arrow. No breath escaped his lips; his chest did not rise for results of inhaling. He was dead. Vines had grown around him, binding him coarsely to his vertical, wooden grave. She walked closer to his limp body; she took in full breaths of the scent she had smelled. It was not him; it was death...death of a blameless, uncorrupted, teenage boy.

She placed her left hand in a hidden pocket in her kimono, near her sheath and sword. When she drew her hand out, in it was a black vile, filled with a blue powder. Sesshoumaru was not only intelligent and experienced in the aspects of combat and strategy, but also of spells and curses. Before she had left him and their home, she had secretly entered his study. There is where she found a guardianship potion. When sprinkled on a subject the powder gave unlimited protection to its host, but only for a certain period of time. In a hanyou's case it would shield him or her for only ten years, no more no less.

This defense was all Jade had left. It would forbid Sesshoumaru from harming this body, for only a decade. She brought the bottle to her mouth, yanking the cork from the vile with her teeth. She then proceeded to scatter the essence over the boy, assuring he was totally covered with the substance. She then dropped the vile next to the tree, realizing Sesshoumaru would know it was her that was enabling him to act out his vengeance...she wanted him to know it was her.

After a brief prayer, giving her respects to the boy, she turned to take her leave, but realized she was not alone. In front of her stood her enemy, her front of her stood Naraku. Jade looked him over for a long moment. She had been searching for this man for so long, she had never seen him, nor smelt his stench, though she knew this was him. An evil grin played across his face as he searched her over, lustfully.

"Good evening, Jade." She growled at his remark, how did he know her, how did he know her name? "You have been searching for me for quite some time, and now we finally meet. Tell me, do I fit the profile you imagined I would have when you picture me dying at your hand?"

Jade's breathing began to speed, she was so angry, she could not speak. She smelled the air; he was covering his scent, that is why she could not smell him when he came upon her. He laughed softly before speaking again.

"I have been watching you for some years now, and now that I am so near you, I must say, your appearance seems much beautiful up close." After he finished his statement Jade began to rush at her enemy, ready to slice him through, but something was wrong. A gas had been released; a purple fog was surrounding her. Before she could realize what was happening she began to feel faint, her eyes were heavy, she's fallen to her knees, her sword was no longer in her hand. Her breathing was now slow and heavy. She was about to lose consciousness when she saw Naraku above her, still smiling. She felt him place his hand under her chin, stroking her soft flesh, "Have no doubts, Jade, you've found yourself a new home."

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