Chapter 13 : The Enemy

Kagura suddenly halted before she slid open the door to Naraku's chambers, bracing herself for the unsettling knowledge she would have to reveal to her master. As ordered she had visited their prior home, traveling quite a distance to "check" upon the whore, only to find she had been absent to her usual, bedded prison she had inhabited for the past ten years.

'His temper will heighten to a new degree when I speak of this news.' Taking in a deep, heavy sigh, the odd, female creature slowly slid open the door, soon to have her creator in sight. It had been four days since they had abandoned their previous home, leaving Naraku's whore alone, wounded and helpless, he was now fully rehabilitated from his immobile state, his strength and power had increased dramatically. And it mattered not how long his whore stayed there in that hole of hell, deserted and pathetic, Naraku would retrieve her, keeping her locked to himself, never revealing her to another male. He turned from his seat on the wooded floor of the hut, grinning slightly when he set eyes upon his self created servant.

"How is She? How is My Jade? Is she prepared for me to reclaim her?" Kagura slowly entered the darkened room, bowing to her master before she set foot in his presence.

"She is gone, Naraku, someone has freed and captured her." Naraku's grin subsided into an angry glare as he stood to his feet, clenching his fists in rage.

"You're quite sure of this?" Kagura lowered her head, not wanting her news to be truthful, she knew Naraku's whore was a vital part to his life, and hers. The whore was an outlet for him...each time his sinful plans were demolished or destroyed at the cause of Inuyasha and his companions he would spend hours releasing his frustrations and annoyances on her, never leaving her until the sun began to rise and the moon disappeared. The whore enabled Kagura , her sister, and the human boy to be free from their master's evil aim, she was the reason they had not been targeted by his anger.

" Kanna !!!" Naraku's bellowing roar was heard throughout the entire castle as he ordered his second creation to approach. Soon after Naraku's beckon was made, a small, childish creature entered the dim room, meeting the angry gaze of her master.

"Show her to me! Show me My Jade!" Kanna closed her eyes after her command was presented, gripping her enchanted mirror as it fogged, preparing to give the image of the whore Naraku so desperately desired to see. Almost instantly the image appeared. The whore's bronzed, femine face appeared on the surface of the mirror, her hair pulled back, revealing her complexion fully, but something seemed odd...she was not alone. She seemed surrounded. Others were about her. Kanna gripped her mirror tighter, further revealing the image it held. As the angle unclouded, giving better view to the live portrait, a boy seemed to come into view...a young, hanyou boy. Naraku's eyes widened as he set his site upon the boy, upon this familiar, enemy boy.

"Inuyasha!!!" Naraku cried out the alias in rage as he lifted a small, wooded table from the hut floor and hurled it to the firm, barked wall, sending the vases and viles of incense and perfumed oils spilling to the ground. For a long moment Naraku simply gazed at his broken wreckage, heaving and growling in fury as he watched the destroyed wood and meditating affects marinate in the scented, contaminated pool of rubble before he spoke.

"I will have Her...She will become mine once again...if he touches Her..." Naraku once again let out an enraged roar in mid-sentence, preparing to continue, "She belongs to me...I shall tear him apart if he lays his hands on Her!!!"

Kagura took a step towards her creator, slightly frightened to speak, "Naraku, perhaps you could use this situation to your advantage." After Kagura had spoken, her master turned to face her, realizing she possessed a rather clever concept. A grin slowly played across Naraku's face, replacing his angered, deranged expression.

"The moon rises full tomorrow, is that correct?" Kagura joined her master in smilling slightly as she nodded, "Yes, She will be transforming tomorrow night, her hanyou state will alter."

Naraku gave a small chuckle, knowing full and well His Jade was nearly impossible to control when her time for transforming arrived...

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