Chapter 10 : Her Rage

As the woman touched the wooden instrument with her index finger, she closed her eyes, as if she had not done this for quite some time. After a long moment she retrieved the violin and the bow from the ground and walked few feet from her captive group. She stood firmly, her posture precise and direct as she faced the comrades as they still gazed at her. Her eyes still lay shut as she brought the instrument to her neck, and rested her chin on the black slate of the wooden base. After she secured her head with perfect bearing on the violin, she brought her right hand, the hand which held the bow, and placed it on the silver strings. Slowly she glided the stringed wedge over the violin's own silver strings, creating a soft, saddened note.

The six friends looked on to the girl with now even further puzzlement. That object did belong to her, as did that sword; she was the woman which that name, Jade Santko , belonged to. Immediately after the woman played that first, longing note on that instrument, her instrument, she began others. Her right hand, holding the bow, ran frantically over the strings of the violin, inducing low and high pitches of immense rhythm and tone, conducting perfect music, as the fingers of her left hand moved and swerved over the black neck of the instrument, where the strings of the violin were secured. On and on she played, each note longer and sharper than the last. Her fingers on the instrument's neck often swerved quickly over one string, executing a high note to its fullest, while her bow glided so fast on the bar of strings it was difficult to tell which direction it was preceding.

All the while she played, her eyes stayed shut, not needing to watch her own hands and fingers to realize which note was to be played after the first or last, her playing was stainless and pure. Suddenly a glow began to appear. It occurred in her throat, just below her jaw. The vivid gleam was black, giving off a demonic aura. Miroku was the first to notice it. "A glow! A demonic aura is surrounding that glow!"

Inuyasha instinctively unsheathed Tessaiga , "Whatever the hell she's doing it's obviously not a good idea!" Kagome placed her hand on Inuyasha's, gesturing him to lower his sword, "Inuyasha, keep watching her, something's happening."

Inuyasha again glanced at the woman, at Jade Santko , and again began to reveal his puzzled expression. The glow was brightening, now going from black, to a subtle, light pink, it was purifying. Kagome gasped, "Inuyasha! I can sense a jewel shard! I sense three of them!"

Inuyasha was about to reply to his friend when suddenly, the girl, Jade, ceased playing. She was in pain, the lids of her eyes were now tightening, squinting. She dropped to her knees, with her bow and violin still in arms. The glow was brightening, burning from her locked jaw. In a split second, the woman, Jade, quickly opened her mouth, creating an immense, loud blare of what sounded like ripping. As soon as her mouth opened, three jewel shards shot from her throat, landing at Sango's feet.

The group of companions glanced at the shards as they lay on the ground, glowing their pink, soft sheen. Kagome bent and retrieved the shards, holding them to the moon light, "Yep! Three actual jewel shards." As Kagome placed the shards in her glass vile around her neck, along with her own three, her and her comrades heard a paining roar.

The friends gazed again at Jade, she still lay on her knees, while blood poured from her open mouth. She quickly threw her head back and roared again at the sky. The moaned, animal cry pierced the ears of all the mortal friends, sending their hands to their ears, while Shippo , Kirara , and Inuyasha still looked on. Once the grown had ceased, Miroku lowered his hands from his head, as did Sango and Kagome, before he spoke.

"Those shards prevented her from opening her mouth or moving her lips. They locked her mouth shut." Sango closed her eyes in pity; this poor woman was sent through hell at the cause of Naraku's lust. "But if the shards were causing her from opening her mouth, why is it Kagome couldn't sense them?" Sango's question went unanswered momentarily, until a rusted, feminine voice emerged. "A spell was placed on them." Jade stood, rising from her knees with her instrument and bow still in hand. Inuyasha approached her, slowly, not wanting to threaten her.

"A spell? What kind of spell could be strong enough to block the aura of jewel shards?" Jade quickly glanced the hanyou over, realizing who he was. She took her left hand, holding her violin, and wiped the dripping blood from her mouth as she walked over to the large fire and sat in front of it. She placed her bow and instrument to the right of her on the ground and lifted her hands to the heat of the flames before speaking.

"It does not matter how Naraku acquired the spell. It achieved its purpose, this Miko was not aware of the shards, nor was anyone else when they came upon the castle." As Jade spoke she glanced at all who surrounded her, the monk, the small fox demon, the demon exterminator, the male hanyou, the feline youkai , and the oddly dressed Miko who possessed a purifying bow and arrows. She sniffed the air, water was near here, and the rain had stopped many hours ago, leaving her quite parched. Inuyasha again spoke, now further agitated at this young woman's disregard for his own requests.

"What do you mean it doesn't matter?! We just saved your ass from that bastard's sick clutches! And you-" Inuyasha was abruptly cut off, the girl, Jade, had sprung from her seat on the dirtied ground and unsheathed her sword at the male hanyou's throat, forcing him to freeze and cease his insults.

"I am most grateful for your assistance, but what matters now is not the past, but the future, are you so blind that you do not see that?!" As Jade spoke her words Inuyasha's own expression went from angered and annoyed, to surprised and threatened, this woman was no fool, and her experience with Naraku had given her great suffering, but with sufferance comes wisdom.

Jade glared at this half demon, at this...Inuyasha. He seemed quite his brother. Her eyes turned hard and cold as she searched the male hanyou over, her right arm grasped her sword quite loosely, her stance was no longer strong, her legs shook slightly, allowing her knees to buckle, she needed to eat. The monk rushed over to her and the male hanyou's side, still holding a comforting grin.

"Now, now, let's not quarrel, it's been a trying day for us all, let's just get ourselves acquainted and then we'll say more on the subject of Naraku, alright?" Jade glanced at the monk; he seemed sincere in his words, not at all fecicious . She lowered her sword from Inuyasha's throat, it was just as well, blood had been drawn from her throat and lips, and it would be twenty-hours before she could battle. Inuyasha took a step forward after Jade had relieved his neck of her weapon, "A little testy aren't ya ?!" Jade growled in her throat at the remark of this young man, how arrogant he seemed. The rest of the odd band of friends had appeared at Jade's side, surrounding her yet again. The oddly dressed Miko gave a warm smile, wanting to rid the tension from the air.

"Don't mind him; he's just a little over tired and hungry from the long day. My name is Kagome, this is Sango, Miroku, Shippo , and Kirara , and you've already met Inuyasha." As the girl spoke she directed her arm at each individual as she revealed their name, all the while Inuyasha scoffed, rolling his eyes.

Jade gazed at the many faces around her, all smiles, they wanted so much to make her feel comforted, wanted, and safe. "I suppose you've already learned my name, no doubt you have studied my belongings." The one named Shippo took it upon himself to speak after Jade had given her remark.

"Yes, we did, I hope that's okay." Jade gave a false smile to the young demon, not wanting to offend those who had rescued her.

"Of course not and once again I thank you all for your kindness, but I must take my leave." Immediately after Jade had spoken she turned and began to walk to the north, after she had retrieved her violin and bow. She would travel where she could smell the water eluding, and where there's water there's fish. Seconds later Jade heard light footsteps patting behind her on the cold, damp grass. The young woman, Sango came to her right with a puzzled face about her.

"Where are you going? Wouldn't you rather be with us, you'd be safer." Jade halted quite suddenly, staring ahead of her into the dark forest.

"I assure you, I am quite capable in caring for myself, and I need no one's company to feel safe." Inuyasha suddenly rose up behind Sango, preparing to give his own thoughts after Jade had spoken.

"Yeah, well that's a little hard to believe since we found you tied to that mat, covered with wounds, all alone!" Jade looked up to meet the male hanyou's gaze, she took a step closer towards the half demon, putting her face inches away from his own.

"Yes that is true. I was there alone, injured, helpless. But would you like to know how I became that way? Would you like to know how it felt, ten years ago, to awaken in a bedded, sadistic bastard's home, unable to scream and yell all the horrible words and cries at him because a shard of an enchanted stone prevented me from opening my lips, while another acted as the only nourishment I had allowing me to live without food or drink, and the last gave assurance that my wounds would take weeks to heal rather than days."

Inuyasha slowly took a step back, feeling threatened at Jade's actions, but she continued her speech.

"Would you also like to know how exposed and pathetic I felt when I soon came to realize that I could not break my pitiful restraints around my wrists and ankles because I was too weak? Would you like to know how it felt to have that monster ravage me every night without fail just as the sun began to set, and would not cease until it began to rise? How that mad, twisted fuck grinned each time he slipped into me, or how he moaned when he would finally reach his peak while I could only watch beneath him. How he loved to gaze upon me, cold and bleeding as I twisted under his own hot, condensated body, with his fangs, claws, lips and tongue roaming me for hours, until he himself tired from torturing and physically paining me........"

Jade paused for a long moment, still holding her close gaze with Inuyasha, before she again started to speak. "Or would you prefer I tell you how intently he watched me as I birthed my one and only child... and then stole him!!! Stole my new born son away as soon as he left my body and killed him!!! Slit his infant throat straight in my gaze forcing me to watch my minute old child die!!!"

As Jade finished her last words to the male hanyou, screaming in mourning with blood tears rimmed around her eyes, she began to sob, quietly and longingly she cried, falling to her knees dropping her instrument and bow to the grass. Sango and Kagome went to her side, kneeling to her level as they whispered sweet sorrys and useless kind words which they knew would not ease her pain, while they gently patted and rubbed her back, not knowing how to comfort her. Inuyasha turned to his right and glanced at Miroku with Shippo atop his left shoulder and Kirara beside him, all three were staring down at the three young women, and not knowing what should or should not be said or done.

Minutes later Jade ceased her sobbing and gently shooed away the feminine hands and arms that reached out to her. She wiped her face free from the black blooded tears and stood, once again facing Inuyasha, as he continued to look at her with confusion, but now also pity.

"I will hunt and kill Naraku. He is a half demon and for the past ten years has not gone through a phase in his human form...his time is up, he can no longer go on without temporarily being immobile. That is why he left and took his reincarnations with him. He left because he needs to regenerate into himself, forcing himself to become stronger allowing his body to gain energy and power. This will take no more than three days, and he left four days ago." Inuyasha's piteous and puzzled look left his face as he listened to Jade speak.

"How do you know all this?" Jade closed her eyes before replying to Inuyasha, recalling the last moments she had spent with Naraku. "After night passed, just as the sun rose and he began to dress himself he ordered Kagura and Kanna , and the young boy, Kohaku , to enter the room. He spoke of needing to "change" for the next few days, saying that this "change" would take no longer than seventy-two hours and that he would be left quite vulnerable so he would need the protection of all three individuals, until he would gain further strength." As Jade spoke, her mind traveled through time, landing in the early morning of the third past day. She heard Naraku speaking slowly, his voice still thick with his sick pleasurable tone as he watched her recent wounds draw her black blood and her fresh bruises surface even further below her softly darkened skin.

After Naraku ordered his reincarnations and the young, human boy to leave after he had spoken to them he had approached Jade, his stomach and torso still visible through his loosened robes. He knelt down on one knee and whispered in Jade's left ear, "I leave you now, with every intention of returning....I will never let you go." After he had spoken these disgustfully loyal and lustful words he gently nibbled on her neck, drawing only few drops of blood from the gouges, lapping up the thick fluid with his warm, wriggling tongue, as he so often did, before he left her there, alone, lying in her own pool of remorse and pain. Jade opened her eyes, fierce and cold with determination to slaughter her prolonged enemy. "I have vowed to rid this earth of Naraku, and I will succeed. As God as my witness, that bastard will lie before me with a punctured heart and a bleeding chest with my sword hovering over him stained with his blood.

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