Article Title : Kagome 's spiritual powers and counting on inuyasha for protection

Well,here goes.Kagome herself has REALLY REALLY powerful powers. Her powers are already enough to kill inuyasha.(If you look at it,no matter how many times inuyasha was hit,he'll mange to stand up and fight again,but when kagome just shoots a single arrow right in his chest, he dies.O.o...odd eh?)So why does she count on inuyasha for protection?Thats what i wanna know.And sometimes I wonder if kagome were to say 'sit'for a millon times,will Inuyasha die?People keep asking ME these questions.But I personally feel that Kagome,a recratnation of kikyou,SHOULd be able to help defend herself during battle.Cut the ' I want to be with Inuyasha' crap.She keeps on saying that but what does she do?Just stand and watch inuyasha getting slaughter by a powerful enemy and scream'Inuyasha!" at random.What the hack is she doing?Sure sometimes she does help, BUT It's only when inuyasha is soooo busy she butts in and cause Inuyasha  trouble to save her blah blah blah.What the hell does she thinks she's doing?I don't think
she ever thought twice before rushing into doing something.By the way,her spritual powers are really powerful I must say,but why doesn't she use them to help inuyasha?Think about it people. And no offence to kagome luvers but what I typed might be true.Not that I hate Kagome but i think that kagome is kind of useless in battle. If she REALLY wants to help inuyasha she should train herself,on shippou or sth(lolz). Well people,that's what I wanna say.Think about it and nswer me about the question about inuyshadying when kgome said 1 millon time 'sit'.

Thank you for wasting your perious time on reading this.

By: Wenicey