Article Title : Kikyou vs Kagome

Kikyou and Kagome. Throughout the Inuyasha series many fans debate on these two characters. I myself am a Kikyou Fan, but I respect Kagome. That saying, in the Inuyasha world, there are two things about these two Characters. You can either be a Kikyou fan, or a Kagome fan. There are people that like both, but not as much as preferring one character. There are a lot of websites out there two about these two characters in the Inuyasha series, there are also a lot of Hatelistings to these two characters as well.

Lets start with the Anti-Kikyou fans. Most reasons for hating Kikyou are, she's an ugly bitch, she has no emotions, she tried Killing Inuyasha, and lastly, she won't kill Naraku. Most of these flames that I just said are common misunderstandings. The first she's an ugly bitch is what an immature anti-kikyou fan would say. The second flame, she has no emotions is one of the biggest misunderstandings. Kikyou was deeply in love with Inuyasha in the Feudal era. She wanted to spend her whole life with him and when she had that chance it was taken away when she was tricked to believe that Inuyasha betrayed her for the shikon jewel. She then is resurrected and then sees Inuyasha before her eyes with another woman. MOST of her soul leaves her and she is left with the hate. She constantly is reminded that she might not end up with Inuyasha and her re-incarnation will. If anti-kikyou fans knew this then maybe they wouldn't hate her as much. The third flame with her killing Inuyasha on! ly happened TWICE. Both of them was due to trickery, she never did it again! The first time was 50 years before she was resurrected when Naraku tricked her. The second time was when she was resurrected and still believed that Inuyasha betrayed her. All of this changed when she learned of the circumstances of her death. She never did it again, and for those of you who still say she does is because you're an immature anti-kikyou fan (sorry to say but it's true). The last flame with her not trying to kill Naraku is yet another misunderstanding. Kikyou knows very well that Naraku is a tough opponent and will require much or all of her power to forever exorcise him of the living realm. If you noticed when Kikyou stole the jewel and gave it to Naraku, after that she vowed that she would kill him when he makes the jewel whole once more. Also Naraku disappears for a period of time untraced, so it's very hard to find someone that didn't leave a trace, right?

Next Anti-Kagome fans. I see a lot hatelistings on the net to Kagome, but most of them have bad reasons to support WHY they hate Kagome. A lot of flamers say, she's a slut, she has no personality flaws, she can't fend for herself, and she's a whinny bitch. The slut flame isn't an immature flame. I thought she was a slut in the beginning because her skirt is a little too high. But then I realized that Kagome didn't do this to impress the boys, she didn't even know that it was too high. So as you can see, that flame is another misunderstanding. The next flame, she has no personality flaws is the biggest flame on the net. A lot of anti-kagome fans don't look hard enough to notice the flaws. If you notice SHE DOES have personality flaws, she's not perfect, she's not always brave, she's not always calm, and she does tend to whine a lot. Also the whole her being cheery thing, that is only what people who saw the dubbed version think. When I saw a few subbed episodes, I realized th! at kagome isn't always cheerful. The other flame, she can't fend for herself IS a reasonable flame. Kagome is the weakest character. I'm not saying this because I'm a Kikyou-fan, but because it's true for so many reasons. Kagome was born in a different time, and she never knew she had spiritual powers until she was summoned back to the feudal era. She rarely practices to master her powers. She hardly has time to since she has her own things to do in her own era. But she does get better in the show and I'd like to say in the second Inuyasha movie Kagome really kicked ass (lol). If anti-kagome fans knew this..then this would be one less thing to hate kagome. The last flame, she's a whinny bitch, is also a common flame. Kagome does whine a lot throughout the show, but how would your reaction be if you were to be kidnapped by a demon and forced to be in a world where it is more dangerous then the one you're use to. I myself, would be in a state of shock for two days. So Kagome ! does have the right to whine. But that doesn't mean she has to do it a lot, later on she learns how to fend for herself and she still whines. But once again in the second Inuyasha movie, she rarely whined, so that is another one less thing for you to hate kagome.

My conclusion, If any anti-kikyou or anti-kagome fans were to know everything I typed above, then there wouldn't really be a reason to be anti anything. If you still hate these characters after what I just wrote, then that's your problem. I don't expect everyone to convert, but a lot of people really need to look deep into these characters.

By: Carlos