Article Title: Kikyo, evil or just lost?

Kikyo is a mix; she is a little bit evil and a little bit misunderstood. But Kikyo wasn't always a mix she was just purely misunderstood before. In the ‘Fateful Love Song Before We Met' or the Kikyo and Inuyasha special people thought she was evil. As most of us know Kikyo asked Inuyasha if he would become human for her and he said yes as long as you become my wife and she said yes…. Yah I don't see the evil too. But people are trying to portray her as a woman who wanted to love of her life to change for her and that true love doesn't mean change. I find this odd because in most of the times Kagome ‘dreams' if you will about Inuyasha he is in his human form. Kikyo asked Inuyasha if he would change for her as she was going to change for him, you think its easy giving up your life as a Miko?. Kikyo was born a miko and loves helping people and being a miko; if she were to wed Inuyasha then she would have little to no spiritual powers.

But she was willing to give up that life and her powers to be with Inuyasha. Inuyasha was willing to give up his power for Kikyo too. So in the end they were willing to give you their lives to share one together. Yes true love doesn't mean changing the man or woman you love but it dose if your life is in danger everyday. And if the only thing from letting you be with the person you love is a jewel that is yours and is pure as it's going to get well the hell with the jewel. She did her job she purified the jewel and now it was hers to do what she will and not make it evil, she did that. . You mean she should spend everyday killing demons to sit for I don't 10 minuets a day to talk with her lover?.


I often read about people refering to Kikyo in twos, Dead Kikyo And Past Kikyo. There is no two parts, Kikyo is Kikyo all the way around. Why not refer to Kohacku in two parts then? Or Inuyasha for that matter? HE was ‘killed' by Kikyo's arrow and he has become more untrustworthy even to Kagome from time to time. Just because she came back to life doesn't mean her past is a whole different her, the change is she was not so pissed off but still a tragic. They are the same person! I hate when people split Kikyo into two. Inuyasha is different then when he met Kikyo then now but he is split into two? I rain hell the day Kohacku is split into two.
Now for Kikyo in the anime we watch daily, no specials. The hell ep. I'm sorry but Kikyo was evil, to me a cool kinda evil but all in all it up too you what you think there. I mean she was pretty messed up by that time and well you can't say she didn't have good intensions but they were wrapped around evil. Kikyo did drag Inuyasha to hell to be with him forever. The only way they could be together was in death (Kinda like Romeo And Juliet huh?)

When Kikyo broke Naraku's spell and ‘Handed him a new body' her intensions were hidden and still remain hidden to this day.  There are two things she could have done that for. One was too see if that man she was caring for was really Naraku, two is because with the new body one becomes more cocky, more cocky and full for themselves means one become careless, careless means it easy to send Naraku with the jewel to hell

Now with ep.33 where Kikyo (too me) kicks ass. It starts off with a weak Kikyo and Naraku sending a jewel into her (I always knew she was faking being weak) and Naraku sends another puppet of his too make sure she goes and kills Kagome. Kikyo ends up (with just her hand! Kikyo got power!) cutting the puppet's head off. Then here comes Kagome yelling saying stuff like “We've been so worried” and “Inuyasha misses you!”. Mean while Kikyo already knows that the dream Inuyasha is having he is yelling at the her and screaming “WHERE IS KAGOME?” after he already said “I will always protect you”. So Kikyo doesn't need to hear “We've been so worried!”.

Now one of the main reasons people hate Kikyo, she tried to kill Kagome. I'm sorry but there is no ‘try to kill' with Kikyo. With Kikyo its your dead or your alive for a good reason. (Yes in the ep. Where she was going to kill Naraku he just sliced her and pushed he off a cliff, not in manga. She was quicker and not so slow, I like manga!)  She shot the arrow behind Kagome. It slightly got her cheek, it was kinda Kikyo's way of saying this not a friendly meeting. Kikyo takes the jewel out of her with one hand and then takes the Jewel around Kagome's neck (it comes into play later)  Then she watches Kagome get pulled into darkness, then when Inuyasha comes she mocks him. She says she tried to kill Kagome, we can all tell this is not true she is leading Inuyasha into her own trap. See Inuyasha can't see Kikyo can't be with him until Naraku is dead, when he is dead and she is still around maybe then. So sometime you have to be tough, come people like it didn't hurt Kikyo to say that?. If she showed the words were not what she was feeling  then the whole plan would fall below her. She even later says that same thing to Inuyasha. Giving Naraku the jewel shards I think is a perfect and smart plan, Naraku nowhere near as powerful as Kikyo, whole Jewel or not. I think Kikyo will be the one to send both Naraku and the jewel of four hells (Sango, Miroku, Inuyasha, Kikyo…get it? the jewel gave them hell? There is four of them?…..laugh!) to hell! Great plan Kikyo.

So if your going to let one ep. Of when Kikyo was truly evil ride the whole hate thing that's pretty bad and well just dumb.

By: Kikyo_56