Article Title: Sesshomarou...Evil?

How can anyone even think up a question like this? He may be mean to InuYasha but he has reasons. For example, they both have the same father, but InuYasha's mother split up Sesshomaru's 'life' as he knows it. To explain, shesshy and his father and of course he too had a mother were all doing fine until something happened one day and suddenly he was motherless and his demon father turned on his family and went with a mortal to create a little brother for him.

He consently annonces that he will kill Inu in his own time, but he hasn't. He had many oppurtunitys to do it, but just walks away from each one. I belive it hurts him inside that his father left him the 'weakest' sword (or at least that is what he belives), and gave the hanyou the 'strongest'. How is that fair to him?

And of course he has feelings, that would explain Rin. Now does evil sound like someone who would care enough to keep a little girl safe and save her when he has the chance? (like when she fell off of the cliff, or when he first reserected her). You can tell that he loves Rin.

Now Jaken, haha (sorry love that little green man) he cut him in half a few ti9mes so what, he restored his life back with his sword, he knew that he could save him.

Think about it, if he was evil, he would have collected the Jewl shards a long time ago for himself (he is demon after all) and powered himself up enough to beat down his little brother along with anyone else he wanted. He could have got them from Kagura or kikyou, or if he wanted a little fight he could even take them from Naraku or Inu. I personally belive that he is the strongest of the whole cast of charators, but he is a neutral to the whole situation. He only cares for what concerns him (or Rin and Jaken of course). He doesn't need to prove to anyone how strong he really is... he knows it. (Maybe that's what makes him sexy... hmm.)

By: Jillian