Article Title : Kagome Haters

I have noticed that most people that "HATE" Kagome Higurashi hate her for these following reasons: She's too cheerful all the time, U think Inu-Yasha is yours   (u know where I'm going with this one I hope) and the most popular.. your a Kikyou fan. Now here's my opinion.. (this might take awhile lol)Now think about it, if u hate Kagome 'cuz you think Inu-Yasha is yours... then I think u need some help no ofence but he's an anime charater he's NOT REAL! Secondly, if u hate her because you think she is TOO cheerful then... well I kinda have to agree with you there. This doesn't mean I HATE her but it can get on your nerves although some people find me anoying for the same reason lol. Now if your a Kikyou fan then.. You probably hate Kagome because of the love triangle between Kagome, Kikyou and Inu-Yasha. I think this would be a stupied reason to hate her. Why u ask? Well think about it it's not her fault that Kikyou and herself are in love with Inu-Yasha! You can't control the way you feel! Basicly that would be saying  "I hate Kagome because she loves Inu-Yasha."  Now I could go on and on about this but it would be pointless. You are allowed 2 have your own opinion on every thing but before you make your mind think it over a bit. Don't just dislike something because your friend does. You chose what you like and dislike! Don't let anyone tell you other wise!

By: Kagome Higurashi