Article Title : Kagome / Odd Girl Out

Many of us, when we watch the show, see some pretty cool fighting action. InuYasha and his demon powers, Miroku and his Wind Tunnel, Sango and her demon-slaying tactics. And, rarely, a good show of Kagomes's miko powers.

Yes, Kagome isn't that strong of a fighter. She doesn't even compare to Sango, who grew up learning the trade of demon-slaying. THAT'S THE KEY.

Sango (as well as everyone else) grew up in the Feudal Era and learned how to used their strength. Kikyo didn't become a miko without LEARNING at least some of it. Kagome, however, grew up in the modern times, where many of this stuff is considered fairytales. Of course she wouldn't know how to fight demons, or use her miko power because 1) No demons(as far as we know) and 2)She never knew she had it!

Think about it: You enter in this strange, bizarre twist of events and find you have a new strength that you never knew about. Wouldn't you be awkward and unsure? Sure, you would be all "This is SO awesome!" but wouldn't you be unsure and confused about how to keep using it again and again?

Point 2: Kagome never grew up with a demon next door. Sango grew up in the time when demons were considered a huge threat. The only main threat in Kagome's era would probably be a serial killer or (if it does happen) Godzilla or something. I mean, before you bash on Kagome for not getting her hands dirty like everyone else, think : Wouldn't that be so freaky if you were there and hadn't seen anything like that before? What would you do? You know absolutely nothing about it, and don't know what it can do, or whether it thinks you taste good with sauce. I mean, it would be scary if you had a fifteen foot monster bearing down at you, your teachers told you it never existed, and here it is, its pincers shining in the sunlight and its stomach rumbling. (I would probably wet myself)

And yes, I can hear the chorus in the background "She should be used to it by now!" But, everytime, things change. Demons increase with size, strength, and skill. Each one has different styles, and you aren't sure how the battle is going to go. Think of it as a hall of mirrors: It's still the same person, but one's fat, the other is skinny, and the other is squished at the bottom.

And if any of you are yelling at Kagome to "Get off your butt! Learn your miko powers and go kick some demon butt!" I agree with you wholeheartedly. But, learning how to handle her miko powers may take a LOT of time, and that amounts to patience InuYasha doesn't really have ;)

So, next time, if you are annoyed about Kagome not getting her piece of the pie, think about what you would be doing in her EXACT situation and the things I just said.

By: Mandi