Article Title : My feelings about the InuYasha Characters

ok, lets see, i will save the best for last and i worst for first!! The middel is no order!!ok, i dont know how much all you people like her, but i HATE, repet HATE Kikyo, shes evil, and i dont know why i hate her, but i do! I know some people that like her...BUT I HATE HER GUTS!!!! And i sometimes sream to people that like her...o well. For people that like her, well i dont know, your weird!! I wish she would...would..would just do us all a favor and DIE!!! o well enuff with that wrench.

Ok, lets talk about the other wrench!! KAGOME!! i hate her too....not as much as Kikyo, but i still hate her.... only.. well only because she loves inuyahsa..and hes mine!!!! o sorry, i hate her, shes all look at me!! i am a wrench!!! hahah!!! i haye her she all goody goody!! gggrrr.... just thinking of her makes me made... i dont care about her, and i dont care about the people that like her, because thare weird!!! i cannt people like either one of them!! i sometimes dream though that i could kill both of them and inuyasha would be all mine... o well.. next person.. which would be:

Naraku!! ok, ok....hes evil... but hes hot!!! sorry inuyasha!! i didn't just say that!! o well, Naraku is cool, and evil, but still cool. kagra (if i spell something wrong, then just deal with it!!!) shes cool, she likes the other sexy person!! Shes cool. People if you think she evil than yur wrong!! well i might be, but o well, shes only evil because naroku makes her evil!! makes do evil things or he kills her, not much of a couse. And Kanna, i ont even know what to say about her, shes just...just weird!!! says nothing and stuff!!! But all three are cool.

Koga is the nexted one. I think hes kinda cool, some people things hes like hot or something, i think he nows what hes sayin to girls, and now how to make them happy (only if inuyasha could do that ::sign::) and stuff. Ok, i dont know what to say... but kogas one friend with the mohawk rocks!!! lol, i love his hair.. ok, i got that out of my system.. next person.

Sesshomaru, the second most hottest guy in the show!!! hes so powerful!!! i wonder what inuyasha was like himself but as strong as sesshomaru...i wonder. Done wondering!!! What to say about sesshomaru...well hes strong, and hot/sexy/cute, and... ummmm.... stuff?? i dont know!! But Run rocks!! you know that rins name mean Park. its a little strange, but o well, i like the name. I wonder if rin grew up that they would like get together, or if Kargua and sesshomaru would now??? i dont know???? thats a good question. I would think it would be Kargua and sesshomar, but i dont know!! next person.

Shippo, i dont like shippo, but i like how he get inuyasha made and stuff, its funny. And i think how his dad died was sad. But i dont really like him O yeah, i like it when he was "ideit (sp!!)" everytime miroku gets slaped. Thats funny!!! I think he is just really really week!!!! i dont like him.... o well, and i dont think hes cute either. Ok, next person.

Kilala is one of the cool chareters. Even if she cannt talk, she strong and helps alot, they need to worship kilala every once and a while ^_^ not really but, like treat her better, they us her of stuff and dont thank her!! i lthink i am over reating a little, i will stop... Next person.

Miroku the prev.!!! i think hes hot.... but i dont really like the prev. part about him, how can Sango like him???? i dont know!! I hope miroku dosen't die because of the curse, because, if he dose, then naroku is sooo going down!!!! no second thought about it!!!! O well, hes not, a prev. and thats what makes Miroku... well Miroku!!! mahahah!!! ok, next person.

Sango the demon slayer!!! She rocks!! shes not one of the well shon chareters if you ever noticed, i did. Miroku is shon more than Sango, but o well, shes cool and like cool. Her weapone is cool too!!!! and of course kilala rocks too. I feel sorry about what happened to her family, that would suck if that like happened to me and stuff. O well... and if Kohoku dies, than i am going to like kill Naroku!!! Didn't i say that before?? o well. Next person.

LAST BUT NO LEAST!!! INUYASHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HES THE BEST OF THE BEST!! THE DROP DEAD SEXY ONE!!! THE ONE I AM GOING TO MARRIE ONE DAY!!! AND ON ONE ELSE CAN HAVE HIM!!! HES MINE!!! HES THE HERO AND STUFF!!! THE HOTTEST ONE!! I WONDER...." WHY ARE DOG DEMONS SO DAM SEY!!!! I DONT KNOW!!! AND I DONT CARE!!!! OK, enuff with that. So i love InuYasha and i hate kikyo, so do alot of people...o well, well thanks for (if you really did) read this. I sure wouldn't, just kidding. i know it was a bunch of nothing and blah blah blah!! blah blah??? blah blah!! thats was you think dont you!! o well, PEACE OUT EVERYONE!! AND I AM DONE!!!! HAHAHA AND INUYASHA IS MINE!!! AND I AM GOING YO KILL KIKYO!!!!

By: InuGirl