Article Title : The OTHER pairings

The main pairings: Inu/Kag and Mir/San. They are obvious in the manga AND series AND movies! The OTHER pairings: (let's start with Kagome) Sess/Kag (most popular.), Kouga/Kag, Mir/Kag (WHY?!), San/Kag, Kik/Kag, Hojou/Kag, NARAKU/KAG, Other anime characters/Kag(most popular: Kurama/Kagome), OC/Kag, and probably more.

Sess/Kag. My God what are you people thinking?! There has to be a 1 to 1 trillion chance that Sesshomaru will set aside with his thinking that humans are weak (not counting Rin, she did care for him) and all of the sudden think that Kagome is a freakin' hottie! I remember reading one FF (quickly running away with disgust) that Sesshomaru felt SORRY that Kagome had to experience PAIN when Inuyasha went to hell with Kikyo. He brought Kagome to his castle and  
over a VERY shor period of time they both fell in love with EACH OTHER. They both had children (MEANING SEX! GROSS!) and all that 
(pardon language) f**king crap. Another summery of a FF is when Inuyasha BETRAYS (what is that crap? Kagome wants the best for the boy and if Inuyasha wants Kikyo instead then that's not BETRAYING!) and Kagome runs away (such an OBVIOUS subject) bumping into Sesshomaru! This pairing is about as impossible as a human flying without wings or super powers. Plus, it is just a waste of brain power to even try to come up with a way to bring the two together considering the fact that Kagome has already admitted to herself that she LOVES INUYASHA!!!

Kouga/Kag. I highly doubt this pairing. Kagome has already said she does NOT like Kouga. Plus, if she liked Kouga so much, she would have ran away with him instead of staying with Inuyasha!

Mir/Kag. Miroku had asked Sango the question and she said yes. It's not like as if he would get up go to Kagome and say "I love you not Sango!". There have been times where Kagome was kidnapped or hurt and he didn't make a GIGANTIC fuss about it. There have been times where SANGO was the one in trouble (episode 161, Sango almost becomes a concubine in this one) and Miroku freaks! He yells in the demon's face the SANGO was his woman! Obviously, we know that Miroku really only likes Sango.

Naraku/Kag. Okay...gross. Kagome never like the guy and never will. She hates him to the bone for torturing her friends (example: Sango) into hell and trying to destroy them too. Naraku and Kagome...THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!

The others. Please, PLEASE think about these pairings!

Now the Inu with the other pairings. Inu/San, Inu/Sess, Inu/Mir, Inu/Kik, Inu/any others.

Inu/San. Highly doubt it. Sango is already engaged and Inuyasha hasn't even shown any slight intrest in Sango emotionally.


Inu/Mir. Same thing with the Inu/San pairing. Besides...I doubt Rumiko Takahashi will make her main characters GAY, especially since Miroku is engaged and Inuyasha is...not gay material. The gay thing starts at an early age.

Inu/Kik. The original pairings, I know. But, they had their chance and it seems as if they weren't meant to be a couple. It is still a sad thing that they had to part in such a painful way though. They are a sweet pairing in my view (especially after seeing the 2 episodes dedicated to their relationship before the tragic event)

The others. THINK ABOUT IT!!!

Now this is my opinion and I hope you will take consideration. Just use you brain and THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!! Even if it kills you.

By: Charlotte