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C U R R E N T / P A S T   L A Y O U T S

Welcome to a trip down memory lane, or at least for this webmistress it is. ^_^ Below you can see the different types of layouts this site has churned through the years that I have made. Some are good...and some are bad.

Year used: Fall 2003
Description: My first layout (minus text, etc). This horrid beauty only lasted for 3 days till'
I was sane enough to change it.

Year used: Fall 2003
Description: My first [offical] layout (minus text etc).  Since the actual first layout I did was really horrible (as seen previously above).  I changed it after 3 days I first opened my site to this one.  Which, I'm quite proud of.  This picture is where I thought of my sites name Inuyasha - Karma.

Year used: Winter 2003
Description: My winter layout as I call it.  It took me FOREVER to do.  Well, so it seems.  I put a lot of thought into it.  Sketches n' such.  Yes, I sadly do sketches on my paint program.  I've revised it so many times it's not even funny.  But, I'm quite happy how it turned out. 

Year used: Spring 2004
Description: As you can currently see, is perhaps the most difficult ever (for me) . I had to change every single page to minimize it for the new window. In the end, it has drove me almost insane...but at least I'm getting better at my HTML skills eh? In the main part, I know that's a common picture of the Inuyasha and Kagome, but what can I say-- it needed to be done. In the background there's sunflowers etc. which is like the essence of spring. I hope most of yall like it, it may be quite a change having everything crammed into a little box but, I think it's easier to navigate.

Year used: Summer 2004
Description: This is sort of made for the summer.  It's about the same type as the last one, just switched it back to the other side where the box is.  I decided to use Kikyou.  Why not?  lol.  I just felt like doing something Kikyou inspired. I'm not much of a character hater, so I plan to use everyone for a layout, even Naraku. ^_^

Year used: Fall 2004
Description: This one is quite fun.  It has a bit of humor in it compared to all my other layouts so far.  Picture is from the 2005 Calendar.  The background is a fall background scene.  Lovely eh?

Year used: [season ?] 2005
Description:Wow...what's there to say about this one? Big change from the previous layout. This is what happens when you stick me in a web design class...I shall use this as my guinea pig, lol. I think what I like about this layout is that it's much simpler to navigate and it's nothing really graphically fancy like I always do. Is this a change for the good? Hope so. I have also strayed away from my black...still ^_^


Year used: [season?] 2005
Description: Ooh.. red. It's not black and it's not blue this time. =) I really didn't plan to even consider changing layouts until the summer, but then out of a whim I decided to have my own domain. This way I can add what I please without worrying about being "pulled" for space. Hopefully I can keep mulah going towards this domain and keep it alive...forever! ::coughs:: Or at least close to it. ^_^

So, I really felt like doing a red theme for some reason. Then lately I've been obsessed with the "scratchy" look. Which is why I call this layout, Grazed Red. Love it or hate, I adore it.

Year used: Fall 2005
Description: And we have dramatically switched it up, yet again! (which to note it's not proper to do as a webmistress or webmaster--but I'd say it applies to professional websites...this one I shall carve as I please!)

Indeed, I have no idea where I come up with colors. This is I called it "coffee" and "chocolate" colors. The name of this layout is Garrulous Brown. Garrulous means to be "wordy" or "rambling", which is a bit of an inspiration with what I did to the main graphic. Random words/phrases are everywhere. ^_^

The original image is a scan from my InuYasha 05' Calendar. I love how Sesshy looks in that pose, which note that I've included him in the splash page. (which I'll be now documenting from now on). The enter sign is by far one of my favorites. The main graphic is a little big, which I was a bit lazy to revise. Overall I'm rather pleased, this is my first Div and PHP implemented layout.

Year used: Winter 2005
Description: This little love is called Escape. I wanted to do something Kikyou inspired for the winter season. I made this layout in the late summer. I particularly loved this image as it appears she's floating in the water. Overall I'm pleased out it came out. I think it's a lot better than the previous layout.

Year used: Spring 2006
Description: I really loved this layout. Never have I ever used so much color before! Weeee! This layout was called Under the Rainbow. I think how I incorporated the colors and navigation titles are unique. Visually, quite awesome. ^_^ The layout is obviously Miroku orientated. Silly silly Miroku...Oh how he loves the pain. I think this might be my favorite layout I've done so far.

Year used: Summer 2006
Description: I was sad to see the other layout go, lol, but with new season must come new layouts! I think it's humorous how I go from colorful rainbow theme to a black and white, barely there theme, lol. I designed this one a little differently than previous. This is a table layout, not a div! Amazing! I had some coding issues because of it...Why are tables so complicated? Them and there...padding...and...cell spacing...and... aligning issues....YEAH I DON'T LIKE YOU EITHER. But it's nice centering layouts. I really do prefer that... I know it's possible to do it with divs, but I can't grasp it yet. Mmm... Anyway, this one is called Summer Days. I really don't have good reason why I chose a classic black and white color, but it's what I could make work. The image, as you can see, is quite unique. I scanned it from a Japan import calendar. Those things are POSTER I had some issues there too. ::cries:: Oh...the things I do for a unique layout.

Year used: Fall 2006
Description: Went back to what I know best. Div layers. The name of this little layout is Depths of Fall. The colors are very similar to what I used last year for the fall. I would have liked to have used one of my own scanned images, but since I've been busy moving into the dorm and what not, I decided just to do the easy route. Original scanned image is from Anime Project Alliance. I incorporated a little Japanese into the layout, such as each section is listed by Japanese numbers (ichi, ni, san, yon, go, and roku). I really like Japanese characters. ^_^ I'll probably be using more Japanese in the future. That's what you get when you stick me in a Japanese class. (it's really intensive @_@)

Year used: Winter 2006
Description: This layout is called Winter Wind. I'm extremely pleased how this layout turned out. I've always love the DIV layer effect to where I can overlap text really easily. I finally figured out a way how to do the same in tables. It's so simple and why I didn't figure it out before is beyond me. Now I have the best of both worlds of centering the layout and having text overlap images. I spilt up the content links which I think is better that I do. It's a rather long list just piling on to one side. I was getting tired of the blue colors of winter, so I went for a more seasonal red and gold. I loooove Kagura. I'm happy to use her for a layout finally.

Year used: Spring 2007
Description: So sad to see the previous one go, but with new seasons, I demand new changes! This layout is called Soushun (early spring). The layout details the first look of blossoms blooming admist the slowly melting snow. So, sounds like a good title to me. The layout is pretty simple. First time I've actually used a textured background instead of a solid color. Overall this isn't my most favorite layout, but I'm glad to have something a little different up.

Year used: Summer 2007
Description: It was hot outside, so I decided it was time to put up a summer layout! First time I've did a variation of blue that's more on the lighter side. This layout is called Memories (omoide). I revisted using talk/thought bubbles for a little humor aspect. I was having a little coding issues getting things exactly what I wanted to featured. It's mostly what I envisioned in achieving. This time I have stripped the splash page more. I'm considering in doing away with it, but only time will tell. Overall I'm pleased how this layout turned out.

Year used: Fall 2007
Description: Finally some love for those Kouga fans out there. Overall I like how this one came out. Pretty simple overall with a nice little effect on our hero there. Sadly didn't realize til' later in IE there's some spacial issues. I try my best to make it look exactly the same in all browers. Slipped past me this time around. So, Firefox is best in viewing this layout. ^_^


Year used: Winter 2007
Description: Came out pretty well. It's mostly pretty simple. The sort of orange/blue bleeding in the header graphic reminded me of this old photo when I was suuuuper young and had a little light damage to it. So I'm not sure if that color comes off as bizzare in this layout. =p I like it though. In the orginal image of sesshy, there were some snowflakes falling, so I continued to try and copy that throughout the image. Came out snazz-tastic.

Year used: 2011 [ current layout ]
Description: Made it late Dec 2010 and has been up for the majority of 2011. First try of using divs instead of tables. The image I used was hughhhhhh. You should never use images that big for layouts, but I wanted to include the moon and the whole lovely picture of Sango and Miroku I just said screw it. -plasters giant image to make myself happy-

Overall I like the subtle use of the image along the navigation sides and divs are great for using layering over images. I'm starting to notice I keep coming back to blue palettes. T_T