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Y O U R   O P I N I O N S

Tired of keeping your views about the InuYasha series to yourself?  Well, look no further!  Post what you think about the series, characters, relationships and anything else.  Think of this as...InuYasha politics.  ^_^

Note:  As of 8/07/05, all 'Your Opinions' shall be posted and replied to at the forum in the InuYasha Politics section. I will no longer be adding replies to this page; however, whatever articles/essays that are posted in the forum are subject to be nominated to be placed in this archive. I will be picky. ^_^ -- Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

E-mail addresses of the author are not posted to prevent any unwanted e-mail harassment.

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Understanding Why Kagome can be Hated
Author: iibun
Forum discussion link:
Date: 11/03/05

Title: Kagome's spiritual powers and counting on inuyasha for protection

Author: Wenicey
Date: 5/18/05

Title: Kikyou vs Kagome
Date: 5/01/05

Title: Kikyo, evil or just lost?
Author: Kikyo_56
Date: 4/23/05

Title: Sesshomaru...Evil?
Author: Jillian
Date: 4/23/05

Title: The Kagome and Inu-Yasha pairing
Author: Kagome Higurashi
Date: 4/12/05

Title: Kagome Haters
Author: Kagome Higurashi
Date: 3/29/05

Title: Kagome / Odd Girl Out
Author: Mandi
Date: 3/26/05

Title: My feelings about the InuYasha Characters
Author: InuGirl
Date: 3/13/05

Title: The OTHER pairings
Author: Charlotte
Date: 3/13/05

Title: Liking Shows, or Characters in said shows, just for their looks
Author: Kito
Date: 12/29/04

Title: Really Bad Fanfictions
Author: Kito
Date: 12/29/04

Title: Kagome's Character
Author: Gabby-chan
Date: 9/26/04

Title: Kikyou... Evil, Or Misunderstood?
Author: Gabby-chan
Date: 9/18/04

Title: Bashing on Inuyasha for His Feelings Regarding Kikyou
Author: Jessica
Date: 4/12/04

Title: InuYasha's fire rat made kimono/bleeding to death

Title: Dub/sub verison / Hating of certain characters / Classify Sesshomaru
Author: Khriss
Date: 3/06/04