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Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler


Many years ago, the Great Dog Demon wielded the Three Swords of the Fang. Upon his death, he bequeathed a sword to each of his sons, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, leaving the third sword, the wrath-filled Sounga, locked away forever. Now that the Sounga's power has been awakened, these two battling brothers must put away their sibling rivalry and face off against a force that spells doom for all mankind!

Rated: PG-13
Studio: Viz Video
DVD Release Date: September 6, 2005
Run Time: 100

Director: Toshiya Shinohara
Format: Animated, Color, Dolby

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"This was a nice film for a little background on InuYasha parents and his and Sesshomaru's father tragic death. To me it sheds a little light on Sesshomaru's grudge towards InuYasha, besides the fact that he's a half-demon, but how he was more or less the cause of his father's death. We haven't seen much of Sesshy in the previous films, so this is a nice little treat. I think Sesshomaru is in denial about 'having no one to protect'--very amusing to me. Overall I really liked this film."

By: IYK Webmistress

"A lot of times, people think when a series makes more than one or two movies, they start losing their 'touch'. In the third movie of InuYasha, Swords of an Honorable Ruler, this is definately not the case. I thought this movie was well put together, especially since it was already the third! I think they did an amazing job with it.

One of the reasons I really enjoyed this movie, was because it showed lots of rivalry between InuYasha and Sesshomaru, and even how things fell into place before Kikyo's tragic death. How InuYasha was born, and how his father died to protect InuYasha's mother was a nice touch in the beginning of the story. I thought it made everything fall into place, just because I knew what happened. At the end, I thought it was real nice how InuYasha finally gave in to combine his powers with Sesshomaru - in order to win the battle against the bad guy. I thought it really made a nice touch.

Overall, I loved this movie, and I'd recommend it to anyone who loves the series of InuYasha. This is a movie sure not to miss! ^_^"

By: Alex

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