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Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass


With their greatest foe seemingly defeated, Inuyasha and his friends begin to return to their lives. But their short period of peace is once again shattered as a new enemy begins to emerge. Kaguya, the self-proclaimed Princess from the Moon of legend, begins a plan to plunge the world into a perpetual night of the full moon. Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango and Shippo must once again unite to face the new threat.

Rated: NR
Studio: Ventura Distribution
DVD Release Date: December 28, 2004
Run Time: 100

Director: Toshiya Shinohara
Format: Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby

[source: www ]

English Version of the "Japanese Text" that showed during various parts of the film. I believe the Japanese is slighly translated differently, these are the speaking parts that I've transcribed here:

[] To meet nevermore
Tears of sorrow overflow deep within my heart
What good this potion of life, all is but dust in the wind


[] Oh arrow of mine with power pure and immense to slay the dragon
Do your good deed fast and swift, grasp the crystal in its neck


[] I ventured to see if what I had heard was true but this jewled sprig with leaves so real 'twas nothing more but an empty promise


[] The white hot flames of my love for you cannot burn this cloth of fur
My raiment sleeves dried of tears
Now on this day I dawn


[] Could you have but known that it would burn so swiftly this raiment of fur
You would not then have sat with such little show of concern


[] Time has past swiftly as I have waited to see the shell you promised.
They say that I wait in vain...Could this be so?


[] I hope to find the gleam of the fallen dew
But nothing can I see
why did you call yonder to Mount Ogura


[] The time has now come behold the robe from heaven to drape upon my shoulders
And for you it is but a deep sadness that I feel


[] Time and the full moon have fully aligned once more
An eternal dream, a celebration this night and now let it all begin

--- >> >> >> >>

Already seen this movie? (english version). Have a review about it?  Love it?  Hate it?  Send in your opinion here !


"What I like most about this film is the surroundings. Since it's a "moon" theme it's quite pretty visually. The beginning was rather slow for me... It had it's regular signature opening, Miroku grabbing Sango and everyone else running around like their crazy. Some of the humor seemed out of place. Since if this is the "big ending" of Naraku... I would expect it to be more.. eh.. dramatic? Anyway, but of course him being "beaten" isn't the object of the whole movie. I did enjoy some of the humor later such as with the magic band-aids, I found that particularly funny. ^_^ I loved the interesting little transcripts when Kanna, Kagura when they would plop something down into the lake. Pretty words, as which I've shared above ^ . The infamous kissing scene, pretty. Amazing how falling cherry blossoms come out of now where to enhance it. Gotta love the movie magic. I didn't catch it the first time since I didn't see all the credits, but 2nd time I did there was the continued ending when the group is going on their marry way. Miroku wants to "recreate" InuYasha's and Kagome's moment with Sango. Heh.

Overall, of course if your an InuYasha fan, you will be delighted with this movie in one way or another."

By: IYK Webmistress

"I really enjoyed watching this movie because you never really knew what to expect. Not only that, it was hillarious! This movie made me laugh so hard, yet, it filled me with a joy that could only be filled with the scene of Inuyasha and Kagome kissing. *though I do wish it was a more passionate kiss... their first was a bit weak. lol* I also loved how it was based on the Celestial Maiden, because the anything dealing with the moon is enough to grab my attention. But, I'd have to say that my favorite part in the movie was when Inuyasha was trapped against the side of the hill *I think it was a hill...* and was about to get shot, but just then, Kagome takes the arrow for him and just smiles. That was a very emotional scene. One scene I didn't understand though, was when Kagome and Inuyasha were around the camp-fire and he looked at her & then some really exciting music came on. I mean, what was that about? lol Well, my overall review of this story was: AMAZING! I hope the 3rd movie (english version) is just as good or better."

By: Ivy

"I think this movie is way better than the first movie or even any of the shows. Inuyasha and Kagome actually kiss. Of course I printed out the picture because I am an Inuyasha fan. This movie is sooo funny. This movie can be predictable at some times but the animation well makes up for the predictability. I highly recommend this movie over the first one."

By: Stephanie

"This movie is great! .My first favorite part is when Kagome kisses Inuyasha. My second favorite part is when Inuyasha and Kagome are fighting in the picture booth and Sota takes there picture. I love this movie!!!!!!"  

By: Chris

"The second Movie was very interesting.They have really good graphics. In the
middle you can see Inuyasha and Kagome kiss and you can seee Inuyasha as a
full demon. I love the movie."

by: jsshnic

"There is tons to say about this movie but I will have to shorten it *sigh* Well, in the beggining with the whole photo booth was enough to keep me laughing. Some of the music was mixed around a bit. For example. When InuYasha and Kagome find Kagura and Kanna, Kagura's theme is kinda weird at the beggining but I think it sounds cool ~_^ When Miroku meets up with Sango again and Miroku hugs Sango. It was funny with everyone else watching. Ah! and the very short but extremely funny(for me at least, if you dont' think so, Keh!) dog shake InuYasha did after he beat that one demon before the castle. A few more, just sit still. When Sango saw InuYasha's sleeve was missing "What happend to your sleeve, InuYasha? I've never seen you dress like a slob before." The widely known kiss. The shot after the credits. But my favourite was the special features. Sure it was in Japanese but how else can you be the one to "Osuwari" InuYasha? All thanks to the InuYasha Fantasy Countdown!"

by: Kate

"I thought that frist was good but the 2nd one was even better. You gotta love it when Kagome kisses Inuyasha. I can not wait for the third one to come out!!!!"

by: Bobbie

"I really liked. It was better that the first one to tell the truth. It was a great way to start the movie by defeating Naraku. I loved the Hojo part and the part with the photo booth. But one thing that made me mad was that they only showed Sesshomaru once! Twice if you count the ending. Over all I thought it was really good. What I loved the most was the part when Inuyasha and Kagome kiss. I yelled "Finally!" when I saw it. I also thought all the Miroku and Sango parts were great and at the end where Miroku wants to kiss Sango because Inuysha and Kagome did kiss and he wanted to just "go along with it", that was just great!
It was a great movie. All the humor from the show was brought in (Miroku with touching Sango's butt and all) was good. So if your a big Inuyasha fan like me then you should really watch this move. You'll get a big kick out it! "

By: Rinchan

"The movie2  is better than movie1.! I liked the part when Kagome touched Inuyasha in the shoulder and glared at her! And then that women Kaguya came and rapped Inuyasha to a tree, I think, I don't know,still Kagome tried to save Inuyasha by shooting a arrow, but then the the mirror started to shake and the arrow came out! Kagome risked her life for Inuyasha, Kagome said to Inuyasha 'You always save me,so I should repay you'.And then she dropped dead. From there I shedtears.Oops my moms here gotta go,bye!"

By: Jessica L.

"The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass was aS brilliant as any other Inuyasha movie. To the many supporters of the Inuyasha and Kagome romance, this movie served as a huge step forward. There were many great things about this movie. Of course, you had the kiss scene between Kagome and Inuyasha and a scene of them around a campfire accompanied with a beautiful song in the background. Who could also forget the touching scene where Kagome risks her life for Inuyasha. Other than Romance, the secong movie offered a comical relief. Our second favorite couple(Sango and Miroku) are back and he's as fiesty as ever!! There were many scenes that just made me want to roll over and die laughing so bare with me: The fight of the bandages; Miroku getting clobbered for something Sango said; Inuyasha and Kagome in a photo booth and many more. I laughed, I cried, I smiled, and I talked back to the movie. Although the movie did not have any special link back to the series, we learn alittle more about each of the characters. The Castle Beyond the Looking glass is an amazing, sentimental, hilarious film that will leave you asking for more."

By: Vi

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