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Movie 1: Affections Touching Across Time


Two hundred years ago, InuYasha's father sealed away a powerful demon from China named Hyoga. A Shikon Jewel shard awakens Hyoga's son, Menomaru, inspiring him to absorb the remains of his father's power to take control of the world. It's up to InuYasha and his friends to stop this nearly invincible foe!

Rated: NR
Studio: Ventura Distribution
DVD Release Date: September 7, 2004
Run Time: 100

Director: Toshiya Shinohara
Format: Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby

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Already seen this movie? (english version). Have a review about it?  Love it?  Hate it?  Send in your opinion!


"When I first looked at the beginning I instantly noticed how different the characters were drawn. I didn't expect it -- Though I knew better, lol. After you get accustomed to it was enjoyable. It was like an extended episode, except you actually get to see their surroundings more clearly (and more beautifully). My favorite part would have to be when Kagome jumps down to InuYasha, then Mirkou opens his arms for Sango to apparently fall in his. He received a blow to the head by a flying object instead. ^_^

Overall it cute, dramatic (of course) and has bits lighthearted moments. If you enjoy watching the series, you should enjoy this movie as well."

By: IYK Webmistress

"The Inuyasha movie was, by far, an excellent movie.  From the intricate fighting sequences to the touching moment where Inuyasha tells Kagome he needs her.  I think they did an excellent job on animating the fight between Menomaru's hench girls and MIroku and Sango was wonderful. They did a good job of making it look almost life like.  I watched that Japanese dub and I actually like it better than the English dub.  BUt who am I to nitpick.  I think it was like and uber long episode and I liked it.  I especially like the ending scene where Inuyasha told KAgome that the thing he would actually eat from Kagome's bento boxes as the pickled radish.  All in all it was pretty long but i would have to give it 4.75 stars out of 5"

By: Jenn aka Dancinginu

"The first thing I noticed when I first viewed InuYasha the Movie: Toki O Koeru Omoi (aka Affections Touching Across Time), was the different art style, and animation. I didn't really like the character designs during some parts of the movie (Especially for Kagome), but the animation was more well done than the actual anime. It's really noticeable when you're watching the cool action scenes between the new baddie, Menomaru, and the loveable Inuyasha. The final battle is definitely eye candy. The coloring is deep, and more beautiful than ever, also. But what I really loved was the awesome backgrounds, so if you loved the backgrounds in the anime, you'll adore them in the movie(s)! The story, for the most part, was okay. Menomaru wasn't a really intrigueing villian, but I did like his lackies, Ruri and Hari. Their powers are amazing! The story was dramatic and angsty, especially when Sango was forced to do battle with Kirara, when Kagome was controlled by Menomaru, and when she thought she'd never see InuYasha again... The emotion driving through everyone was truly believable. I was really impressed with Monecca Stori's effort to do a better job on portraying Kagome in the movie, but for now, I prefer Satsuki Yukino. The movie theme, "No More Words" by Ayumi Hamasaki (Same person who performed "Dearest") is great, too. Try watching the movie in Japanese (with subtitles, of course), and trust me, it'll be much more satisfying. Honestly, in the English dub, Monecca Stori just couldn't pull through enough for some of Kagome's emotional scenes; the dubbed voice just wasn't believable enough. The only thing I didn't like was how the producers presented Kikyou as an evil creepy woman out to get Kagome (again), when she really isn't like that, since I follow the storyline of the original manga more than the anime.

Overall, if you're any kind of InuYasha-fan and can't get enough of the series, then this is something worth seeing for yourself. I can only say so much about the movie. It's a must-see for any InuYasha-fan. I think "Affections Touching Across Time" is supposed to air this month on Adult Swim, so keep your eyes peeled! Just don't forget to watch through the credits, because there's an epilogue afterwards!! :D"

By: Gabby-chan

"This movie was by far my favorite. Out of the two that I own. Its sweet, and has all the characters. Even if my fave doesn't show up enough. Plus, it shows how strong Kagome is and determined. Since Miroku and Sango are my fave characters it was nice to see some "love" reaction between the two. Overall: IT was the best although the rd I hear is amazing the bros work together."

By: Brittney

"I would have to agree with IYK's Webmistress. When I saw the movie, I noticed as well, that the characters were drawn slightly different. I also agree that once you get use to the different type of drawings of the movie, you get use to it. I must say that I really enjoyed this movie. Although I haven't seen it in a while, I like the way InuYasha & Kagome along with Sango & Miroku show more emotion with each other. I think it made the movie more enjoyable to watch - because it was more dramatic. It had a nice storyline layout to it. One of the things that makes a movie so good is that they have a good structured story layout. With Affections Touching Across Time, they really put a whole lot of effort to make a great flow of emotions with actions as well. The graphics I must say, are also really well. It must have taken more time to do such and I think that it pays off. It makes the movie a whole lot more special to watch! One of my favorite scenes is where InuYasha and Kagome both combine the power of the Tetsusaiga and Kagome's Sacred Arrow to finish the final blow at the end." "I really enjoyed this movie. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys watching InuYasha!"

By: Alko

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