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Spam-tastic! by:AlexJanuary 23, 2012, 3:18 pm
The Oatmeal by:AlexJanuary 20, 2012, 10:50 pm
Current Song Stuck i... by:windscar94January 16, 2012, 4:54 pm

Welcome to Inuyasha - Karma which is apart my main domain: This site was created on 7/22/03 and is still kickin'. This site focuses on the anime series, InuYasha, so please feel free to have a look around! visits since 7/22/03.

New Layout Yo.
New over-do layout up. Its kind of foresty-themed. The nifty-ness things I added was having the small screenshot grabs do a random image when you refresh the page (can click for larger image too!)

And also in trying to incorporate the use of the forum more the latest posts are always updated when the page is refreshed at top.

This way you don't "have" to keep checking the forum to see if anythings new. It might be sort of weird having that sticking up there in the header up I figured I'd give it a try and see how I feel about it later.

In the spirit of social media, I've added IYK's official FB and Youtube buttons up top as well. Feel free to stalk em' and friend em'.

I've been thinking about how I'd like to include clips for the series again, but as I'm sure you can guess it's a big no-no for copyright infringements. So, I'm debating making a registered-user only section of the forum to share clips.

I still need to work out some kinks in the layout so I might be randomly changing things. I also have plans to start rebuilding sections of the site.

Until next update~

[ Comment Love: AeroBrennan, Alex, and Gina-chan <33 ]
16 Aug 2011 by Chrystal

I realize I keep dropping off the face of the earth, but let's forget that and get to updates:

- New IYK Forum!

Much thanks to Gina helping me. She's a good friend of mine and co-admin for forum. Still working out the graphics, but it's functional! I deleted all old accounts, so you must register again. I'd love to meet new fans, so come by and post! Don't be shy. ^_<

- New poll up. Tell me what you think I should be focusing on.

- Edited AMV section to be all embedded videos. I think this makes it easier. Still need to reorganize everything.

- Added some cool new links

- Added to IY Too Much List. It amazes me how many there are.

Upcoming things: I need to organize a lot of things. Take away some sections or refine them. Basically means a new layout. So many things to fix. T_T

04 Aug 2011 by Chrystal

Time to srsly fix this sinking boat.

Well those years just keep on flashing by don't they? But good news! I finally have the resolve to start updating/fixing up the site. Let's just cut to the chase and get to what's updated thus far:

-New Layout (my first div one, amigads-featuring sango/miroku)

-Removed dead affiliates, updated links, removed other dead links.

-Fixed poll!

-Removed Forum (will make a new a new one--other one has coding issues that are unfixable)

-Removed IYK Euphoria Fanlisting (was hacked a long time ago, and I had to take it down. Created a small drama with my hosting provider)

-Quizzes are gone. The quiz maker I used I assume went under, or changed the way they are made now.

-Removed Guestbook. Riddled with spam (will be replaced).

-Added Blood to Death to Links Out.

-Fixed Mailing forums. If you find anything isn't working, please make a comment in this post.

-Upgraded mail to a new provider, which unfortunately deleted 200+ emails in the process I was saving. Ahhh, I know Im stupid. T_T But it will be easier to deal with mail now. So if you sent me anything recently, please send again.

I have more updates coming your way, but just also want to post that since a lot of the IY links I had no longer exist (if you were taken off, please tell me your new address) I am going to be actively looking for:

-New Affiliates
-New Links Out
-Starting Website Awards again (apply!)
-Submit Too Much InuYasha junk! I'm very sad I lost many due to Email upgrade.

Thanks everyone who've took the time to visit this site. I still need to tweak layout, so I maybe doing that until my next major updates. Hope everyone has a great new year for 2011. ;)
29 Dec 2010 by Chrystal


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