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L I N K S  O U T

Getting a little bored of this site?? Don't blame you! Here's a list of excellent InuYasha sites + off topic sites.


Silver Bells
Inuyasha's Forest
Shattered Glass
Inuyasha - Heart and Soul
Forsaken Love: Ghostly Memories
Kyle's InuYasha Page
Lunar Month

General InuYasha Sites

Chiisana InuYasha
InuYasha World

Feelin' Fluffy
InuYasha Information From Japan
The InuYasha Journey

Fukai Mori
Inu Goya
Inuyasha Shaman

InuFiction Archives

Character/Couple Shrines


Multi-Anime Related (including InuYasha)

Cursed Mortality

Art/Image Gallery

None / No longer up :(

InuYasha RPG/Message Boards


Unrelated InuYasha Sites
My personal domain/crossroads of my other sites soon to come.
Great source for FanFiction of various kinds.

FFX-2 Online
Another site that I visit a lot. Info about the upcoming sequel to FFX-2 game for PS2. Very visual also.

Jon Stewart Intelligence Agency
I'm a big fan of Jon's ^_^ Need I say more? Long live The Daily Show!

Blood to Death
A nice multimedia network with some really nice graphic work. ^_<