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Have any works you would like to share? I would love to host it! I accept all ratings. Please your story with the following info:

Pen name:
Title of work:
Rating (on a G - R scale, NC-17 warning if needed):
Brief Summary:

It is IMPORTANT you include all the information above. I do have the right to not accept your fiction. (only on terms of spelling and it makes sense...If it's horrible, I just can't accept it) u_u

If you have a work hosted on or ect* I can gladly link it up to the hosting site (eh it saves me space on my part-- and really I prefer stories)

Note: Please send fics that have more than 3 chapters unless it's a short story. If you send an unfinished story then updating regularly to this site would be *nice*

Works are classified by rating (G-R)

[ warning R content, which includes NC-17 may include mature gory/detailed descriptions--sexual situations, etc. -- By viewing this section you are responsible for the content you view and you affirm by going to this section that you're mature/old enough to access it. This site is not responsible for any content, it belongs to the author. ]

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