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F. A. Q.

I figured I would never have to make a F.A.Q, but I am finally getting repeated questions. =) I'm happy to answer any questions, but spare the redundant ones.

Q: Can I have one of your layouts?

A: No. They are mine and mine alone.

Q: Can you make me a layout?

A: I'm having enough trouble as it is doing my own. My knowledge of HTML is still growing. If I ever do decide to make layouts, it will become a section of this site or I will be creating my own design site. As for now, that's not happening.

Q: (not really a question, more of an action) Can I forward you my mindless, idiotic ramblings of mail?

A: No, please don't send me any fowards or chain mail. Their annoying, pointless and it's a quick way of getting yourself blocked/reported for SPAM.

Q: Can I use a picture from the snapshot section?

A: As of now, no. Resizing and loading them takes up so much of my time. There are other sites out there that let have you them, flock to them. From here you can take wallpaper, icons, journal icons, etc. Snapshots (screengrabs) are for viewing pleasure only-- their so small anyway, why would you want them?

Q: What is "direct linking" ?

A: It's stealing disk space and bandwidth. Disk space is the amount of space for pictures, mids, html, and other files for one account. Bandwidth or data transfer is the amount of data sent from one computer to another.

It's like I have 10 apples to give away for free (which I bought the apples). You come along and take 5 apples. Now I only have 5. Someone else comes along and takes 3 apples. Now I only have 2.

Each time you load or download any pages that are inuyashakarma.moon-blurred/FILENAME --- You're using this sites limited bandwidth. I only have so many apples people. I also pay for it so it doesn't "freeze" this account.

Here's the daily numbers this site as of Aug. 15, 2004:

Data Transfer (MB) [Edit]

Monthly Limit: 5,000.0
Last Month: 8136.3
This Month: 6337.5
Forecast: 13097.5

I pay for this site because I love it, and I like being able to have some pictures and some other neat things for people. If someone is hotlinking, that not only pisses me off, but that's going to make me want to close sections down and never open them again. Do you want that? I don't.

If you know someone who is direct linking, please notify me. I praise you forever for doing so. One person has so far-- and I am very thankful.

Currently I have a set up a anti-hotlinking code for the majority of files at IYK, but that doesn't mean I don't want to be notified of people trying to.

I want to make sure that I do understand that some people don't understand this concept nor have ever thought about it. If you're caught doing so from this site I will send you an e-mail. I may start back up the blacklist if nothing is done about it.

Q: Can I IM you via AOL?

A: Knock yourself out. I don't bite, just don't be rude to me. ^_^ You give respect and you will get it returned.

Q: How old are you?

A: This is stated in the About Webmistress section.

Q: Are you Japanese/Chinese?

A: I'm Irish/German.

Q: I heard the series ended with the fourth movie! Are they planning to make more episodes? I cannot find out, so I was hoping you could help! By the way, what is manga?

The movies are completely separate from the anime series itself. It
doesn't tie together. Think of the movies as their own separate sort of

The fourth movie doesn't really sum up the series and neither does the
last anime episode of the series, which is episode 167.

Manga is like a comic book ( It
features drawn illustrations with little talk bubbles. You can find them
in stores such as Borders, Hastings, Waldenbooks (also look in specialized
anime stores-- if in your area) or perhaps any local book stores in your
area. You You can also order then online.

The anime series is completely based off the Manga. The Manga was created
first, before the anime series. You know how some movies come from books?
Same thing here. Currently in Japan they are still continuing the story in
only Manga (beyond the anime episodes) which is told that the Manga may
actually wrap up the story.

As with making more anime episodes, from what I know that's only a rumor.

Hope that answers your questions.

After reading this do you still have a question burning in your mind? Flee to the contact page to do so.

- Chrystal