Then End is Near
Almost 2008. >_< Where has all that time gone to? Updates:

+ Winner of Wallpaper Contest: Raychel
2nd Place: Kristin
3rd Place: Lizzie

Check out my thoughts on why I picked certain entries. =)

(Note, I'm missing e-mail/information for 3rd place winner. I'm not even sure if the name is correct for the Entry. If you are the author of the Wallpaper, please e-mail me so I can give you your award. Sorry for the mixup!)

+ Fan Art by Alex added
+ 3 new contributions to the IYK Too Much List
+ Past Layouts updated
+ Credits updated
+ Responded to recent AMV comments
+ Updated affiliate buttons
+ Added IY - Heart & Soul Forum Affiliate Link at the IYK Forum
+ And finally, poll results from last: Click Here

That's all I could update for today. =)

[comment love: Raychel, inudog, Alex, Ramsey, and Aditi ]
---28 Dec 2007 by Chrystal

Merry Holidays
Didn't have time to update, update, but was able to swap the site with a new layout. Enjoy and happy holidays everyone. =)

I'll be able to update after Christmas. So Look forward to that!

[Comment Love: Alex, Inudog, Akira Hikari, and Aditi ]
---24 Dec 2007 by Chrystal

Bow chika bow wow
I know, you've missed me. I've missed you too. Sort of like how I miss those marshmallows that disappear in my hot chocolate over time.

Wow, Thanksgiving passed. Have a good turkey day? Mine was alright.

More holidays coming up for everyone, which means: Finals and Holiday break!

I just finished my finals. =)

So let's get this ball rolling shall we,

+ Re-added the poll...I sort of...forgot to add it...when I changed layouts. >_>
+ New affiliate, Sshards. Give em' a visit.
+ Added forum link exchange. If interested, check out IYK Forum.
+ Closed any more entries for Wallpaper Contest. I currently have ALL entries posted at current contest page. I will decide the winners next week. Thank you everyone so much who participated. Really lovely work. ^_^
+ Added snapshots of episode 93.
+ Updated IY "Too Much" List (19 new contributions).

Also next week, expect a new layout in the spirit of the holidays. <3 Also, I just realized I'm missing some snapshots from eppy 93. >_< So, I'm going to put up what I do have. I will add more either next week or later.

Until next update.

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---14 Dec 2007 by Chrystal

*waves hands in the air*

A magical quick update for jo0!

+ New affiliates, Sijux Curse and Dreaming of You
+ Updated Radio Playlist
+ Updated Past Layouts section

Almost forgot. Some lovely petitions you might be interested in signing.

1. Petition for the Continuation of the anime beyond 167
2. Another Petition with same purpose
3. One more with same purpose

So yeah, just check em' out. ^_^

Also thanks for all the lovely comments on the new layout. <33

Until next update~

[comment love: Raychel, inudog, Angel, Alex, djl, and Amanda ]
---19 Oct 2007 by Chrystal

Vertebrae by Vertebrae
Am I slowly updating the site, lol. Hey, well, if you check the forum you can see that I'm still alive. Shame on those who don't check the forum. You make this old gal' sad.

It was my birthday recently. I'm an ancient bag of bones, says a friend of mine, lol.

Alright, so updates for today:

+ New "Super High Quality" Version of "It's All Your Fault" AMV. CHECK IT OUT!!
+ Updated IY Too Much List with contributions by LuClipse85, Jen, and Bijili.
+ New entry into the Wallpaper Contest
+ IYK was IY - Heart and Soul's: June 2007 SOTM ^_^

Well, I had a possible affiliate addition, but they haven't gotten back to me yet. If you know who you are, then be sure send me an e-mail and I'll add your link. no more. I can't find any sites anymore. So... I guess I'll convert to a site of the year this time around. I'm still pondering on doing this, so we'll see about it in the next update. It's too bad I couldn't continue with it, but what can you do. The series has slowly died like a camp fire in the middle of a forest being ripped apart to place new apartment complexes in. On that note, if you come across a hot new happenin' InuYasha site, send me an e-mail. I'll put them up on the links section.

So, school is pretty much suffocating my life, but I'm not letting the site die. No worries there. It's just that updates can get a little sparse. I'll do my best to do it a least a month between each other.

[comment love: inudog, Alex, Hitokiri Battosai, Vonnie, Kyle, Delia, Aditi, and Gina]
---07 Oct 2007 by Chrystal

Dream of the Walled City
*rings triangle bell thing and hits frying pan with spatula, in the background some loon plays the banjo while rocking back and forth in a rickety chair* UPDATES! COME AND GET EM'!

+ Congrats to our July SOTM: Scandalous Words
+ NEW AMV VIDEO...remake [better edits and footage]: It's All Your Fault 2 (remake)
+ New lovely fanart from ~*InuKagMania*~ aka KagomeInu1517
+ New Snapshots of episodes 91 and 92, we now have over 5000 images!
+ Added "Tsubasa: Sengoku Inuyasha" to Links Out
- Removed dead links from Links Out
- Removed affiliate, InuYasha Home [site is dead]
- Removed fanfiction, "The Heiress of Heaven" (author request/discontinued story)
+ I am accepting affiliation applications

So yeah, I didn't realize I would have to move everything before getting on the internet again, lol. I'm in my new apartment now awaiting the days of school to start *cries*.

Please comment on the remade AMV if you have time. ^_^

Lots of comment love <3 *throws more IY shaped cookies*

[comment love: Raychel, inudog, Hitokiri Battosai, Alex, Ramsey, Karina, Vonnie, David, Aditi, Angel, Delia, Angelica, Chibi-Chan]
---13 Aug 2007 by Chrystal

Oops, I.. Did it again....Eating too many sourpatch kids that is.
I'm just throwing this note up here just in case. After being harassed trying to cancel my dial up service *coughPEOPLEPCcough*, I'm not sure if it's effective on the 9th or eariler. My bets are on the 9th, but if not so then I'll be delayed in a day or two in doing updates. I'll be having faster Internet at the apartment I'm moving to on the 8th, so hooray! Hopefully...It's set up when I get there. If not, then I'm able to use my university's crappy free dial up, since I'll be local then.

*throws InuYasha shape cookies to distract you in the mean time*
---06 Aug 2007 by Chrystal

Um... I have just realized something. IY fandom (especially website) has truly fallen off the face of the Earth. I see that weird look in your eyes and it says,"Duh Chrystal. Duh."

Yes...the popularity of Bleach is overpowering. <_< Btw, I do like Bleach, but only the subs, lol. BUT! My point is that there are hardly any IY Sites out there. If there is, they are incredibly hard to find. Any site I find now-a-days haven't been updated since 2003. Others, simply disappear. Like a rabbit in a field of carrots.

Oh fellow webmasters, why abandon me so? =(

This is all very depressing. At least some people still visit here, right? *crickets*

Oh well. On to updates shall we?

+ 12 New Avatars (OMG FOR REAL!)
+ 1 contribution to the IY Too Much List
+ 2 submissions to the Wallpaper Contest! Whoo-Hoo!
- No...July I...hoped....

Lately the Forum has been spammy-bot free....Suspicious? Yes. But I like it that way. Btw, I DO check the forum. I really wish everyone wouldn't rely on me in trying to add new topics to the forum. <_<

The new avatars....Let me just say I created all of those at 5:00 in the morning. So there's a few that really will disturb some of you. It's...My kind of humor in the morning I suppose. I deleted some of the old avatars that I made many years ago with ugly quality.

So, bad news. I was ranting earlier about the lack of InuYasha sites. Seriously. I can't find a site for July. No one has entered this month, so no luck there either. I'm extending the deadline to apply. If I still can't find anyone to give the honor to, then I might have to shut down SOTM for good. Which is sad, since I've had it for so long. If there are no sites, then how can there be a SOTM? I could look into more...general anime sites I guess. But that's sad. =(

I'll end this novel to finally say, that IYK had it's anniversary on the 22nd of this month. 4 years old this site be. Give me cake...Please? No? How about a cookie?

Until next update guys,

[comment love: Lyra, Alex, Rei, Aditi, Carina ]
---26 Jul 2007 by Chrystal

Ello' Loves
Updates, updates:

+ New June SOTM: Sesshoumaru's Castle. Check out their review here.
+ Updated Past Layouts
+ Added new Too Much IY Contribution AND edited out e-mail addresses
+ Opened the IYK Forum
+ First entry in Wallpaper Contest! Miracle! (from lovely Rei) And updated the deadline to December 1, 2007.

So, the spam in the forum is driving me insane. I don't know what to do. I'm tired of doing nothing but deleting posts. Does anyone have any ideas? *sigh*

I removed e-mail address links in the IY Too Much section. Why? Well...When I started the list I had no idea about spam bots harvesting e-mail addresses. So...those poor people, lol. I get so much spam in e-mails, it's ridiculous. Anyway, so from now on I'm no longer including the submitters e-mail, just their name. I'm stilling highlighting each name in link form (the link goes no where).

Did I mention that the new quiz I was working on got deleted somehow? It's really depressing. There goes hours of work.

BTW, arigatou for the comments on the newest layout. Until next update.

[ comment love: Alex, Rachel, Ramsey, and Rei ]

---24 Jun 2007 by Chrystal

Morning Sunshine
Mmm... 6:19 AM here. Man my sleeping schedule is crazyyy. But, because of that! It's good news for you! Updates!

+ New Layout
+ New section: Cosplay
+ New poll is up! [New Summer Layout: Likey or No Likey]

Results from previous poll: [Do you think Sango and Miroku will really ever marry?]:

[top vote] Option 2: Of course
- votes: 58 (51.33%)

Option 3: Depends on Miroku's commitment
- votes: 40 (35.40%)

Option 1: No
- votes: 15 (13.27%)

Alright, that might "seem" like a short update, but throwing a layout together is not laughing matter! Or...uh..short matter. Honestly, I have no clue if it's officially summer or not. Or if it past weeks ago. I am calendar-less. It feels hot outside, so that's good enough for me. What about you?

So what's to say about this layout. It's light blue, which I don't believe I've used before. I used a reminiscent talk/thought bubbles to add a little humor. I didn't get the layout exactly how I wanted *darn IE*, but I'm pretty happy with it. Tables are so touchy. There's a slight alignment issue in Firefox, which could be fixed, but then it wouldn't be aligned in IE. As much as I love Firefox...most people use IE still. *sigh* So, IE wins this battle. *shakes fist*

I stripped away the splash page and moved some things to the main page. I'm thinking about possibly in the future doing away with the splash page all together.

New section for Cosplay! Send me your pictures and show some IY love. I went to A-Kon this year in Dallas. I managed to get a few pictures from the IY Party there on Sunday. Wish I could have had more, but my camera broke. Anyway, overall the convention was fun. I entered in the video contest, but didn't win or anything (no way I could, lol). But I got a good response to the video I submitted (a remake of It's All Your Fault). I'll be uploading the video sometime... It will take hours to do, since I'm on dial up. So I might be pushing back uploading it until August. We shall see.

I'll be updating again soon for SOTM. I'm looking into restarting the guestbook since I had some issues trying to update it a while back. The "from and your fav. character" option is screwy. It's sad, but oh well. I'll keep the GB archived though.

Yeah... No entries for the wallpaper contest. I guess my options are to either: 1, extend the deadline until I even get any participation. 2, Do away with it.

I might spread the word in design forums for those who want to do something. Eh, but we'll see.

Until next update~

[ comment love: Aditi, Rachel, Carina, InuKun, Alex, Kags, Angel, Coronet, and Ramsey ]
---13 Jun 2007 by Chrystal

Tell me you still love me.
Updates! *rings that triangle popular in western movies to call dinner*

+ New May SOTM: Gone to the Dogs
+ + Check out their mini-review here!
+ NEW SNAPSHOTS of episodes: 88, 89, and 90! [422 in total]
+ New lovely fanart submissions by Ramsey
+ Finally responded to AMV Comments
+ Slightly updated the episode listing
+ New Poll is Up: [ Do you think Sango and Miroku will really ever marry? ]

Last poll results of "New Spring Layout?" view: Here

First of all, I shall say that I have never been so snap happy with episode snapshots. I have no idea what got over me. It must be spring fever. The total of snapshots now is amazingly 4,900. Crazy, isn't it?

I fixed the CuteNews comments. They were spitting out some weird errors, which I found other webmasters were have the same problems. So it seems like it had nothing to do with server problems or anything like that. Just bizzare.

Until next update,

[ comment love: InuKun, Carina, Alex, Ramsey, Angel, Aditi, Misuchi, Jeni, and Sango ]
---22 May 2007 by Chrystal

Updates for Me, You and Your Little Dog Too
I feel like I have...almost TOO much to update today. Let's get to it, shall we?

+ New April SOTM: Tragic Priestess! Check out their review
+ Updated Cutenews CSS styles (finally)
+ New affiliate: Tragic Priestess!
+ NEW SNAPSHOTS OF IY MOVIE 4! 410 IMAGES! I am psychotic! YES!
+ New Radio Playlist! Featuring IY Movie 3 Soundtrack!
+ Won an awesome award from: Junk&Trash!
+ Updated IYK Forum Sections! NEW ONES!
+ Updated Past Layouts
+ Updated Credits
+ Added to Links Out: Inuyasha Shaman
- Removed dead affiliates: Forbidden Crescent and Waterdrop
- Removed dead link out: Hanyou InuYasha

*inhales* See! I DO work here! *happy dance* So yes, check out the wallpaper contest. I have lots of details about it in the "Current Contest" section.

Also, I did a nice re-haul of the IYK Forum, adding new forum sections. Here's the breakdown:

+ The Written Word

- Role Playing
- Role Playing Archive
- Fan Fiction Shorts
- Poetry Corner
- Play of Words
- Favorite Story Links

+ Anime Music Videos:

- Show off your AMVs
- Link to AMVs you love
- AMV Making Help

+ Graphics & Web Design Forum:

- Show off Graphics
- Show off Web Site Layouts
- HTML & Web Design Help

SO, what does this mean? JOIN THE FORUM! I get lots of questions about website help and how to I do this and that. Ask it in the forum and not only that, but post in other sections and be apart of the community. And uh... just a teaser...I redid the AMV "It's All Your Fault" for an anime convention. What? I uploaded this [unofficial release remake] for people to view at the AMV Showcase in the forum? You don't say..... *cough*

Also, much thanks for all the comments from last update. It's really great to see people involved. Makes me a happy one.

Until next update!

[ comment love: Alex, Carina, Ramsey, Aditi, Misuchi, Angel, and Kayz ]
---18 Apr 2007 by Chrystal

Z . . Z.... Zzzzz.....

*head slams keyboard* SHDF:SKLJ:FHSHF *wakes up* OHHH...Hi...I updated.

New Layout. I think it came out fairly well. Its light colors, nothing really that fancy. I actually have textured wallpaper, which I've never featured before. Comments. Give.

And yes, I'm aware the comment box colors are still from the old layout. I'll fix that later.

Other updates:

- Removed affiliate, IY Palace of Clouds- They have closed. =(
+ New affiliate: Kyle's InuYasha Page
+ Revamped InuYasha Dictionary
+ Gift from Kyle's InuYasha Page
+New Poll Up

View last post results HERE to: Spring is finally here. Your thoughts?

I still have yet to get an official word back from Kyle's IY Page for affiliation, so note it's possible that they may be removed in the future.

For IY Dictionary, I have now included kanji translations for each word. You need to have Japanese installed on your browser to view them correctly. Leave me a comment message if you're unsure how to install Japanese on your web browser.

And finally, snapshots... almost there. Why do I make myself make a screentip comment on all of them? *sigh*

Until next update,

[ comment love: Alex, Brittney, Ramsey, and Aditi]

---09 Apr 2007 by Chrystal

A real update, I swear!
+ New March SOTM of 2007 goes to: Kyle's InuYasha Page. Check out their mini review here!
+ New affiliate, Inuyasha Online, please give them a visit!
+ Contributes to the ever growing IY Too Much list by Miley
+ New poll is up: "Spring is finally here. Your thoughts?"

Results of last poll: "Episode 167 has finally played long ago. What is your reaction?" See Here: Click!

Believe it or not I was productive in snapshots today. I shall have a little over 400 to upload. New layout...Almost done. =p It's going to be a simple layout and I'm ever sad to see this one go. But, with the seasons, I must change!

That's all the updates for now, PEACE! (and love, man, word)

[ comment love: Brittney, Alex, Misuchi, Ninja Biscuit, and Yonamaria ]
---27 Mar 2007 by Chrystal

The HTML Gods Hate Me and My Computer
I really wanted to finish making some updates (screenshots, polls, maybe new layout...) but as of yesterday my computer keeps randomly crashing every 1-20 minutes.

So, I really can't work on it if I'm risking losing any work. I need to try and not use the computer for too long except to get homework done.

It should be this 'moded' graphics card I'm using that's making things ugly. It was working fine for a while, but refuses to go to normal levels that aren't over clocking. (which I don't want it to in the first place!) So I'm going to buy a new one and hope that everything will go back to normal.

If not...then crap in a box.

I might try and update small things if possible. We shall see.

Until next hopeful update.
[ comment love: Alex, Brittney, Aditi, Ramsey, and Sokymo]

---19 Mar 2007 by Chrystal

I am still sane.
Hello fellow stalkers of IYK! Some updates for you!

+ February SOTM: Hidden Love
+ New Poll is up!
- Removed affiliate: Inu-Yasha Paradise [they seemed to have disappeared?]
+ I won the Golden Award! From... The Golden Award! Yay!

And... Did you know IYK has a forum? Really? Have you been living under a rock? Really? Me too... but it is true! I'd love to see the forum get some activity. It's hard to do when there aren't many active posters. So just pop on by and introduce yourself. The current regulars there won't bite. Promise! ^_^

Finally, here's the previous poll results: Newest layout: Love or Hate? Click to see results here.

Much thanks for everyone's participation. I'm glad the majority likes the current layout. Be sure and vote in the new poll!

Until next update!
[ comment love: Alex, Brittney, Aditi, Rika, Rachel, and Ramsey ]
---20 Feb 2007 by Chrystal

Sad, sad, sad
Another quuuuuuick update. It's some sad mess I know. I'm leaving home this weekend and can't drag my desktop with me. Woe is life.

+ New January SOTM Winner: Dreaming of You

Give em' a visit and feel free to read their review.

That's all the updates for now,

[ comment love: Brittney, Misuchi, Ramsey, and Aditi ]
---26 Jan 2007 by Chrystal

Back in Prison!
I have returned to the dorm. The white walls and annoying idiots who scream outside at three in the morning have returned. Wow, I am so excited to be back. . . . .

In other updates, I have an astonishing treat for you!

+ New Snapshots of episodes 84, 85, 86, AND 87!
+ New contributions to the IYK's Too Much IY list!
+ Updated the latest layout information in Past Layouts!
+ Archived the remaining 2006 news!
+ Got started in making a new quiz... Not up yet...but...we are getting there!
+ Re-designed Site Awards Images!

And that is all. The snapshots took forever like always. We are now just over 4000 in images. That's... a lot. x_X

Deadline for January Site of the Month is 1/17/07, apply you fool!

That's the updates for now, until next time!

[comment love: Ramsey, Aditi, Alex, Yoko-Chan, and Brittney]
---14 Jan 2007 by Chrystal