Pine needles
A quick little update Iím afraid. I have lots of snapshots taken, I just need two hours to edit them and add them up. I might have to wait until I'm back in the dorm in January, but we shall see!

New affiliate: InuYasha - Palace of the Clouds

Be sure and give them a visit!

Other updates:

+ New contributions to the IYK Too Much List
+ New site gifts were added from fellow affiliates

That's all! Hope everyone had a great holiday and I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe new year! ^_^

[comment love: Brittney, Alex, Sokymo, Aditi, and Yoko-Chan]
---28 Dec 2006 by Chrystal

Takai desu ne.
Sadly I don't have much of a big update, but we do have December Site of the Month! Which is:

Inuyasha - Heart and Soul

Feel free to see their review below. I wanted to have tons more to update, but I've been turned more into an elf of wrapping presents than anything else. I stupidly forgot the fourth movie of InuYasha back at the dorm. I wanted to take snapshots of those. Oh well, but I can still continue with episodes. Guess I'll do that. =/

I also want to work on making another quiz. I haven't been on Quizilla for quite a while... It's changed there.

Thanks for everyone's wonderful comments on the layout. Very much appreciated! If I don't update before Christmas then, happy holidays everyone!

[comment love: Brittney, Shadow, Ramsey, Alex, Misuchi, Lil Finn Girl, Aditi, Niki-chan, Sokymo, and CRIZZY]
---20 Dec 2006 by Chrystal

New Layout: Winter Wind
New layout. Main character featured: Kagura. Main colors: Red and Gold. I personally love Kagura, as I do with all the of characters in their own way. I'm not biased in using a particular character for a layout. So if you hate it purely because she's on it, then I can't help you. However, if you enjoy the design of the site, that's wonderful.

A new poll is up on your thoughts for this current layout. So if you have anything to say helpful critique wise, comments are welcomed in this News post.

Here's the results of the last layout rating poll: Click Here
I'm glad a lot seemed to enjoy it.

The blue theme for winter was getting old for me. I like red and gold. It makes me think of Christmas tree decorations in a way. Anyway, here's a few other things I updated as well:

- Removed 4 affiliates. I'm still continuing to have 1 spot open. I might include more, but I don't know.
+ Updated the Links Out page. Cleaned up broken links and dead sites. Added new sites.
+ New guestbook layout.
+ New Too Much InuYasha Header (the giant list)
+ Updated F.A.Q.
+ Updated Contact page

I still want to make one more update before I have to drive back home and hopefully I'll get to do that Sunday night. And a reminder, feel free to enter December SOTM! It will be the last site of this 2006 year!

Until next update!

[comment love: Brittney, Ramsey, Carina, Alex, and Misuchi]
---06 Dec 2006 by Chrystal

Turkey say: Gobbles
Quick update for today!

+ New IY Too Much contributions (we've finally reached over a 1000 listings!)
+ November SOTM is: Han Tsuki
- Removed an affiliate link

But yes... over a 1000 now.... You people are crazy. Just crazy. Hope everyone has a great break this week! Eat lots of turkey! I know I will! I finally got a job for next semester and as a graphic designer of all things! =P

Have a safe week!

[comment love: Alex, Brittney, Sokymo, and Misuchi]
---20 Nov 2006 by Chrystal

Sea turtles!
Ah ha! Bet you didn't realize I still work here. =P Updates!

+ added Episode 83 Snapshots (75 pixs)
+ updated the broken fanfiction links
+ 1 new avatar

And there was a little goodie for mailing list members. As for the fanfiction, I was able to re-find most stories, but others the authors deleted it.

If anyone has a "wow, I love this story" link to share, feel free to e-mail it to me. You don't have to be the author to suggest the link. I will ask all authors of the story for permission.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Turkey-ness is coming up fast!

[comment love: Alex, Brittney, Carina, Ramsey, Nozomi, and Karina]
---10 Nov 2006 by Chrystal

Wow. I am old and forgetful.
Just a quick update. I... completely.... forgot about October SOTM. Wow. Just wow. I just realized it yesterday. =/

I'll be pushing back the date now to some what compensate the days I've missed for the newest SOTM, which is:

I Need A Hero, a Rin shrine. Have a look at their review and be sure and give them a visit.

I'll be making some other updates soon hopefully. I'm thinking about having video clips again, but I'm a bit hesitant based on copyright issues. I've been looking into the "Fair Use" policy. It doesn't means I'd truly be protected or not, so that's why I'm still thinking over it. So, I don't know. Any thoughts on this?

Until next update,

[comment love: Karina, Misuchi, Ramsey, and Alex ]
---20 Oct 2006 by Chrystal

koohii o nomimasen ka?
Somewhat of a productive update today! Imagine that!

+ New addition to the site: Radio
+ 15 new avatars

The radio blog feature is pretty nice. I currently have InuYasha Opening and Ending songs up for your listening pleasure. I'm not sure if anyone will like this new feature or not. I consider it extremely illegal to pass out MP3 downloads. So I'm opting for this radio option instead. If you have any problems with it or question, feel free to contact me. You need Flash Player (version 8 I believe) to run it.

Besides adding some new snazzy avatars:

I updated the avatar section by dividing it into animated and non animated avatars.

Also! For those who aren't apart of the mailing list is just out of luck today! I included a "lost" AMV project of mine for download. I never finished/polished it because in the long run I really didn't like it. I could re-work it I suppose if anyone has any real opinions on it or not. Also in the video I'm starting to play around with movie titles a bit more. Hawt stuff.

From now on, I'm going to start having exclusive stuff for mailing list members. Wallpapers, avatars, etc.

Feel free to sign up for the mailing list at the white box under the updates!

Until next update!

[ comment love: Alex, Yokura, Misuchi, Ramsey, and Sokymo ]
---17 Oct 2006 by Chrystal

Rolling Winds
Ta-da! Updates!

+ Amazing contribution (37 new) from Zoop to the IY Too Much List
+ Snaphots of episode 82 are up. (69 pictures)
+ Added info about this current layout in the Past Layouts section.
+ Updated Credits page
+ Finally replied to all of the AMV Comments!

Poll results from last: Should Kikyou be Gone Permanently?

Click Here For Results

I'm hoping for the next update I'll finally have another quiz to add. I've had only three for a really long time. x_x You have an idea for an InuYasha quiz, feel free to contact with me your idea.

Until next update!

[comment love: InuKun, Alex, Misuchi, Ramsey, GOJIRA!, and Yokura ]
---27 Sep 2006 by Chrystal

眠たい I nemutai
I *head slams against keyboard* You know I have a project critique and my first "major" exam in Japanese class in mere days. I'm going to die. Wah.

Yeah... Can you tell I've been taking Japanese? =P I'm sure I'm full of errors and wrong characters for everything...but as they say! Better to practice with mistakes than to not practice the language at all.

Exciting updates!

+ September SOTM is: Sesshoumaru and Rin shrine
+ NEW AMV! OMG YES! Called Black Tangled Heart:

I know. It's shocking. I've been finished with the video for quite a while now. Never had the chance to upload it until today. Any comments are welcome.

On the subject of AMVs, I ran across some YouTube links today. Normally I wouldn't care that much, but two people are claiming they created the video. I don't care HOW long ago it is.

YouTube Morons:
Claiming Headstong AMV

Claiming Fallen Icons AMV

That my friends is B.S. That's all I ask for, is just respect the creator. Is that too much to ask? The credits may still be intact in the video, but don't go parade around acting like you made it. Ignorant.

And that's my rant. Until next update!

[comment love: Issac, InuKun, Orichalcos, GOJIRA, Misuchi, Alex, and Yokura]
---12 Sep 2006 by Chrystal

An update? Really?... Is this...some sort of sick joke?

No! but it's a quick update. New layout is up! Fresh for the upcoming fall season! Comments and such are welcome and:

+ New affiliate: Hidden Love

Give em' a visit! I have a load more updates to do, which I'll announce September SOTM. I might not have any time sunday, but hopefully I'll get to update sometime in the week.

Until' next update!

[comment love: InuKun, Alex, Misuchi, and Sokymo]
---09 Sep 2006 by Chrystal

Hoot Hoot
Updates! First update brought to you by...this horrible dorm! Yay!

+ Nozomi's is sadly no more! A beloved affiliate I shall miss!
+ Updated some links
+ New contributions to the IY Too Much List
+ FINALLY implement the winning layout for IYK Euphoria!

That's all the updates for now!

[comment love: Alex, Shadow, Misuchi, Sokymo, and Nozomi]
---19 Aug 2006 by Chrystal

Heaven's Kitchen
Very quick update! I'll be gone for a most likely over a week. I'm going to Arizona for a few days then immediately when I come back I need to move the next day at the university I'm starting at. Oh yes, exciting stuff.

+ New affiliate: Forsaken Love: Ghostly Memories
- One spot is left on affiliates
+ August SOTM is: Miko-Kikyou.NET

That's all the updates for now!

[comment love: Sokymo, Shadow, Misuchi, and Alex]
---13 Aug 2006 by Chrystal

Mid-Sweet Talk
::collapses on floor and rolls around like a sea cow:: Still alive! ::wheeze:: Still...very....barely...alive....

Been really busy lately trying to get stuff together for my transfer move to a big, nice and scary university. In short what this all means is that for a certain period of time I'll be without Internet. This also means it looks like I might be updating the site about once a month. I can't make any promises. All I can ask is that you enjoy what I have available on the site currently.

Also, due to financial strains, it's makes my future uncertain if I'll be able to renew's contract in February for another two years. Where there's a will, there's a way. I'll be trying my best to do what I can. Any donations at all would be a great help.

Now for actual updates!

+ Sokymo is the winner of IYK's Layout Design Contest of 06'!
+ New contributions to the Too Much list have been added
+ Added a very wonderful gift I received from Alex

That's all the updates I could manage. I actually finished a new AMV, but I'll have to save that for another update. SOTM deadline is coming up! Enter Enter!

Side note: aleena [[@]] should contact me if they would like a recieve a participant award for the Layout Design Contest. The current e-mail address is listed as unknown.

Until next update!

[comment love: Shadow, Misuchi, Alex, Sokymo, Nozomi]
---09 Aug 2006 by Chrystal

過去と現実 - kako to ginjitsu
My day started out a little crappy (some people are REALLY rude), but turned around a bit when I got my brand new monitor in today! OH MY YES! It's a flat screen, and I love him so. I have named him Henry. I can actually 'see' the screen now... since my other one was big and bulky and curved. I have a million windows in my room and...can be hard to see the screen sometimes. NOT ANYMORE!

Now I'm really broke. On to updates!

+ July SOTM is: Inu-Yasha's Paradise, Check out their review!
+ New affiliate: Inu-Yasha's Paradise (double whammy?)
+ Added snapshots of episodes 79, 80, and 81
+ Received a lovely gift from Inuyasha's Forest
+ Updated affiliate links
+ Added new movie 3 review from Alex

I'm deciding on layout contest results. It's going to take me a while... I'll come up with something before the month is out hopefully. @_@

Working on another AMV, I have a thousand clips I need to convert to AVI, then to WMV. How depressing. I'm not sure what I think about the song I chose this time. There's actually another song I really want to do, but I'm thinking about waiting until I get a certain IY volume dvd first. Eh, but who knows. It's a pretty song.

ANYWAY! Until next update!

[comment love: Shadow, Misuchi, and Alex]
---10 Jul 2006 by Chrystal

Greatful Days
Omg! Updates! Bring out the pinata and let's party!

+ New affiliate: Forbidden Crescent
- 3 affiliate spots left
+ Updated credits page
+ Added a new contribution to the InuYasha Too Much list
+ Finally updated the past layouts section
+ New poll is up: Should Kikyou should be gone permanently?

Last poll results: Click Here to View

Arigatou for the comments on the layout!

[comment love: Naruto Uzumaki/Kakashi Hatake, Lori, Alko, ShalafiRach, Darkshine, ILuvIY17, Birujinia, Misuchi, and Orichalcos]
---29 Jun 2006 by Chrystal