It's here. It's bare. Get used to it?

I'm just throwing this little update to let you know of the new change. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, but eh, oh well.

In the next day or so I'll be updating other parts of the site to reflect the new black n' white colors. Not to mention all the bugs.... eek...

Any comments on the new layout are appreciated. Good or bad!

Until next update,

[comment love: Alko and Nozomi]
---24 Jun 2006 by Chrystal

Bold and Delicious
What? I'm alive? Why yes. Yes I am. The A-kon convention was really fun. Lots of crazy costumes. Why there was a Jesus there, I'll never know...Or a Santa for that matter. Lmao!

Ah... Okay, to make up for my absense, we have...exciting updates!

+ June SOTM is Blades of Eternity

Yep, new AMV. Check it out and leave a comment. The song used for it has been credited to the person who suggested it to me in the video. ^_^

[comment love: Darkshine, Alko, Nozomi, Amaye, and ILuvIY17]
---13 Jun 2006 by Chrystal

Is it sweet?
Updates! GASP!

+ Snapshots of episodes 76, 77, and 78 are up
+ New affiliate: Inuyasha Lair
- Four spots left for affiliates

I'm trying to come up with a summer layout and yeah...I think my creative-ness has left me. I know what image I want to use, but I just can't do anything with it. ::sigh:: So depressing. I also think I need to create my fall, winter and spring layout this summer. No pressure.... ::anime fall::

I think I know what song I'm using for my next AMV. How exciting!

I'm going to be leaving to go to an anime convention that's from the 9th to the 11th in Dallas. I'm officially a nerd now. So, I might be announcing SOTM early. So get your entries in pronto! (like before Wednesday).

Until next update!

[comment love: InuKun, Yo, Darkshine, and Alko]
---04 Jun 2006 by Chrystal

Light and Shadow
Quick little update today.

+ Added 3 Layout contest submissions which can be view by anyone. Just check out the contest page.
+ New poll is up: [Would Kagome really finish and pass school while continuing going back and forth in time?]

Last poll results for: [Do you read the InuYasha manga?]

Click to See

Yeah...I'm in the 7.91% group. I've never touched the manga. Just anime for me I'm afraid. ^_^

Until next update!

[comment love: Sydney and Alko]
---22 May 2006 by Chrystal

[insert title here]
DONE WITH FINALS AND SCHOOL FOR THE SEMESTER DEAR GOD YES!!! *cough* *composes self* I'm sorry...what was I doing again? Oh right! Updating!

+ New snapshots for episodes 73, 74, and 75.
+ May SOTM is: Akemi Akina Graphics

And...that's it. Lol, doesn't seem much like an update, but I really went 'snap happy' with the screenshots. Just a bit ago we got our first layout entry for the contest! I'll be posting it in the next update where I'll be showing what entries has been entered so far.

Also I had some AMV song suggestions for AMVs by Drvnkrazee. Which we have: "Hold Me" by Weezer (still can't find the song ::dies::) and "You Remind Me" by Usher.

Any other suggestions? *hopeful smile* [especially for an action type video?]

That's all the updates for today!

[comment Love: Alko]
---14 May 2006 by Chrystal

Walk the Walk
Very short update today. Like... Really...short. @_@ Hey! But at least you know I'm still alive? Next week is finals. After that I'll be updating the site more constantly.

I want to try and churn out some more AMVs. Does anyone have any music suggestions? I'd like to make an 'action' type one for Movie 3. Any suggestions would be nice! I can't seem to find a good fast paced one.

Here's the poll results from the last poll: 'New Layout: Love or Hate?'

Click To See Results

Yay, over 400 of you like the new layout. Now those 58 of you... You make me cry. Lol, Just kidding. Everyone has the right to their own opinion!

Also updated was the InuYasha Too Much List. We now have 904. Jeez, we might as well try and shoot for a thousand. So...Start sending some in!

Finally, I figured how to make a reply for the comments where I don't need to actually 'post' a comment. Check out the AMV section comments for what I mean. I'll be replying personally to all comments made in the AMV section. Thank you all who have commented. Makes my day. ^_^


Just noting that SOTM result for May will be pushed backed until Thursday (or Friday). My very 'last' final exam is on that day. After that, I am DONE with school. For...the summer anyway. x_x


Until next update,

[comment love: Alko and Lori]
---30 Apr 2006 by Chrystal

No Hesitation
I am alive! But not for long. A bit of a short update, but one took quite a bit of my time to upload. x_x

+ April SOTM is Inuyasha Dreams

I know-- the insanity. This was the one that was my 'secret' project. Not really much of a secret is it? lol. What makes this one special is that I've been working on it for quite a while. I couldn't complete it until I got my hands on Vol. 40 of InuYasha.

The song is another lovely Imogen Heap one and this video is geared towards our Sango and Miroku fans.

Last thing I'll say about the video is that during 'one' part, by accident, a character's mouth actually looks like they are saying part of the song. I kept it, lol. I generally don't try and do that. See if you can find it in the video. ^_^

No AMV.ORG link is up currently, but will be later.

[comment love: Alko]
---15 Apr 2006 by Chrystal

I want to ride the eternal carousel and BLOW MY MIND!
::shuffles in on a walker:: ::bends to sit in a chair:: ::multiple bones crack:: ::cries::


+ NEW! THAT'S RIGHT! SPANKING NEW AMV!!!! AHH!!! (sorry, had to write in blinding caps for that)
+ New affiliate: Inuyasha - Heart and Soul
- Only five spots left for affiliates.
+ New episode snapshots of 70, 71, and 72
+ Comments page for AMVs.

So, the AMV isn't the ______ project (secret project). This is just one I did on the fly. I have two versions available. One is a larger resolution than the other. Only the link has the larger one. See the AMV page for details. Any comments on it would be great on the AMV. You can comment to a particular AMV which will be on the bottom right corner at the end of the information for that particular AMV.

April SOTM deadline is coming up! (4/10) Enter, enter!

[comment love: Andrew, Alko, and Anji ]
---08 Apr 2006 by Chrystal

Hide and Seek
Hey...I'm alive! Updates:

- Removed the following affiliates:
Ramen n' Chips (closed for hiatus for way too long now)
The Tetsusaiga War (no longer updated and never updated IYK link)
Tainted Codex (Not listed as an affiliate or linked anywhere)
Nijichan's Anime Palace (closed)

+ 6 openings are now available for affiliates. Feel free to apply.
+ New Contest (as seen in graphic above)- will be running until July 1st (possible it will be changed in the future).
+ Added 4 new fanfictions to the PG section by Crescent-Moon-Vixen.
- Removed Icons.
+ Merged images, AMVs, and MIDs together under Media section.
+ Your Opinions and AMVs are now up.
+ Added 1 new InuYasha Too Much contribution.
+ Added 1 new Movie 2 review by Vi

Results from the previous poll [ Do you think the InuYasha group will ever defeat Naraku? ]: Click To See

So yes, new contest. April SOTM deadline is approaching, and affiliates: Apply, apply, apply.

I took down the Icons section It's something I've had when the first site opened in order to have just some sort of content. None of the Icons aren't by me and to me they don't have much purpose. So away they go.

Until next update!

[comment love: Andrew, Darkshine, Amber, Alko, Nozomi, Orichalcos, ShalafiRach, and Rayray]
---01 Apr 2006 by Chrystal

::stares at clock:: that's what time it is? Almost six in the morning? And I'm still rolling out kinks? Woe is me.

Yep, new layout. Figured I better implement it now since I 'do' have classes starting up again Monday. Spring break rolled by way too fast. Not nice. =(

Having to re-edit all the main navigation sections was fun. Fun. Like dancing traffic kind of fun.

::cough:: Anyway, I did add some sections/spilt up sections. Such as Profiles, Reviews, and Credits.

You can see as well that two links are disactivated. Anime Music Videos and Your Opinions. Since the download section can be no more, I'll be going back to AMVs only. That takes some setting up again. Your Opinions is a giant mess of articles right now.

Also if the previous layout is partly showing for you still, you need to either click the reload/refresh button on your browser or clear your cache.

I'm going to sleep now. Periodically I'll be editing, fixing, picking in the next few days. Feel free to comment. Adieu!

[comment love: Alko]
---19 Mar 2006 by Chrystal

Any Other Day
Wow. Just. Wow.

Why must 'everything' happen at once? I was kidnapped during the weekend delaying updates. Then my host was down. Then my mail was down. Then the mail was up, then down. (I can't do anything if the mail is down)

I think someone out there hates me. ::points:: IS IT YOU?


+ Snapshots added from episodes 67, 68, and 69
+ Over 80 (I'm NOT joking) new contributions to the IY Too Much List (you people have too much time on your hands!)
+ Tweaked various random pages
+ Won an award from
+ Changed the relationship chart
+ March SOTM is: Anime Cosmo
+ IYK was reviewed by Absent Soul. Click here to read it.

So with the review, it's the first one I've ever applied for. I've always wanted to get the site reviewed, but never had the nerve. So silly of me! I worry about bad opinions too much. I plan to have a lot more as time progresses. One's always blind to their own work. Need to know where I can improve. ^_^

The relationship chart has a few changes added on to it. Now it's more sexier! And spicier!

And I can't believe I had two people send both send in about 40 new contributions to the IY Too Much list. I think there's a conspiracy afoot!

I still need to update fanfiction, but I just can't do it this session. Hopefully next time.

And...I took down the downloads. There's wonderful copyright issues which my host is cracking down on. I talk a little more about it in the IYK Forum. I'm seeing specifically if there is anything I can show, but I'm not holding my breath. I'd rather not have my site taken off and I'm sure they have mine flagged with the amount of bandwidth I use for 'wmv' files. Perhaps I may still just link AMV's. I guess those are the only things I'm concerned about. No matter if it's 'wrong' or not. We shall see.

Until next update,

[comment love: Darkshine, Alko, Andrew, and Amb]
---15 Mar 2006 by Chrystal

Harm of Will
Imagine that! Updates! A very tiny update.

+ Added episode snapshots 64, 65, and 66.
+ Added a massive contribution (pushing the list past 800 now) to the InuYasha Too Much list, by Sachicka.

And...that's pretty much the updates. I'll hopefully have another short one soon which will feature March's SOTM winner. Also hopefully by that time I'll have another fanfiction to add.

I still haven't decided what I wanted to do about the fanfiction dilemma in the range of ratings.

Also, spring is coming fast upon us and with it? A new layout! Oh indeed. I can't wait to put up the next one. You will be blinded by the colors, lol. I'm not going to reveal who/what 'mainly' it features... but I'll give you this 'tiny' sneak peek!

Click To See

I'm sure you're piddling in excitement. Until next update!

[comment love: Kimberly, Alko, Shinkara, Darkshine, and Shiori-chan]
---04 Mar 2006 by Chrystal

New Dawn
Well, it's official. It's panic mode time. ::shifts into second gear:: I have a lovely test next week, not to mention I have YET to start a project I should have two weeks ago.

I desperately need spring break. Spring break is a lost lover I NEED to find again!


+ Episodes 61, 62, and 63 snapshots are added
+ Updated the episode guide list
+ New poll is up [ Do you think the InuYasha group will ever defeat Naraku?]
+ Won a wonderful award by the gracious Alko
+ Received a wonderful gift from the wondrous Niki
+ Updated the contact page and other pages that refer to my e-mail address
+ A new giant contribution to the InuYasha Too Much list

Poll results from last: [How old are you? (age survey)]

Why did I inquire about ages? Well, two things. One is mild curiosity and another is the direction of the site. I wonder if I should really be linking to R and NC-17 stories. The stories are for mature readers, which, this site doesn't seem to traffic much in terms of older visitors. I of course love all the stories I have listed, I think they are truly note worthy, but being that InuYasha is a more or less young-teen branded audience-- Perhaps I should just do away with them. The adult mind of myself tells me that, but then the other says "Hey, free speech. People will read what they want to."

It's all a matter if I should be peddling them. So, I really have no idea what to decide. If anyone has any opinion on the matter, please comment. Your input can sway my decision, lol.

Let's see, before I forget I wanted to post a wonderful flash link:

A bit of InuYasha humor is a must see. The voice acting is done rather well I'd say.

That's all the updates for now (holy mess, a long-winded one)

[comment love: Nozomi, Andrew, Darkshine, Alko, Inu-Kun, Dream, Kimberly, and ILuvIY17]
---24 Feb 2006 by Chrystal

Brush on Silk
No chit chatting today! Updates! Updates!

+ Added snapshots of episodes 58, 59, 60
+ Added new contributions to the Too Much list
+ Clean up the links out page and added a few links
+ February SOTM is The InuYasha Shrine

::frantically runs:: Until' next update!

[comment love: Inu-Kun, Darkshine, Shiori-chan, Afan4eva, and Alko]
---11 Feb 2006 by Chrystal

Lead me to the garden of oblivion
Another update? and so soon? "Why Chrystal... What has gotten into you?"

I'm simply giddy at the fact I finally have all snapshots of episodes 1-57. They are in order! Now I can start after 57!

"Chrystal...You are a nerd." -- You might say.

And I accept that. Updates!:

+ Episodes 34, 35, and 36 are added in snapshots

+ One new fanfiction added in PG-13 section, by drvnkrazee

+ One new wallpaper (history in the making people, so rare). I really like how the colors came out in the blend.

+ I set up a new guestbook. Bravenet is quite a worthless free service. I've had that guestbook ever since the site started (back in my GeoCities days), but I can't take those spam robots anymore. I will be archived the entries that were in there...because I'm sentimental like that.

Anyway... Everyone should sign the new guestbook! ::sad anime eyes:: Please?

[comment love: Inu-kun, Shiori-chan, Alko, Shadow, Yoh, and Afan4eva]
---01 Feb 2006 by Chrystal

A Discarded Dream
So...tired. I curse school. Makes me so bloody tired. Word to the wise, once you're in college NEVER take a night class and NEVER have work the next day at the crack of dawn. I don't know how I'm going to put up with it all semester. ::cries and rocks back and forth::

Alrighty, updates! Whooo:

+ New snapshots of episodes 31, 32, and 33 added. Quite a few this time.
+ 5 new fanfiction stories listed, 4 in PG-13 section and 1 in R section by author Tensaiga.
+ New poll is up, this is just a personal site survey of visitor profiles. Please vote to help out. See previous poll results (Do you enjoy ramen as much as InuYasha?): click here

And those who don't know what ramen is, should be ashamed. ^_^

+ One new fan artwork contributed by WolfessKiss.
+ A zillion new InuYasha Too Much contributions.
- Removed two affiliates, Wonderland (closed), and The Void (has been dead for quite a while now)

I'm not accepting any new affiliates currently, so please don't ask or pester me about it.

I'm finally caught up on mail. A miracle.

Also, February SOTM deadline shall be coming soon. You know YOU want to enter!

[comment love: Gina, Shiori-chan, Kae, Nozomi, and Alko]
---25 Jan 2006 by Chrystal

It's just a Monster
This was a really time consuming update. It sucked my soul and the sad part is that there are still things to be done. ::sigh:: O' withered rose of life. I hate thee.

Now what made it so time consuming you ask? Well, let me tell you:

+ 9 clips add to the download section (which two of them are wonderful extras that's a bit of parody--must check those out)
+ Added the opening 3 (textless) to downloads section
+ Revamped the download section
+ Revamped the Characters/Storyline page, with loads new information on the Shikon no Tama in how it was born from Midoriko.
+ January SOTM is Cursed

So yeah. My head is about to burst into 99 red balloons. Until next update~

[comment love: Inu-Kun, Shiori, and Andrew ]
---11 Jan 2006 by Chrystal

Day by day, it gets colorless
Yo fools. Watz up? Worddddd. ::cough:: Sorry. The gangster in me just breaks free sometimes.

Okay, updates:

+ Episodes 29 and 30 added to snapshot section
+ 5 new wallpapers added (I know...end of the world people!)
+ Updated some links
+ New poll is up

Results from last poll:

Click here to see

I'm not going to show the comments and I don't think I'm gonig to have comments for awhile. I'm not going to get into why.

SOTM deadline is coming near, submit your sites to enter.

That's all the updates for today. Oh, and** new InuYasha episodes are now playing every Tuesday on Adult Swim.

[comment love: Andrew, Inu-kun, Gina, Shiori-chan, Yumi-chan, Alko]
---07 Jan 2006 by Chrystal

And it screams and cries for help, like a fool
Hope everyone had and nice holiday and new year. I get to work tomorrow! Yay... ::breaks in tears:: I want to die. Well, not really. It's not that bad. I just hate waking at the crack of dawn. Updates:

+ Snapshots of episodes 26, 27, 28 are up-- Quite a few this time. We've now hit our 2,000+ snapshot pictures in total.

+ Added some nice holiday affiliate gifts from Winds of Betrayal and Shattered Glass to the Awards Won section.

+ Updated a few links

That's about it. Snapshots took longer than I wanted. I really need to divide the my awards won section into "gifts" and "awards". Because really, I am lacking in awards, lol. And that should be known.

And let us conclude by trotting out more direct linkers. This is SUCH a fun game to find them all! I want to kill them all!

1. -This is the same person from before, but this time we found a site with an e-mail address. Also, the page closely resembles the same as it is here on their other account. -Direct linking multiple avatars and frankly, encouraging others to do so with cut n' paste codes.

2. -Direct linking multiple avatars

3. -Direct linking multiple icons

That's all the updates for today,

[ comment love: Inu-Kun, Shiori-chan, Gina, Alko ]
---02 Jan 2006 by Chrystal