As Shaken by the Train
Oh, a Christmas Eve update. What do I have up my sleeve for today's update? Is it...magic? No! No it's not.

Now then, updates:

+ New affiliate: Shattered Glass
+ New snapshots of episodes 23, 24, and 25
+ Added some new random avatars for the Forum
+ New contribution to the InuYasha Too Much List
+ New poll is up

Previous poll results on the question- New Layout: Love?

Poll Results
Poll Comments

And in response to the comments (bottom to top):

1. Too blue? Perhaps. But we will endure it anyway. Replacing Kikyou with InuYasha just defeats the purpose of the layout. I'd rather not have InuYasha in every. single. layout. B o r i n g.

2. The option "somewhat love" to me is just a fine response if you liked the layout, but "dislike" the character used.

3. Thanks

I know a lot of people hate simply it features Kikyou, but I don't care. This site is not biased towards characters.

Anyway, hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Whatever you celebrate, celebrate hard and well!

[comment love: Gina, Andrew, Inu-Kun, Shadow, Shiori-chan, Niki-chan, Shinkara, Nozomi, Diane, Alko]
---24 Dec 2005 by Chrystal

It's like a shuffle beat; easier to repeat
Updates, oh updates:

+ December SOTM is: Taijiya no Isamu-- See their review below.

+ New wallpaper (I know! So rare!).

- Deleted wallpapers that were contributed by others. (only two). I'm still traumatized long ago of someone submitting me something they didn't do. I'm just going to keep it featuring my own works.

+ New snapshots of episodes 20, 21, and 22

+ New download, textless opening: 2

And now we take this time to commence bitching. You know, I am not ignorant if you're direct linking a picture. Every time someone visits your page, a little note is logged to me of that outside url that has one of MY pictures. Of course I could always bring back up the black list, but let's just trot out the following morons here:

1. Direct linking multiple avatars

2. Direct linking/stealing my personal avatar/info content/snapshots

3. Direct Linking multiple MID Zip files, Direct linking Icon

4. Direct Linking button

5. Direct Linking Wallpaper

6. Direct Linking Enter sign

7. Direct Linking Avatar

Isn't that nice? Brings me joy. Angry joy.

Until next wonderful update-

[comment love: Andrew, Gina, Diane, Shadow, Inu-Kun, Shinkara, Shiori-chan]
---11 Dec 2005 by Chrystal

Raspberry Swirl
Behold! The power of cheese! Er... Update!

+ New IYK Forum Layout (Kikyou Featured)
+ Snapshots of episodes 17, 18, and 19
+ About a million new InuYasha Too Much contributions (over 700 now)
+ New fan art contributed by Kagome305
-Took down Link Exchange
-Took down Your Opinions

Reasoning for taking down link exchange, well, from now on I'm only going to add sites that I really enjoy myself. I suppose you can always e-mail me to ask, but usually the chance will be slim if I'll accept it. Soon I'll go though the current links with a fine tipped comb.

Your Opinions are down simply because reconstructing is taking longer than I expected. Hopefully it will be completed by the end of December.

Soon I'll be picking a new affiliate from the submitted entries I have so far. So, hurry and apply if you haven't done so yet and wish to.

Poll results from last, Naraku's New Form, Like or Dislike?:

Click to see poll results

Click to see comments from poll

And just to note...some people...need to to take...a 'joke'.

Until' next update,

[major comment love, like never before: Carlos, Kenna, Gina, Inu-Kun, Shiori, Bankusgirl, Shadow, Diane, Andrew, Sorano]

Each of those people above owns a piece of my soul...and a gift basket full of pocky.
---04 Dec 2005 by Chrystal

New Layout
Yep new layout. Fresh for the cold/winter-ness. I'm sure some may "hate" it because it features Kikyou. To those people I say:

Build a Bridge and Get Over It

No, I didn't make the layout as a tribute from past new episodes that played on Adult Swim or anything. I made this months before that. As I've noted before, I plan on using all characters as a layout.

There's a few bugs I need to fix. So you may run into something that doesn't seem right. Also, if your seeing some of the resemblance of the previous layout that was up (which was a tan/brown color) clear your cache.

That's the update for now,

[comment love: Inu-Kun, Gina, Andrew]
---19 Nov 2005 by Chrystal

Spectacular! Mega-Update! today's update took me about two days to complete. Why? Because I obviously have no common sense. And...that's...okay.

What's new:
+ 5 InuYasha clips available in download section (yes! FIVE!)
+ Ending Two (textless) available in download section
+ Snapshots of episodes 14, 15, and 16 are up!
+ Movie 2 Review Added
+ Movie 3 Section Added
+ 1 Affiliate spot is open for IYK...So...apply!
+ 2 new fan arts added by Master-InuYasha
+ November Site of the Month is: Bloody Roses (scroll to bottom to find review)

Honestly I'm still not done...but pff, the other stuff can wait. Now...must...focus..on homework. X_x

[comment love: Andrew, Inu-Kun, Gina, Anjii, Nozomi, Nijichan]
---13 Nov 2005 by Chrystal

Halloween tomorrow! Oh... How I almost miss the days of stealing...I mean...given candy and parading around in a costume. If anyone dresses up like an InuYasha character-- You should send a picture to me! I would love to see! (and post on the site ::cough::)

Alrighty, nitty gritty:

+ New Snapshots of episodes 10, 11, and 12 are up.
+ New wallpaper
+ One new contribution to the Inuyasha Too Much List
+ New fanfiction submission, PG-13, Intricate by iyoku-ishi
+ New fanart by Jillian

Have a fun halloween! (a hallowiffic one)

[comment love: Gina, Andrew]
---30 Oct 2005 by Chrystal

How unexpected! an update! (I'm so avoiding homework right now). Re-constructing IYK Euphoria Fanlisting (located under the 'fan' section) didn't take as long as I dreaded. I slapped a layout together for it quickly though. Anyway, up and running!

For those who don't know what in the world IYK Euphoria is, It's simply a fanlisting of people who are deliriously in love with the InuYasha series.

Currently 99 members. Will YOU be the hundredth? Humm?

(note that about two or three people sent an application, these were not added since I was reconstructing everything)

I went through the tedious task of hand coding all the past members into the new format. The only downside to this switch is that people can now be listed by country (of where you reside). Since I didn't Everyone who previously signed up is under USA. If you're listed and are not from USA, contact me to change it.

In other news here are the last poll results:

Click Here

Comments from last poll:

Click Here

New poll is --> Naraku's new form: Like? Dislike?

That's the update for now,

[comment love: Andrew]
---26 Oct 2005 by Chrystal

Puppy Dog Tails and Snails
Ooh, extra special for today. You get dos snapshots! That's two for one! 7 eggs for one Anyway:

+ episode 8 (32 pixs) and episode 9 snapshots (44 pixs) added
+ two new fan arts added by Master Inuyasha and Veronika
+ one new fanfiction, Never Fall in Love!, PG-13, by ILuvIY17
+ new contributions to the Inuyasha Too Much list
- IYK Euphoria shall be down for a while

I'm reconstructing the whole thing. I'm not sure what I'll do with the names that signed up, but hopefully I'll figure out something. I suppose I could just delete it all. That would be a little sad since some of those are from 03'

Some FYI for some upcoming updates:

Completed (squeaky and clean) the newest layout design. I'm itching to put it up next month. Also I'm going to try and make some more quizzes along with wallpapers. Finally, a new AMV is in the works featuring movie 3.

Until next update--

[comment love: Gina, Inu-Kun, Andrew]
---23 Oct 2005 by Chrystal

Drifting Days
Oy, I'm sorry I'm announcing October SOTM late. School just really messes up everything, lol. SOTM is:

Heart of the Soul

Scroll to the bottom to see their review.

+ Episode 13 snapshots added (Now in crystal clear vision! dvd snapshots all the way from now!)
+ Added downloads of the Opening 1 and Ending 1 footage

That's all for now!

Comment Love: Carlos, Andrew, Gina, Inu-Kun
---15 Oct 2005 by Chrystal

Okay, I want to make a note about flooding my guestbook. Yes, I check it.


What's flooding?

1. Making multiple entries. You only need one.
2. Don't post you've changed your site title, changed a link, etc. I find that annoying. I'll visit your site if I want to. Talk about your site changes there, not my guestbook.
---11 Oct 2005 by Chrystal

I'm alive! ::wheezes:: Alive...and older. My birthday was the third. ::sigh:: Me feel old...

Alright, quite a big new thing:

-/+ Took down the AMV page and replaced with a new download page (under media section)!

Yes, it's own little system. Which is where AMVs, sound clips, eppy clips will be available. I've transferred the AMVs I had over there. So, you don't have to go though to download. Here you can comment and rate the file.

So yeah...that took me all day to install. I hope this will please some of you, who've been requesting another way to download. Keep in mind this is my own bandwidth we are using. Periodically I will disable links, then activate other links.

+ Two new contributions to InuYasha Too Much List
+ New fanfiction up in G section, Collide, by ohrockstar
+ Added one new members to Euphoria
+ Added a Contest Winners page
+ New Link Out added
+ New Poll is up

Last Poll Results: Click to See
Last Poll Comments: Click to See

Also, soon I'm getting InuYasha dvds (oh..the wonders of Netflix) to screencap episodes. I'm tired of digging though my VHS copies. Plus the quality will be 100% better. No way I'm redoing what I have right now though. I'd rather die a thousand deaths than do that again. ^_^

Oy, I have so much I would like to add and fix on the site. I wonder if I shall ever get it done. ::crestfallen:: Anyway, until next update!

[comment love: Inu-Kun, Gina, Nozomi, Shiori]
---09 Oct 2005 by Chrystal

Calm before the Storm
Eh... As some may know I'm from Texas. As some may don't know, I'm about 130 miles or so from Houston...which is being evacuated. So. What does that mean exactly? I'm not really sure myself. Where I live there 'was' a mandatory evacuation. It's been bumped down to voluntary yesterday. I don't know how bad it will be here. I have no idea. Not in the slightest.

I may update on Monday for all I know, or perhaps the electricity may be out for days. Have to just hope for the best.

On that note... I went ahead and made a minor update to the site:

+ Quite a few new InuYasha Too Much additions, 675 in total
+ New fanfiction up in R section (NC-17 warning) The Heiress of Heaven by quirkyslayer
+ Added two new members to Euphoria

Until next update...

[comment love: Kagome Higurashi, Kenna, Shiori, Inu-Kun, ifeelspecial, Jessica Honey, Nozomi ]
---23 Sep 2005 by Chrystal

I'm sure hardly anyone was aware, lol, but this site was down for quite awhile. Due to the freak massive power outage in Los Angeles, which is where my site's server resides.

I've taken down the poll because that's not working correctly as of now. My host is saying that they are turning on servers gradually. The poll is apart of a different little sever. Anyway, I'll test it out a little later to see if it works. From what I can see the Forum is working alright. If you see any other problems, feel free to call my attention to it.


And--- my webmail isn't working. Contact me at, if needed.

**end edit**

** edit 9/13/05 **

Everything seems to be working now. Poll and my domain webmail is up.

**end edit**
---12 Sep 2005 by Chrystal

Snap Happy
::rubs eyes:: I have so much more I need to update, but I don't have the time to do it! This is a massive update as it is. What's new:

+ 200 snapshots added from Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler
+ Added gender option to IYK Forum
+ New September SOTM is Endless-Dreamz (scroll to bottom to find link to review)
+ Received our first donation from Alex!
+ Added a episode list in the episode reference page, so you can just have a nice glance at the titles

Yeah, I have no idea why I clipped 200 images. I think I'm insane.

Since I'm too kind for my own good, I'm posting some of my favorite snapshots from Movie 3 in a larger format than regular gallery size. These shall be up temporarily.

1. A nice Sesshy close up

2. Only image I have of the great Inutaisho of his face. He's sneaky!

3. Miroku by the fire

4. Pain for pleasure?

5. Brothers fighting--as usual

6. A broken soul

7. A newborn InuYasha

8. Flames afoot!

9. Inutaisho's true form

10. Inutaisho's true form, 2

11. Face to face!

12. A sullen sunset

13. Fallen and can't get up?

14. Tetsusaiga

15. Tenseiga

16. Mad dash!

Finally, here's the last poll results:
Click me

And the corresponding comments:
Click me

That's all the updates for today!

I just fixed the episode 50's snapshots. I was browing throught my galleries and noticed that the pages was not updated/broken images. Anyway, fixed those. If you ever find anything like that, yall should tell me!

[comment love: Gina, Shiori, Andrew, Angie, Nozomi, Kagome]
---11 Sep 2005 by Chrystal

A picture is worth a thousand words...
Surprise! New snapshots added! Never thought you would live to see the day, did you?

+ Episode 7 snapshots added (41), which now we have over a 1,000 gallery pixs!
+ One new link out added
+ A big, big, big contribution to the too much list by Lita, which now topples over 600

Yes, only reason why I actually cropped and clipped some snapshots today is because I was sick. Stomach poisoning, I have no idea what it is, but it didn't get a chance to fall asleep until the late afternoon. I felt so horrible. What's worse was that in the morning I was supposed to start my new job, which I even got dressed and everything hoping I would feel better, but nay.

Eh, anyway, so when I felt somewhat better I just began working on some sitey work. You will be surprised to know that I've just completed the Winter Layout for IYK and Spring layout. I have no idea why I made them either--especially so early. Humm...just really planning ahead? x_x

Some InuYasha news I should throw out here:

1. InuYasha: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass debuts Saturday, Aug. 27 (Tomorrow) on Adult Swim. (I wish my tv would bloody work ::sigh::)
2. Movie 3, Swords of an Honorable Ruler-- There's a EXCELLENT deal online at Best Buy, pre-order the movie and get the soundtrack! Click here to see!

Until next update-
[comment love: Andrew, Nozomi, Gina, angie-pangie, Diane]
---26 Aug 2005 by Chrystal

School is once again upon us. Now, we prepare ourselves for the long trail ahead of us. Armed with backpacks filled will books, paper, pens (MUST HAVE RED PEN), and pencils (and a few cookies for snack time), we will forge ahead and return triumphant!


That's what I tell myself anyway. ^_^

And that is the subject of the new poll. Excited about 'back to school'? I'm sure you are. ^_<

Here's the previous poll results: Click to see
Also, here's the comments that people submitted: Click to see

I'm gong to start showing the comments that people send in, if there's any that is.

+ changed a few affiliate links (Everyone is moving lately to new addresses) o_o
+ Added 2 new fan art works by San Ookami
+ Added 3 new 'Too Much InuYasha' contributions
+ changed a few minor pages
+ Donation page is up!

So yes, if you ever find yourself a dollar and you have no idea what to do with it...donate to IYK! A good cause I say!

And now I leave you with a poem:

From the mountain slope,
glistening maple leaves
are here enclosed---
when the autumn passes,
will they be its memento?

[comment love: Andrew, Gina, Diane, Nozomi, Hiro ] <--- most commenter's EVER. ::gives those people pocky::
---19 Aug 2005 by Chrystal

Fan Art Contest and SOTM Results
::dies:: It's so. Bloody. Hard! I never again want to do a contest! I know...I know...I lie. But it's so ungodly hard to choose, lol. The same goes for SOTM.

So yes, all I have time to update for today is just the results. I've made the awards and I will send them off later today. See the IYK Fan Art 2005 Results here:

Click Me!

Finally, August SOTM is Autumn-Storm Network. Check to see their review below.

Sorry for a short update, took longer than what I would thought overall with the contest. x_x
---13 Aug 2005 by Chrystal

Drowned in the Sea
Eh, I was dead for the past days. Dead by glorious choice! ::cough:: I had a delightful week anyway. ^_^ I shall not bore you with details. That's what my LJ is for, lol.

So...Yes... Fan Art contest. Who won? Don't know... yet... Eh.. I think, hopefully, I'll have it decided by the time I announce August SOTM.

As for sitely updates, here's the last poll results: Click to See

Quite a few voted apparently. 0_o

+ New glorious fan art by Diane Gomez added

+ New link(s) out added, You Two

+ 44 new.... wait... 44??? ::calculates:: ::stares:: 'InuYasha Too Much' List contributions. Grand total of 591.

+ Four new Your Opinions added, which are as follows:

[ orignal article edit ] -- for Kikyou vs Kagome by Carlos
[ reply 2 ] -- for Kikyou vs Kagome by Carlos
[ reply 3 ] -- for Kagome 's spiritual powers [ ... ] by Carlos
[ reply 3 ] -- for Really Bad Fanfictions by Amy
[ reply ] -- for Adult Swim Scheduling by Alko

- NOTE - As of 8/07/05, all 'Your Opinions' shall be posted and replied to at the forum in the InuYasha Politics section. I will no longer be adding replies to this page; however, whatever articles/essays that are posted in the forum are subject to be nominated to be placed in this archive. I will be picky. ^_^ --

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

That's all for today's updates.

[comment love-- my three sparrows: Gina, Andrew, and Nozomi]
---07 Aug 2005 by Chrystal

Yes...I missed my site's birthday. =(
I didn't get to do anything special for the site on it's anniversary a few days ago. I've been thrown into work like a horrid beast. I did make a cheesecake for myself. ^_^

Which, really I should be asleep right now, but might as well update anyway!

Here's the last poll results: See here

Ha to you nay sayers! Democracy wins!

And indeed I have installed a forum. It's all set up and ready to go. I promise you at least me and my friend Gina will have fun posting rambles. ^_^

The link to the IYK Forum shall be on the fan section.

As a nice lovely that I am, I've made some gallery avatars for people to use. I was able to use the Japanese names for the character. I suppose I think that's particularly snazzy. ^_^ Hopefully if I ever screencapture the newest characters, I'll make avatars out of them as well. Or, if you're really nice, you can donote the character image that you want.

So please join and post. I know it will be slow to start, but it's free for your use. Also if anyone can think of any other categories you would like, feel free to post in the Suggestion Box section.

As to other updates we have 4 new Your Opinions:

[ New Article ] -- for Adult Swim... Scheduling by Pua
[ New Article ] -- for Anti-Kikyou vs. Anti-Kagome by Carlos
[ reply 13 ] -- for Kagome's Character by Maggie
[ reply 1 ] -- for Kikyou vs Kagome by Alko

That's all! Please join the forum!
---26 Jul 2005 by Chrystal

Endless Bedtime Story
Updates-updates, a few updates for tonight.

+ 2 new IYK affiliates Shards and Winds of Betrayal.

- Affiliation openings are now closed.

+ Remade the Site Awards. Now they are graphically snazzy.

+ New PG-13 Story: Without Pig-Tails by Boggy.

+ Added a few new links to the Links Out section

+ New Poll is up, Forum at IYK? Yes or No? Cast your vote!

+ New Movie 1 Opinion by: Alko.

+ Affiliate gift from Deadly Silent added to Awards Won section.

+ Updated the Past Layouts section.

+ One new Your Opinion added, which are as follows:

[ reply 12 ] -- for Kagome's Character by Inuki

So yes, I think that's it! ::sweats:: A bit more than a small update. So yes... forum...yes? no? It's purely up to yall.

IYK's anniversary is on the 22nd! I'm trying to see what I can do special for that day. Perhaps I'll dream something up. ^_^

Also here are the last poll results: Click Here

Thanks for all who left a comment in the poll!

That's all the updates for tonight.

[ comment love ]: Andrew, Gina, Nozomi
---21 Jul 2005 by Chrystal

--- by

Whooo for comment boxes!
Yay! Finally got it figured out. Was it really that hard? No.. but it was certainly hard from me to remember what were all these files I had to do the program. Twas' recommended by Nozomi I do believe. I admire her nifty comment-ness. smile

Yes, do you see that weird "purr" ? I actually made the emodicons. At first I was doing a lovely little InuYasha inspired head when all my work was deleted. Discouraged and crestfallen I pondered something else I could do quickly. So.. I found the Chocho...Chococat?... Is that the name? Character from Hello Kitty. I don't know to much about Hello Kitty, but the little kitty is adorable.

Also you can note that I made these since they aren't the greatest quality. x_x

But hey, first time me ever attempting to do some. Do I get cookies anyway?

So, some of you do fear the by a few in the guestbook, the header graphic is a bit big. Mm, but it shall stay. Unless everyone finds it ungodly annoying. I usually do 3 versions of a layout that I'm working on, and for this one it's a version one. Why so quick to put em' up? Ah...I just want to explore the world of PHP. Plus, I can easily change the layout later. I shall when I get those new calendar scans.

I think the last bit that I'll add, to somewhat bring this into a sitely update, is that I've had a few e-mail suggestions about having a forum. I'm indeed very capable of hosting one easily. I just have no idea if you [ the people ] would like it or not?

I see many InuYasha sites that have forums, but it's rather dead. Some of my good friends from today I've met through forums, so I think that is indeed a fun way to communicate and gear towards a center community. Perhaps with the forum I could replace the 'Your Opinions' Section with a special spot in the message board. Mmm. Don't know.

I may cast a poll to see, but if you have any feelings about it one way or another. Feel free to leave a comment! That's why I have this little bugger in the first place. ^_^
---14 Jul 2005 by Chrystal

Previous update on 7/13/05...
2 affiliate spots for IYK are now currently available. Feel free to [ apply ]. it looks I had gotten inspired in a matter of days. @_@ A new fresh layout, which I'm sure the majority of you may be a little scared of the brown. ^_^

How on earth I pick my colors that I do, I have no clue. On a whim, just a whim. As for the main image, It features three of our series fellows. I personally like Sesshy in that one. *ahem* anyway, now I am indeed php-ifed. I'm PHP-PiMpEd in other words..for you young folks.

Eh, the haloscan comments don't seem to work in PHP pages. I'm sure you have or something for it to do so. I know there's some free PHP comment codes floating around out there, which I'm trying to find.

Do note the snazzy little poll to the side. (which you CAN send me comments through that! eh...about the poll subject!) which, I'll personally get whatever comment you make. Note that if some of you love to spam Spammy SpAm, I will block IP addresses. =D

I may redo some of the header images to go with this layout...and I'm sure there's some bugs...perhaps broken links floating around. If you spot any, please feel free to let me know.

So...this is the layout that I created in a matter of days and switched all of the HTML pages to PHP through non-stop hours. What do you think?

Leave a comment in the guestbook or the poll on the side! Arigato and until next update!
---14 Jul 2005 by Chrystal