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Date: 05.13.06
I don't want to sound conceited, but I think this is one of the best layouts I've ever made. It took me roughly about two days. And it features none other than Shippou!!! The marble-looking things are supposed to be candy. Just in case you couldn't tell. Well, there are going to be a couple avatars and one site link thingie. hehe. Well, have fun with this layout but please be sure to follow the Terms because I put a lot of work into this. Thankies! :D

Well, enjoy the spiffy-o layout!

|| Posted By: Amaye ||

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°Do not redistribute.
°Do NOT take off or alter the credits.
°Never claim as your own design.
°Do not change the formation completely.
°Do not just download to copy the coding.
Questions or comments?! Contact me at fuyu.no.tenshi[a]gmail.com