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A P P L Y  S I T E  A W A R D S

Here you can enter to win one of my site awards! Below are the current awards available with a description of qualities in a site that I look for to win that award.  So feel free to enter--- But first read my rules for award form submission:

Your site....

1.  Must be for all ages
2.  Is not "majorly" underconstruction
3.  Is not full of links to other sites
(have a range of content in other words)
4.  Must not be found direct linking ANY of your images to a site that I know doesn't allow it; your application will be thrown out. (If you have permission to do so, better tell me in your application!)

Note:  Your site does not have to be InuYasha related to enter!

Benevolent Site Award

For sites that have good start so far on their site. Having some information, and navigation of some sort. Layouts can be pre-made. I'm looking for sites that don't just have 3 to 4 links. Prove to me that you've put some effort into making what you have.

Starr Image Award

Based heavily on layout. This cannot be a premade layout, it must be of your own design. (this is not for the amount of graphic/pictures you have, only layout)

Junoesque Award

Have an excellent layout with well-rounded information. A lot of time was used to create the site. Navigation is pretty well constructed. Having something unique is always a plus+ -- Pre-made layouts can be applied here, but if you made it your self, that's an extra star in my book.

Transcendental Award

This is my highest achivement award. Having a somewhat professional look with a clean visual layout. Also having well-rounded information and excellent navigation. Impress me! 0_< -- No premade layouts. Must be made on your own.


Below is the application.  Answer accordingly and for the "Which award your are submitting for?"   Choose "You Decide"  if you think your site can be applied for multiple awards and I shall decide. You might even get two if you're lucky. =)

Inuyasha - Karma Awards Form

Your name:

Your email address:

What is your sites name?

What is your sites URL?

Which award are you submitting for?

What is your site about and why did you create it?