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Have some fan art you would like to share? Feel free to send it to me by contacting me using this form. I will get in contact with you and then you can attach your artwork in an e-mail and reply back to me. I do not discriminate against artworks, their all beautiful in their own right. ( no hentai though ) ^_^

Click on a picture thumbnail to see it enlarged. Do NOT take any of these without the artist's consent. Remove the "{ }" around the "@" symbol to e-mail the artist.

By: Alex

By: KagomeInu1517

By: Ramsey

By: WolfessKiss

By: Kagome305

By: Master Inuyasha

By: Veronika Danovich

By: San Ookami

By: Sorano

By: Rose Mielke

By: Diane Gomez

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