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Here's a little collection of InuYasha AMVs I have made so far. You can either download them from site or through this site itself. Please do not redistribute without permission. Do not direct link. All files are in zipped folders. Please leave constructive commets. None of those: OMG DIS SUXS!!!LOL

Please be respectful and do not claim any videos as your own work. Do not redistribute any AMV from Inuyasha - Karma without my consent .

Deceiving Heart

Title: Deceiving Heart
Song: Light of Love
   Sung by: Mayaa Sakamoto,
   Lyrics by: Yuho Iwasato
   Composition by: Yoko Kanno
Time length: 6:26
Format: WMV

Description: This AMV centers around our favorite love triangle, but more so centering on InuYasha's feelings. Loving someone.... then to have that fade, then starting to love another, but that one person is still burning in the back of your mind. Espeically when that relationship wasn't truly over...Just to feel torn between two people. The music in this AMV really has this great melancholy/eerie feeling, which is why I chose to do this subject for the AMV.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. As always, feedback is always welcome. <3

It's All Your Fault 2 (remake)

Title: It's All Your Fault
Song: The Walk by Imogen Heap
Time length: 4:36
Format: WMV

Description: A remake of the original "It's All Your Fault". Originally I remade this to enter into a contest at a convention I went to. Better quality of editing and clips used. Basically I snazzed it up a notch. =p There's a full high quality version (AVI) which will be posted later here.

This is a Miroku x Sango fluff. Basically the premise is how they really never meant for anything to happen as love or crushes is concerned. Especially given their own struggles they are trying to deal with. Sango's brother Kohaku, the death of her entire village, Miroku's wind tunnel and the fate that awaits him. Despite that they begin falling for each other.

Who's fault is it really? Well, you tell me. ^_^

Will I ever get out of my Imogen phase? lol. Let's hope so. Any comments are appreciated.

Black Tangled Heart

Title: Black Tangled Heart
Song: Black Tangled Heart by Silverchair
Time length: 4:37
Format: WMV

This video focuses on InuYasha. "Black Tangled Heart" is certainly something that InuYasha deals with on a daily bases. Such as how a war still continues inside the Jewel of Four Souls, so does inside InuYasha. What does his heart truly long for? Love? Revenge? Hate?

With his confused feelings towards Kagome, sorrow over Kikyou, and all the anger and pain he feels towards Naraku- I try to protray this in this AMV.

Any comments, suggestions are welcomed. Hope you enjoy! Arigatou gozaimasu!

Please be respectful and do not claim this video as your own work. Do not redistribute any AMV from Inuyasha - Karma without my consent.


Title: Headstrong
Song: Headstrong by Trapt
Time length: 4:35
Format: WMV

Description: This AMV is centered around InuYasha and Sesshomarou in Movie 3, Swords of an Honorable Ruler. Basically in the movie the brothers are fighting each other just about every chance they get (hum, nothing new from the anime series, lol). But in the end, they do combine their powers to defeat their enemy! (of course kicking and screaming all the way just to do even that) I consider them both really stubborn, so Headstrong is the perfect song for this AMV. ^_^

Though I'm sure this song might be a bit over used...but oh well! Any comments are appreciated.

Have You Got It in You?

Title: Have You Got It in You?
Song: Have You Got It in You? by Imogen Heap
Time length: 4:02
Format: WMV

Description: Finally got to make another AMV. Ever since I heard this song 'Have You Got It in You' by Imogen Heap, I knew I wanted to make an AMV from episode 33 from InuYasha. In the episode the major characters battle their own fears/illusions. 'Have You Got It in You?' pretty much sums up the theme. ^_^

So Damn Beautiful 2

Title: So Damn Beautiful 2
Song: So Damn Beautiful by Polaroid
Time length: 3:41
Format: WMV

Description: This AMV centers around the love triangle between InuYasha, Kagome and Kikyou. So Damn Beautiful, is a wonderful song, I couldn't help but make an AMV to it. ^_^

I've made a previous version to this, but it was short and didn't feature too much footage. I'm much more pleased with this once since I was able to get the video that I wanted to use a bit more and I used the whole song this time.

Tear Drop

Title: Tear Drop
Song: Tear Drop by Massive Attack featuring Beth Gibbions
Time length: 2:24
Format: WMV

Description: This is a short little collage of scenes from InuYasha Movie 2, Castle Beyond the Looking Glass. Mostly this is centered around, as noted in certain parts of the song, being 'fearless'. Note that in most of this it's supposed to look "scratchy". This one is my top favorite so far.

Fallen Icons

Title: Fallen Icons
Song: Fallen Icons by Delerium
Time length: 2:18
Format: WMV

Description: A short little tid-bit focusing on a certain scene from InuYasha: Affections Touching Across Time. Second video I've done, so bare me with me.

This one in particular isn't my favorite out of the other two, but others seem to really like it. It's very cheesy-emotional to me, lol.

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