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A P P L Y   A F F I L I A T E

What all am I looking for?  Simply well rounded sites.  For me, being affiliates is sort of a favor for a site you would recommend.  Who all can apply?

All I require is:

1. You must link back via 'affiliates' (of course) on your site. It must be stated clearly that I'm an affiliate.
(note: Only after you have been accepted as an affiliate should you put my link up. It's pointless to state I'm an affiliate on your site before you even apply. I do not reply to applications unless I've accepted you.)

2. You must link my site here:

3. Inuyasha related is what I look for most, but not a requirement.  It depends on the site.

4. No hentai sites can apply.

5. If you have a long hiatus (no content available at all/broken link), I will remove you from my list. Sites that have not been updated in over a year are subject to be taken down as well. I do keep some affiliates though their site is no longer active. This purely depends on the quality of the site if I do this or not. If I do not see my link on your site 'anywhere', I will take down your link immediately from the affiliates list. No warnings.

If you do not get a reply after two weeks at the most, then it means no.  Again, I like to look for sites I think are great. Having an original layout, well researched content, etc.

If I catch you direct linking from another site for an image or etc, your application will be thrown out. I do not condone direct linking at all. Period. If you had permission to do so, you better tell me. ^_<

Spots available: 8

Your name:

Your email address: (e.g.:

Website URL?:

Website Name?:

What is your site about?:

Why would you like to be affiliates with Inuyasha - Karma?