Alright everyone, who wants to play duck, duck, goose? I feel like I need to stand somewhere else. Yes, I'll stand here.
Um... I can stare harder than you. Pff, I am the staring champion, fool.
I told you people! Go away! We are not having a dance off with you! Why not InuYasha? Are you ashamed of your breakdancing skills? I...really have nothing to say.
I think...If we go this way...We will find the gnomes. You stay like that priestess! Or else we gonna slice you! Slice you like bacon! You mean this doesn't look good on me?
Mmm...I say we just turn around and pretend we never saw it. ROAR! I LIKE TURTLENECK SWEATERS! I DEMAND TURTLENECK SWEATERS! Oh my God Miroku... Look at that sweater. It's cashmere! So divine!

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