pirates here captain! What do you mean I have knots in my hair? I wish I had some tea right about now..Or cheetos.. Mmmmm.. yummmm...
I WANT TACO BELL!!! I have no pupils!::sobs:: I tell you what old man..I will trade you one Gordilla with chicken for one crunchy taco.
::hisses:: Totosai: Heh! That's what you! Fine...I will also add in this get that crunchy taco of yours... ::shifty eyes::
Wasp:  ::sniff sniff:: Is that a crunchy taco I smell? Let me have a bite!! Please Master InuYasha!! Muhahahaha...that will be my taco soon enough!
Look...pretty.... Two mountains...out of no where...dramatic music playing...what could go wrong? Moo...

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