My...Mr... W-w-what pretty lip gloss you have.. Ick..bad pimple day... Take that you spider-like web of acid!! ::burns foot:: ::cries::
Omg...this is the biggest butter knife I've ever seen... a little mad. 0_0 Okay..Sango being mad is just an understatement..Inuyasha is REALLY mad.
Smell this... Is it a bird...big bird? A deformed teletubby? The world may never know. What ever it is, I'm slicing though it!
Hello?? [ echos ] Is Lord Sesshomaru in here? In this tiny, very tiny hole that doesn't make sense he would be here?? That Jaken....idiot.::'horses' nod in agreement:: Ah!! I just saved 10% by switching to Geiko!
You know what else I could do with this butter knife?  Make sandwiches. Look at my I look amused to you?? Because I am. ::dodges::  Is that the best you can do InuYasha?

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