No...I left my easy bake oven on.. I must go home before it burns!!! Sorry guys...I need to go..and NO this is NOT about InuYasha
I just left my little oven on is all...tootles! Who am I kidding...I'm leaving because of InuYasha Do you know what's an oven, Miroku?
::gasp:: My what big fangs you have! ::sigh:: I'm so bored Wow...a window. I fogot I had one of those.
That's just fine that she left...she's so bothersome anyways ::pouts:: Wow...if you really look at this fabric...there's quite a few stains on here I guess I better flush this down the toliet.
Shh..ask her before she leaves ::everyone stares:: Mom: Bye Kagome! Have fun outside! ::muffled sounds::


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