Come on! Paper, Sissiors, Rock one more time!! You so cheated! What are you talking about Inuyasha? Your the one who cheated. *smack*  Shut up.
Okay, okay...down to buisness. What kind of trading cards do you have? No you can't have my Pikichu card... ::hisses:: Oh we go again ::group sighs::
Next time you better tell me that he didn't have a ramen card! Kagome: Inuyasha...what's wrong? Inuyasha: I think...I just realized..I don't need ramen to smell that too?
::evil laughter:: Come Kouga...come visit my cage. Eh? What kind of.... Meet my new spawn... Helper Monkey!
Gah! Alright Mr.Helper Monkey..your going to get yours now..smudging my makeup and all.. Wait!! Don't do it!! Don't eat the orange jellybean that Kagome gave you!


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