No.. We will not start of this episode questioning my attire.  ::pets boa/tail:: I see London... I see France... :: Home Alone moment::   AHhh!
::munch munch:: I <3 fish! ::sighs:: Where's Kagome's nail kit when I need it? Gah!
Is... That a 3-eyed cow?  It looks bewildered... Wait wait WAIT a minute... Is that your sword over there? Master InuYasha? ::group stares at broken sword:: Um... No?
You know, let's not worry about that right now.  I have a feeling a random fire place is going to pop up out of no where. ::magical fire place appears:: Hey.. Is that some hair on my forehead??  YES!
::sobs:: I have a paper cut on my finger! ::wails:: 'WTF did you do to this sword??'   InuYasha: 'I used it as an axe...It's an honest mistake, I used it to make a fire place--but no one knows about it.  I made it appear out of no where.' NO I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM.


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