Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's eating a unicorn that had a laser beam attached to it's head. *sniff* *sniff*  I smell dog. ::sigh:: I'd rather not diaper change you InuYasha.
Inuyasha!  Come back!      InuYasha:  No.. It has gone too far... eating poor unicorns If we don't move... AHH!  WHERE THE F*** DID THE HAY GO?!?
You're going down Barney inpersonator. ::swats:: Darn wasps... Always blocking the camera view.
I see unicorns... I see France... I see InuYasha about to wet his pants. Grr... EAT THIS! *sweat drop* Not litteraly!
Omg... I can see everything now... I can drink the dirt with my fingers... ::trips out:: InuYasha... Are you... Eating dirt? Yes.. I <3 dirt...and I will eat you next.

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