Humm... What should I do now... There is a sale at Dillards... Eek.  Baboon. Why do you keep following me you smelly baboon.
I don't know which is worse...the frizzy haired Naraku or the smelly baboon. Gah... The pain.. InuYasha, Do you realize your laying on a spork?
Eh?  Soul stealers?  I better start getting up and killing myself by rolling down a hill. No!  My bucket!  It had my snails in it! Heh, I'm not going to fall... I'm not going to fall...
*thump* Pretty cool glow around me eh?  It reminds me of kool-aid... Don't ask. Oh heavens this is boring.  Talking about damn kool-aid.
So tell me InuYasha... Can I have a cookie now? ... If only I had 20 unicorns with laser beams attached to their heads...that would be wicked... ::blanks out:: Are you okay InuYasha?  What are you rambling about? Eh? Laser beams?


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