Wait, is that a three-legged duck?  Do they swim in circles? Miroku! My love!  ::squeezes with a death grip:: You have come to bear children with me!
Sango:  What?   InuYasha:  Didn't you see the three-legged duck?  It said Aflack! ... SAY SOMETHING YOU HENTAI!
Uh...I did see that three-legged duck InuYasha!  ::nervious laughter:: Psh... Come on Sango!  Let me show you how to sqaure dance!
Kagome:  So you're insane, aren't you? ::starts talking to self at own reflection::  Did you hear that?  She thinks you're insane. Heavens!  A ghost!
No wait!  That's...just Kanna. I sense....a PMS day.. Yes!  Finally some action!  ::smacks random people around::


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