What are these...Shippou? Just wonderful pictures I drew of you and InuYasha ::grins:: Hey...You drew a mustash on this one... *sweat drop*
*is dreaming of baby mimicking giraffes* Boo!! Ha!  Serves ya right! ::smirks::
Come on... We have a problem here... Our eyes have pirate like patches on them. Can't help you. Hey...Is this the way to Disneyland?
What's a Disneyland?  ::sigh::  Women. Oh look!  A group of bad guys that came out of no where! Yes.. We are the munchkins from Disneyland... Now hand over you season passes.
Wee!  Cool Sango pose time! Oh my god...It's a giant raccoon. No wait...According to this script it's a 'bear'

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