*munch munch* What are YOU looking at? Look at Hojo over there... ::points obviously::
:: 7th grade girl giggles::  Oh Hojo!  You're so funny!  'tee hees' Look at that Kagome!  Aren't you going to do anything!? Um...no?  ::is confused::
Wow...that's a pretty deep hole. Yeah, I wonder what happens if you drop something in it?  ::sango pushes shippou in well::  *thump* ::inuyasha whispers::  Ignorant old hag, she wishes she knew how to get a social life.
I'm so old and delusional...with my psycho unicorns I talk to I heard that -- Gah! My my... What silk like hands you have!  *wink*
::scowels::  What a loser...I don't care what he does.. I have a monkey eating monkey. ..... [ insert more periods here ]

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