Yes...take a good look...I'm barely in this episode. ::sigh:: How come I don't have a mini skirt like that?!? Shhh....Don't tell her about Kouga's fashion obession
You know..why do we always end up in the cave? ::sniff sniff:: WAAAY TO PERSONAL!
I don't know Kagome...I really like this skirt, I don't know if I want you to borrow it. Please?  I'll let you have my green one!    Kouga: That ugly thing? *slap*
Okay...I need to tell her in another way about her ugly skirt. Grr...Ugly skirt my foot!  It's all the rage in Japan! Don't talk to me you evil skirt hogging fiend!
Now I'm going to use this moment to pout.  *pouts* Aha!  My turn to come in this episode! Humm...Now if I sneak up to Sango on the side...Maybe I could...

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