Article Title : Kagome's Character

Kagome... probably the most loved, worshipped, and praised character in the InuYasha series. Everyone just loves her sunny smile and happy-go-lucky personality. But in truth, not EVERYBODY worships the female lead. I may like Kagome and respect her, but I don't worhsip her to death, and I DON'T go crazy over people who hate, yes HATE, Kagome's guts. Let's being:

Okay, I am sick and tired of people going around, making their cute little pink shrines to Kagome, saying how angelic she is. >_< This needs to stop. NO, not the shrine-making, the way people describe her personality. Whenever you hear other chara shrines describe their chara, you always hear flaws. For Kagome their isn't. If you haven't noticed anime character development only occurs when the person and audience can identify the flaws they have, and try to fix it. If you ask me, Kagome hasn't done much developing. Maybe she grew a little bit more mature (No, you idiots, being immature doesn't makes you, "cute". It makes you annoying) in episode 48 (*gags* Don't like that episode very much), but she still has a huge jealousy problem over Kikyou.

Before I state her flaws, let me say all the good I THINK Kagome has. Kagome is one of the most kind, caring, and self-sacrificing people I have ever heard. She's not afraid to help her friends, whom she cares deeply about. What I like most about Kagome is how she brings light into such a dark plot of an anime. She's cheerful, happy-go-lucky, sweet, outgoing, headstrong, and would never deny someone in need. Her bravery impresses me, as well. She's not afraid to face danger head-on, and her quick-thinking has saved the Inu-tachi on many occasions. Kagome is probably the most emotionally strong female leads I have ever seen. She has a strong sense of justice and right and wrong, and could never be lead to doing something evil. Even though Kagome is useless in the battlefield, doesn't mean she's not needed. She cooks the food, provides medical assistance, is like a sister/mother figure to Shippou, is best friends with Sango, and most importantly finds the Shikon shards. Actually, her most important role is staying by InuYasha's side.

Speaking of which, unlike what most people think, Kagome does everything and anything for InuYasha and his happiness, but expects nothing in return. She's ready to accept that Inuyasha may jump into hell with Kikyou at any second. Her devotion and loyalty to InuYasha is perty touching. Kagome will always be happy if InuYasha is happy. Ain't that sweet? ^_^

*coughs* Now that I got that out of my system, I'll be able to explain Kagome's obvious flaws without feeling guilty.

Out of the three female leads, I find Kagome's to be the weeakest of all. Yes, I do believe she is whiny and is a crybaby. Don't get your panties in a bunch just cuz I "hurt" your little anime character, who was made out of PEN AND PAPER. The way that Kagome has to be protected all the time is a real turn-off. It makesher into a helpless little girl who can't fend for herself. No, don't give me the junk saying that Kagome can and would protect herself, cuz that's not true. She could, but she never takes the time to practice with her bow and arrow, and never asks Kaede-sama to help her control her spiritual powers. Kagome is whiny!! I don't blame her for it sometimes, especially when it comes to schoolwork, but sometimes she needs to shut up and learn that life isn't always about people sapping up to you when you whine. I learned that a long time ago. And I also can't blame her sometimes for crying about Kikyou, but don't run home to your time like the baby you are when it's convenient for you! InuYasha shouldn't always be chasing after her. Kagome turns InuYasha into a cold-hearted jerk, when she should be understanding his feelings, Kagome should learn to SUCK IT UP AND DEAL!!!!

Kagome trusts InuYasha in every way, EXCEPT the way that she regards Kikyou and InuYasha's relationship. The way that Kagome is regarding them in the current manga is that she doesn't trust or believe InuYasha around Kikyou. I can understand being upset and crying sometimes over the situation, but do NOT hate Kikyou for that! I understood that, and Kagome should as well. Kikyou was InuYasha's first love, so he can go and talk to her, and protect her sometimes. Like he says, it's not like it's a love tryst. Whenever they're talking now, they barely get a moment to be with each other without it having to bring in Naraku into the conversation. She says that her HUGE jealousy problem is feelings any other human would have. Well, guess what? It isn't! God, I was upset when I found out that the guy I liked only wanted my best friend, but I wasn't dying! If you love someone, don't get so jealous all the time! I really hope Kagome can stop hating on Kikyou and resenting InuYasha's feelings for her. I know she can stop it, but why won't she?

Besides the whole Kikyou thing, I can't stand Kagome's choice to always wear a friggin' goddamned skirt. I'm not hating on skirts/dresses, but Kagome's CHOICE to wear them 24/7. When you fall, run, and fight all the time, I think you would know what to wear. Didn't her mother teach her that? Kagome's impracticality with clothes also ticks me off.

Kagome sits InuYasha too much. -.-; Sometimes, it seems to give her a little pride that she can control him. Yes, Kagome should sit him sometimes, but don't do it just cuz he won't obey you like a dog, and you know how much InuYasha hates being treated like that. InuYasha getting sit is funny, but can you imagine how it would be to fall like 100 mph to the ground every day?!

The other cherished love triangle, Kouga/Kagome/InuYasha... oh, and let's not forget Houjou (*coughdorkboycough*). She always goes mental on InuYasha, but never pushes them away? Are you kidding me?! Sometimes it's like she really flirting with them even though she's not. Whenever I see her suck up to them, it gives me the idea that she does it to get back at InuYasha for going with Kikyou, but I'd hate it if I find out that Kagome's hypocritical. I can't blame InuYasha for getting pissed all the time. Heck, I would be too!! Kagome's just not too good with giving affection.

Speaking of which, Shippou needs to can it! He's cute, with that bushy tail and loud mouth, but Shippou needs to butt out. Kagome also goes insane over InuYasha, and also sucks up to Shippou. You can't be a good role model, and always take the little kid's side, especially when he's wrong.

WHY MUST SHE ALWAYS SAY INUYASHA'S NAME!!!! Sorry that I got crazy there, but I really just can't take it anymore! It's either, "InuYasha!" or, "InuYasha..." every time! >_< Kagome's practically obssessed with the poor boy!!

Kagome's horrible at fighting, and never tries to fight. I hate it when people always call her, "one tough schoolgirl" when she isn't. It's always calling out people's names and cowering behind an object or a person. I don't care if Kagome's not successful when she's fighting, I just don't want her to be presented as a coward! This is a typical Kagome fight sequence:

"InuYasha! *gasps and widens eyes*"

You have a bow and arrow! Use it!

Ever notice Kagome's corny dialogue? I KNOW it annoys even you Kagome-fans sometimes. Here are some prime examples:

"My arrows... only hit the bad guys!"

"That is sooo evil!!"

"You bad man!"

She also states the obvious more than anybody else in the group. Need I say more? I rest my case.

Hmmmmm... I think that's all. To conclude, Kagome has her good and bad, just like any other character, so don't worship her to death, thinking that she's God's gift from heaven. Please people, I'd rather not have a bunch of random people flood my inbox, with e-mail I'm not gonna even open. My opinion, not yours, get over it, but god forbid that your perfect, saintly character Kagome has a flaw, you just can't take that. So please just leave, me, ALONE.

By: Gabby-chan