Article Title: Kikyou... Evil, Or Misunderstood?

Kikyou... so much is to be said about her, and since I don't want this to be turned into some long-ass page, I'll get to the point. Oh, and before I'm misjudged, I don't hate Kagome, or InuxKag.

Kikyou is the most frequently bashed character in the IY fandom for so many reasons. People accuse her of being an evil, dead bitch (so commonly used X_X;), because she tried to take InuYasha to hell, she didn't really trust or love him since she pinned him to tree, she tried to help Naraku by giving him the Shikon shard, she's dead and has no business walking around, she takes in dead souls, or maybe it's because she plain doesn't like Kagome, and tried to kill her once or twice. But the reason that people most hate her for, is because she gets, "in the way", of InuYasha and Kagome's love. Each of these reasons can be explained without being biased or hypocritical.

First of all, Kikyou only tried to take InuYasha to hell ONCE. ONCE. How many damn fan-fictions have you people been reading? Or maybe it's because you people don't have any attention-span? She's talked about taking him with her, but she's only acted upon it ONCE. Kikyou did it out of love, not hate, so they can be together. They can never be together in life, so the only solution for her is to be together with InuYasha in death forever.

Kikyou was alone for most of her life with humans and demons. The only one she was ever close to was Kaede. She was so generous that she gave up her life to protect humans and demons from the tragedy that the Shikon no Tama brought in its wake. Because she never interacted with humans, she didn't know how to control her feelings and emotions. Kikyou was emotionally immature, while Kagome has a huge sense of right and wrong, and is emotionally strong, even though she's so useless in the battlefield. This was why Kikyou went out of control when she thought Inu betrayed her.

Kikyou knew you loved InuYasha, and that much she knew. She didn't know how to deal with these new emotions of love. Because their love was forbidden from the fact that Kikyou had to protect the Shikon no Tama, she thought of changing InuYasha into a human with the jewel, so she can be free. Yes, Kikyou fell in love with the hanyou side of him, but she didn't think twice of asking InuYasha to change, and was so desperate of casting her responsibilities, that she didn't know how changing InuYasha might affect him. But despite what she said, we all know that the Shikon no Tama wasn't corrupted when Kikyou died, even though it should've been since she said she died hating him.

The episode when Kikyou took the jewel from Kagome, and gave it to Naraku... god, will you people get over it? That was in the very beginning of the freakin' show! Kikyou thought of destroying Naraku and the Shikon no Tama together. Just because she has different tactics of killing Naraku, doesn't make her evil. READ THE MANGA. It's more truthful to Kikyou's character, and doesn't make her so, "twisted".

Kikyou, besides Sesshoumaru, is the only person in the series who really has the power to kill Naraku. He's scared of her, and she has very strong priestess powers. Kikyou has proven to Narkau that she isn't so easy to kill. All Kikyou really wants is to take Naraku down, and maybe bring InuYasha to hell. But truthfully, Kikyou has given up on InuYasha. If she hasn't, then why does she always end up leaving him when they meet? Kikyou can join the group since she can also see the shards, which would put Kagome outta the job, but she hasn't, which proves that Kikyou has given up on him. 'Sides, technically speaking, Kagome IS Kikyou, so Kikyou got the happy ending she wanted. They share the same soul after all, right?

The dead souls thing is understandable, but that alone isn't enough to hate Kikyou. It's the only way Kikyou can animate her body. If you haven't noticed, she needs more and more souls, because her hatred and bitterness is slowly healing because she is tempted to love InuYasha once again. So Kikyou hates Kagome. Boohoo, GET OVER IT. It's natural for Kikyou to not like Kagome. She has the man she loved, her soul, and everything else that Kikyou's always wanted when she was alive. She's obviously upset that her reincarnation got what she didn't: Friends, peace, and a chance to just be herself. If Kikyou didn't take up the responsibility (Now really, which person would willingly protect the jewel?) of protecting the Shikon no Tama, she would've probably been just like Kagome. Kikyou doesn't try to kill Kagome directly. "OMFG, that b*tch Kikyo tried to kill the sweet, innocent Kagome!!!!1111" Oh please, don't make me puke! Just cuz Kikyou "slices" (More like a papercut) Kagome's cheek, doesn't mean she's mortally hurt. Ever wonder why Kagome's never injured? SHE ALMOST NEVER FIGHTS.

Lately, Kagome and Kikyou are warming up to each other and don't hate each as much as before. Kikyou's jealousy of Kagome doesn't make her evil. How can she be evil if she goes around, helping the sick and injured?
Inuyasha and Kagome's relationship is messed up, because of InuYasha, not Kikyou. Like I said, Kikyou has given up on InuYasha, and he's the one who's always chasing after her, anyways. If Kikyou really wanted to break them up, she would stay in the group. So blame InuYasha for that. Kagome does her share of interfering in Kikyou and InuYasha's relationship, too. More so than Kikyou, in fact. Kikyou doesn't go sneaking around to spy on InuYasha and Kagome, like Kagome does. If you haven't noticed, InuYasha has his moments with Kagome more than Kikyou, because Kikyou doesn't shove a stop sign in Kagome's face to back off. Do you even realize how heartbreaking it is for Kikyou to just stand there, clay and all, as Kagome slowly takes InuYasha away from her? No, I didn't think you did.

Along those lines, the most stupid reason to hate Kikyou that people come up with is because she is clay and dirt. Wtf?! It's like hating Kagome for wearing a provacative mini-skirt 24/7, and never being able to manage her wild hair. And being dead doesn't give anyone any right to be with someone else, if they haven't healed yet. InuYasha's still healing with his tragedy with her.

To conclude this horribly long essay (Hehe... didn't mean to make it this long ^_^;), go ahead and hate Kikyou, or anyone else, for all I care. Just don't turn her into something she's not! I've been to at least 5 Kikyou-hate shrines, and their views and opinions are really one-sided and unjust. They turn her into some evil, sickly zombie who is out to get InuYasha and Kagome. I really hope I've changed your opinion about Kikyou at least a little bit, but there's MUCH more to say about her and Kagome. ^_~ I'll be back for more! Peace out.

By: Gabby-chan