Article Title: InuYasha's fire rat made kimono/bleeding to death

Inuyasha's kimono, and his durrability ok, it is estabilshed in the second or third episode that inuyasha's kimono serves a dual porpuse, not only is it something to ware, but it also serves as light armor, and it is explaned that it was made from the fur of a fire rat, exactly what a fire rat is i am not shure, to my knowledge it never mentioned again after that episode, but the kimono dose pretect him to a certian extent, i think it is fire proof, and i dont think it can be easilly cut through, but the thing that gets me is that it dose tend to get shreded alot, and yet, in the next scean or episode, its all whole again, i know that is how most animated shows work but is there a reason for that?

also, there is a thing in the too much page that sais "if you sped time wandering exactly how much blood inuyasha can loose before dieing", and i think that is a good question, i can think of three times right off hand whare he was compleatly run through, yet he could still finstion, i know that if a human were to sustain that sort of injury than they would be either dead or unable to fight at least. so how durrable is he? i dont know of any one who can loose enough blood that they can collaps in it and have it splash every where and still live to tell about it... but thats just me.

By: Jared