Article Title: Dub/sub versions/hating of certain characters/classify Sesshomaru

Subbed Inuyasha. Ok, i heard both dubbed and subbed. I have to say subbed Inuyasha really rocks.
Besides, if you watch subbed, you can watch episode 142+

Yeah i saw all 142 and more to come every week. Why is it some of you hate certain characters? Without them there's no more plot in Inuyasha arent there?? Some ppl are Kikyou-haters. Ok, im not fond of her either, but come on, you hafta admit withou her there's less in Inuyasha. When theres less in Inuyasha, ppl stop watching it, when ppl stop watching it, no more Inuyasha. *OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
Same with those Naraku haters......well actually i kinda like him

AND THOSE OF YOU WHO SAY YOU HATE THE DUBS cause they dont sound like them, i laff at you. They....dont sound like them...? I should be saying that to you!!!! Subbed is the ORIGINAL VERSION. Hello?!?! Do some of you pay attention?!!?? For those of you who can afford and love Inuyasha as much as I do, you should've watched the original too. Its very cheap at streamload. check it out.

Request them here:

Because of streamload, i see more and more Inuyasha everyday *not to mention drool at Miroku everyday lol*

As for Sesshoumaru, i think he actually cares about his lil bro. I mean, he only gets angry at Inuyasha when he does somthing stupid (unless of course you didnt see the later eps).

Oh, and I think Kikyou is a b***h. Yet i kinda like her... LOL that's weird. Kagura is awesome, i liked Akago too, and Akitoki was hilarious, AND I LOVE SHICHININTAI!!!!!! Arigato gozaimasu Rumiko-sama!!!!
I would live without you to Ranma-sama, Inuyasha-sama......MIROKU-SAMA to!!!!!!

Authors note: Don't be offended by anything I say too. Besides those ppl who compare dubbed with subbed and say subbed sucks.

By: Khriss