Article Title: Bashing on Inuyasha for His Feelings Regarding Kikyou

As much as I hate Kikyou, (and trust me, I hate her as much as, if not more than, the next obsessed Inuyasha/Kagome couple fan does!), I'm going to be somewhat sticking up for Inyasha's feelings and continuous returns to her. So if you really cannot stand her enough to read this, please do yourself a favor and don't get yourself upset by reading this, lol. But according to other people that I've shared my viewpoint with, it makes a lot of sense.

People do not keep in mind while reading the manga or watching the anime, that Inuyasha had indeed been sealed to a tree for 50 years. Correct me if I'm wrong, but he was also not conscious during this entire time, if I remember it correctly. He was completely passed out, not there, not aging, etc, etc. They damn him, and they damn Kikyou, and they damn in general, when our beloved Inu-Hanyou lets Kagome slip from his present state of mind whenever he sees Kikyou, and he lets her slither in. Can you really fault him, that much?

Think about this with me, now. Sealed to a tree for 50 years... on the day that his "first love", Kikyou, in his mind betrayed him out of complete Nowhere. This is where it gets a little complicated. When the seal was broken, don't you think it's just like waking up from that coma, with everything in your world is as you last remember it, before you blanked out? That would mean that Kikyou had still JUST betrayed him without him having a damn clue as to why the Kami WHY. Shock, confusion, anger, pain, but when you "love" someone, even though crap happens, the feelings of love and affection are STILL there if you are truly emotionally bonded with a person in anyway (and same goes for anime/manga characters: right fangirls?!!??). It's like on the show, Alias. The lead female lead woke up mysteriously after a few years, in a totally different country: and I can't remember if she was in coma or not. When she got ahold of her pre-coma Fiance, thinking everything was still as it was before the mysterious happening BECAUSE she was untouched by time. . .she only found out that he, of course, had moved on, and she could not understand how or why: everything in her heart and in her mind was as it was the day she last remembers.

True, Kikyou's half-baked revival is not true form of the Miko. She's clay and dirt and bones, with only certain parts of the soul that is hers and Kagome's. We scream, "ahh Inuyasha should keep that in MIND! GRRRR!!! SHE'S A DEAD . . .WORD I CAN'T SAY!!" but his feelings for her went untouched by the time that had passed outside of him.

How many of us have ever broken up with a boyfriend or girlfriend that we knew we still loved or extremely cared about even though they hurt us so badly...and we have found someone new and it's been a few months or even years . .then we suddenly see our ex and those old feelings hit us like a ton of bricks? Hell, what if things were never really RESOLVED, what if all of your concerns and questions were not answered by your ex, what if you still have no idea what went so wrong and you feel that you still care for them? For those of who who shout "MOVE ON, SHE'S DEAD!!! GR!!" I agree, but if you've ever been in a position similar to thse I've listed, you know it's hard to forget about someone you cared about, it's hard to not want to work things out, even if they have hurt you.

So based on personal experience, I cannot bash Inu-chan for being so confused and love lorn between Kikyou and Kagome. I just blame Kikyou for not dieing and getting over herself, even though she was in the same position Inuyasha was. ^.^;; It's all so much easier if you blame everything on Kikyou. I guess I shouldn't, I know she's suffered too, but she's perfectly aware that she's being vindictive! She knows she's dead, she knows she wants to drag Inuyasha to Hell with her, she knows she cackled when Inuyasha was holding her illusion, promising to always protect her, when he indeed had to protect Kagome at that very moment. GRRR!

By: Jessica